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Alessandro Furlotti - Ex-BCG, Wharton MBA
Alessandro Furlotti

Ex-BCG, Wharton MBA

Alessandro has spent 6 years at BCG London after graduating from University College London, most recently as a Project Leader. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Wharton where he is expecting to major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During his time at BCG, Alessandro focused on supporting Private Equity clients in their strategic investment decisions, as well as supporting transformations of portfolio companies. He has an unhealthy obsession with cooking, old Italian cars, and going to the movies.

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Aniket Nikumb - Ex-McKinsey, Columbia MBA
Aniket Nikumb

Ex-McKinsey, Columbia MBA

After a career spanning consulting at McKinsey & Company and private equity investing at Apax Partners, Aniket is pursuing his dream as a startup founder. Aniket holds a MBA from Columbia Business School, and has helped dozens of candidates prepare for consulting interviews.

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Ashley Schloss - Ex-McKinsey, PhD
Ashley Schloss

Ex-McKinsey, PhD

After receiving her PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Ashley worked as a consultant for 2 years in McKinsey’s New York office where she explored many industries before choosing to focus on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

During her time at McKinsey, Ashley coached a diverse range of candidates through the McKinsey Black Network, the McKinsey Women’s Network, and as a recruiting ambassador for advanced professional degree (JDs, MDs, PhDs) candidates. Ashley’s most prized feedback during this time is her ability to give specific, digestible, and actionable feedback to candidates.

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Cameron Cross - Ex-Bain
Cameron Cross


Cameron studied at the University of Virginia, interned with Bain, and co-taught an 8-week Management Consulting course in South Africa before moving to Atlanta to work with Bain full-time for three years. During this time, Cameron conducted over 100 case interviews – both as a formal teacher and as an informal recruiting ambassador for Bain.

After spending six incredible months working with a global impact investing fund in South America, Cameron decided to pursue his passion for education by leaving Bain to work with a non-profit Ed-tech start-up. Coaching with MC is the perfect intersection of his experience with recruiting at top consulting firms and his passion for teaching, and he invests heavily in his clients to help achieve their individualized goals.

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Charity Wollensack - Ex-McKinsey, Wharton MBA
Charity Wollensack

Ex-McKinsey, Wharton MBA

After receiving her MBA at Wharton, Charity spent 3 years at McKinsey in the Stamford, CT office while living in NYC. Charity spent her first year exploring industries and functions, after which she decided to focus on Consumer and Retail clients.

During Charity’s time at McKinsey she spent time as a staffed ambassador, supporting diverse candidates through the application process and providing case coaching support. Additionally, she was well connected to Wharton recruiting and provided case coaching support to her alma mater. Charity has completed hundreds of case prep sessions and is passionate about helping candidates through actionable and specific feedback.

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Collin Waldoch - Ex-Bain
Collin Waldoch


Collin studied Finance and Economics at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce before joining Bain & Company’s Boston office (he interned with Bain the prior summer as well). In two years at Bain, Collin helped analyze ~10 potential private equity acquisitions along with spending a few months on company-wide transportation in the technology, industrials, and CPG industries.

Since leaving Bain, Collin has been working in the transportation and technology industries where he puts his passion for urban mobility and physical activity to good use, working on bike share incentives across the world. As such, he is available for sessions on weekends, nights, and early mornings! Collin loves mental math and sharing tips and tricks on the topic, and also helped teach a 4-week management consulting bootcamp in Cape Town, South Africa in conjunction with Managing Director Jenny Rae.

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Kylene Jones - Ex-BCG
Kylene Jones


Kylene has over five years of strategy consulting experience at BCG in Australia and PwC in New Zealand. During her time at BCG she mentored interview candidates through the [email protected] program and coached a number of candidates through the interview process.

Post-BCG Kylene began working at Deliveroo, the FT’s fastest growing company in the UK. She is now the Senior Regional Manager for South Central UK, where she grows out the region as well as builds a great hyper local customer value proposition for  customers. Kylene can help you with identifying your strengths and weaknesses when you’re cracking the case, she can put together a development plan and assist with securing you a job at a top Management Consulting firm.

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Lisa Bright - Ex-McKinsey
Lisa Bright


After graduating with majors in Accounting, Finance, and Supply Chain Management, Lisa then joined McKinsey and served clients across multiple industries on both strategy and operations projects. After receiving an offer for MBA sponsorship, she recently left McKinsey to pursue her passion with startups and is currently co-founder and CEO of her own startup that is developing a new technology to reduce energy consumption for commercial refrigeration. Like many entrepreneurs, she works odd hours, so she is available for interviews anytime…weekends, day, or night!

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Nare Israelyan - Ex-BCG
Nare Israelyan


Nare graduated with a degree in Business Economics from UCLA, and became the 5th UCLA student to join BCG in a decade. During her time at BCG, Nare spent her time working on projects varying from pricing strategy, market growth, consumer behavior, and operational efficiency.

Nare has coached 100+ case interviews as part of BCG recruiting efforts, informally with various UCLA organizations, as well as a private case coach after leaving the firm. (She’s also completed at least a hundred herself, including practicing mental math while brushing her teeth).

Beyond nailing the case, Nare’s passion lies in helping her clients enhance their mindset going into the interview. A multi-sport athlete, she trains her clients to go into interviews with a peak performance mindset, and believes this is what separates good interview candidates from those that get offers.

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Neala Fulia - Ex-BCG
Neala Fulia


Neala has over 8 years of consulting experience, including working at BCG in both Australia and New York. During her time at BCG she was part of the recruitment team and involved in both coaching and interviewing potential candidates at all levels. After BCG she pursued a career in international development and worked alongside the CEO and an ex-McKinsey partner to set up a strategy team. She is now the Innovation Strategy Lead in their Innovation Lab, focused on creating, testing and scaling programs that have the potential to have real impact for displaced and refugee populations around the world.

Neala has completed hundreds of interviews, and is passionate about identifying and working on the unique strengths and weaknesses of a potential candidate to secure them an offer from a top firm.

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Tommaso Cariati - Ex-McKinsey, Stanford MBA
Tommaso Cariati

Ex-McKinsey, Stanford MBA

Originally from Italy, Tommaso studied and worked in the UK for over 8 years. After completing his degree in Economics at the LSE, and a short stint in investment banking, he worked at McKinsey for 2 years. There, he served clients in multiple sectors – from government to pharma and retail.

After McKinsey, Tommaso moved to the US to pursue a dual MBA/MPA at Stanford GSB and Harvard Kennedy School. He is now in his third year of this adventure, and has successfully helped dozens of candidates with consulting applications, interviews and much more!