Delta Boarding Zones Change: Business Travelers Get Shafted

Attention frequent business travelers: the next time you board a Delta Airlines flight, your experience will be drastically different. On January 23, you’ll see a substantial Delta boarding zones change that is sure to rankle frequent business travelers, and quite … Continue Reading

What Do Consultants Actually Do?

What do Consultants actually do? It might seem odd, but it’s one of the most common questions we receive. Listen to Jenny Rae as she sheds light on what you should expect in life as a management consultant. Youtube Audio … Continue Reading

When and Why To Turn Down A Consulting Internship

There are times where accepting any internship that is offered to you, may not be in your best interest! Listen to Jenny Rae as she teaches when (and why) you should turn down a consulting internship. Youtube Audio Transcription: We … Continue Reading

Best reward credit cards for consulting

Best reward credit cards for consulting – American Express Platinum vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve Disclaimer: Management Consulted is not paid to promote certain credit cards. All opinions are strictly those of the MC Team. Back in college, there was a … Continue Reading

2019 Consulting Salary Report Teaser

  The 2019 Consulting Salary Report is almost out! The Management Consulted report on management consulting salaries is one of the most highly anticipated and widely read articles of the entire year. Our report is the most thorough analysis of … Continue Reading

Favorite 5 Consulting Articles of 2018

Favorite 5 Consulting Articles of 2018

Thank you for continuing to make Management Consulted the world’s most read website on all things consulting. This past year, millions of you came to us for consulting interview help, insight on the consulting industry, consulting travel tips, and more. … Continue Reading

2019 Consulting Salary Information Promo

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Craziest Travel Story of 2018

Transcription from YouTube: Two weeks ago, some friends of mine on Facebook were lamenting the fact that they only made it halfway across the country before they had to get stuck in the Chicago Airport (which by the way is a … Continue Reading

Switching from Consulting to Private Equity

Doing the Greenback Boogie: Switching from Consulting to Private Equity Private Equity (PE) funds represent some of the most lucrative players in the business world. It’s not uncommon for total comp in PE to go into the seven figures once … Continue Reading