Case Competition

A case competition is an interesting experience. Usually, you’re stuck in a room for a vast majority of the week (or day) with a small group of ambitious and hyper competitive individuals solving a big hairy business problem. Regardless of … Continue Reading

Case Interview Frameworks: Overview

Case interview frameworks are a substantial component of preparing for the case interview. The goal isn’t to memorize frameworks, but to use them as a launching pad to creating your own. Gain a really solid understanding of the main case … Continue Reading

Net Present Value

Net present value (NPV) is a concept that allows you to calculate the value of future cash flows at the present time. Finding this value is pretty straight forward using the Net Present Value formula. It’s possible to figure out … Continue Reading

Case Interview Prep Questions

Good intentions don’t always equal good follow-through. It seems like a no-brainer, but the quality of your case interview prep will determine your case interview performance. You must prepare, and be ready for what the case interview is going to … Continue Reading

Case Interview Frameworks: Ultimate Guide

The case interview is the ultimate challenge for the vast majority of candidates, unless you are born with some special kind of case cracking gift. Whether you’re just starting your preparations or whether you are 30 practice cases in, it’s … Continue Reading

MECE Case Framework Example

MECE case framework example is great for understanding how to be MECE during your case interview. You must be able to structure your case in a way that demonstrates to your interviewer than you understand how to be mutual exclusive … Continue Reading

Case Interview Examples: Master List

The case interview is the biggest challenge consulting candidates must overcome to receive an offer. Most aspiring consultants are coveting an offer from the likes of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Deloitte. Though some are blessed with the innate talent to … Continue Reading