Consulting Bible – Step 3. Name names

Create a list of 60+ contacts   We’re on the second part of the 20-2-1 building a list of 60+ names with contact info for the 2 professionals and 1 recruiter at each of your 20 firms   It’s time … Continued

Consulting Bible – 5 Keys To Networking Success

If networking were simple, we wouldn’t need to write an 88-page guide on how to do it well! There are 5 keys to networking success in management consulting They’re all pretty basic, but it’s jaw-dropping how many of you stray … Continued

Consulting Bible – Preface

You’ve probably heard one-liners like, ‘Networking is really important” and “It’s all about who you know” when sage advisors are proffering wisdom on how to get a job in today’s economy. Haven’t you ever wondered exactly what that looks like … Continued

Consulting Bible Table of Contents

Preface Why The Consulting Bible? What’s New in the 3rd Edition   How To Get The Most Out of This Guide   Interview Process and Expectations General Interview Tips Interview Styles Interview Practice Plan   PST What is it? 8 … Continued

Consulting Bible Case Interview Guidelines

Beyond our own interview experiences at McKinsey and Bain, we’ve conducted hundreds of hours of interview preparation (we served 600 clients last year alone!). Trust us, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the very, very ugly. … Continued

Consulting Bible – Get The Most

If you’re the type who likes to get right to the point, you’ll appreciate this section. If you don’t plan to read all 300+ pages of this book, here are the parts we recommend to read and in what order: … Continued

Consulting Bible – Fit and Experiential Interview

Bad Response: “I have been told that I’m a really likable person. If I’m ever on a flight, I love striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to me, for instance. I always end up learning so much … Continued

Introducing CareerWaze

Career Waze – Letting AI direct your learning AI and tech are taking over every industry. In today’s day and age, a baseline knowledge of AI advances and technical skills are necessary tools in the consulting toolbelt. As a consultant, … Continued

2018 ExperienceBain TECH

Does the intersection of tech and business strategy excite you? Does harnessing the effect of tech innovation on business get you out of bed in the morning? Then Bain is calling you – provided you are a 1st year MBA … Continued

McKinsey Global Connect

It’s no secret – a majority of the growth multinational companies (and consulting firms) are experiencing is directly attributed to their work in emerging markets. Having recognized this, McKinsey is launching a brand new event – McKinsey Global Connect. This … Continued