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Management Consulted was founded in 2008 and is the leading resource on all things consulting, with a focus on helping you create a kick-ass consulting resume, ace your case interviews, and finding management consulting jobs!

Founded and run by former McKinsey, Bain, and BCG consultants, we’ve written many consulting articles on topics ranging from travel to salaries, from resume mistakes to summer internships, from exit opportunities to case interview preparation.

Here’s what we promise you: no BS, no sugar coating, and a personalized approach that gives you the best chance to succeed in your consulting job search (we’ve helped thousands over the last 10 years).

Our hope is that every time you visit this site, you will:

  • Leave smarter about the consulting industry
  • Learn how to network into, recruit for, and interview for consulting jobs

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Team Time

Get to know us better! We sat down with our core team members and asked them to tell us about themselves and what exactly makes them so awesome. Enjoy. Check out coach bios here.

Our Team

Jenny Rae Le Roux

Managing Director

Jenny Rae joined the team in 2010. She graduated from the University of Virginia and obtained her MBA from Columbia Business School. She joined Bain after traveling around the world, writing a book, working on financial public policy in South Africa and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. In short, she’s done everything we all wish we could do, but never get around to :) Since leaving Bain to co-found a tech company she has advised over 45 different early- and mid-phase companies around the world, retired twice, and built up a real estate portfolio. Jenny Rae authored or co-authored all of the books on the MC site, and oversees the team at MC.

Kevin Gao - Founder
Kevin Gao


Kevin graduated from Stanford; had stints in Sales & Trading (Credit Suisse in NY), technology (Google), and McKinsey & Co. While at McKinsey, he was based in New York but ultimately worked on projects across the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Brazil, focused on clients in the digital media, high-tech, and financial services spaces. Since leaving McKinsey, he has worked on several startups, including shopkick (location-based mobile + retail) and Hyperink, an e-book publisher. Kevin founded MC in 2008.

Namaan Mian

Director of S&O

Work With Us

Speaking Engagements

We have a busy annual schedule (100+ events) teaching on consulting and corporate strategy at campuses including Stanford, Harvard Business School, uPenn, Yale, London School of Economics, IE and more. We love to get 1:1 with students and are always open to similar opportunities with your group or school. Learn more about our corporate training and school offerings, or reach out to Namaan today for more information.

Premium Services

We work 1:1 with thousands of clients a year on resume edits and consulting interview prep. If you want to work with the best coaches to land offers at the best firms, join our Black Belt coaching program.

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