Use Excel and
PowerPoint like a Consultant

Do you know how to use Excel and PowerPoint like a consultant? Learn from the mistakes our team made when starting out in consulting, and fast-track your way to top performer status.

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How do you know you're ready?

Landing a consulting offer means that you were one of the 3% of applicants who successfully navigated the process. Your reward? Being thrown into the fire with other top performers. Whether Analyst or Associate, you’ll spend upwards of 80% of your day in Excel and PowerPoint. To succeed, you must learn 4 key skills: Prioritizing Analysis, Building Scenario-Driven Models, Developing Storylines, and driving Executive Action.

We’ve compiled everything we wished we would have known before starting in consulting into 2 power-packed courses. Let us help you make a great first impression.

How MC’s Excel and PowerPoint courses help you up-skill quickly

Theory without practice is meaningless - that’s why both courses include practical exercises to help you apply what you are learning, as well as samples to compare your work against. Replicate the kind of work you’ll be doing, and get the growing pains out of the way now.

Build Skills that Last a Lifetime

You’ve made it this far. Why not invest in becoming a top performer?

PowerPoint for Consulting

PowerPoint for Consulting

The only PPT course in the world tailored to consulting - get ready to build decks that will drive executive action
Learn More
Excel for Consulting

Excel for Consulting

The only Excel course in the world tailored to consulting - get ready to use analytical skills to drive key insights Learn More
Excel + PPT for Consulting

Excel + PPT for Consulting

Use Excel (scenario analysis) and PowerPoint (executive/persuasive presentation) the way consultants do Learn More

As an incoming BCGer I have been stressing out and been completely worried about my Excel skills going into my really exciting new position post MBA in Dubai. Your course is EXACTLY what I need and gives me the confidence I will have the core skills I will need.

Rick; post-MBA BCG hire

Prioritizing Analysis

One of the biggest mistakes consultants can make is to start a project by going on a big data hunt. What’s the problem with this? It’s incredibly inefficient. The point of Excel isn’t to crunch all the data possible - it’s to identify insights.

Whether you are a newbie consultant or looking to reinvent yourself, learning how to prioritize your analysis is one of the most important skills you can learn. Work alongside us as we test our hypotheses to make data gathering/analysis as efficient as possible and drive to insights.

Building Scenario-driven Models

Whether you’ve never worked in Excel a day in your life or know how to build a DCF, Excel for Consulting is different. Why? You’re building custom models to answer unique questions instead of using a firm-provided template.

We won’t promise you’ll become an expert overnight. But we’ll introduce you to different types of consulting models, show you examples, and give you data sets to practice on. In short, you’ll have every tool necessary to hit the ground running on Day 1.

Developing Storylines

You’ll realize quickly that everything in consulting comes down to telling a story. Can you take data, extract insights, and then communicate them clearly?

Consulting firms consider this an absolutely necessary skill for Managers - you won’t be promoted without it. We walk you through a step-by-step process to build clear, effective presentations that tell a cohesive story.

Executive Communication

You can be the biggest and baddest number-cruncher in the world, but without Executive Communication skills, you’ll never get to present your insights to C-suite stakeholders (or become a Partner).

Not only do we teach core Executive Communication skills, but we will give you tactics to improve in your day-to-day professional encounters.

I found Excel for Consulting to be immensely valuable to me during my time at my MBA program. I was looking for a no-fluff course that covered the foundational concepts of Excel use on the job in consulting, and I found that with Excel for Consulting. I am extremely satisfied with the training I received, and look forward to building on it at Deloitte S&O.

Adam; Emory MBA grad


We’ve got your back. Download the Justification Letter template. It’s a short letter that highlights the value of the courses – for both you and the organization. Use it as-is or customize for your needs.

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