Articles Recap: Week of September 15, 2019

Business Writing: Definition, Tips, & Examples The basics of business writing. Check out the tips and improve your business writing!   Case Interview Dress Code It’s silly to lose points or a good impression in your case interview because of … Continue Reading

Deloitte 1 Star Glassdoor Reviews

Deloitte Glassdoor reviews can be funny, cringe-worthy, or downright mean. Yet, beyond the entertainment value, there can be some valuable insights gained from them. When a consultant is looking at which firm to work at, going through both 5 star, … Continue Reading

McKinsey Careers: How to Land an Offer

To aspiring management consultants, McKinsey is akin to the holy grail. The company consistently ranks as one of the top firms in the world to work at. This is despite its distinctive aura of mystery. But now, we lift the … Continue Reading

Case Interview Dress Code

The first impression you make at an interview is not with your eyes or your handshake but actually through your clothes. As a result, when going into any interview, it’s important to know the interview dress code do’s and don’ts. … Continue Reading

Business Writing: Definition, Tips, & Examples

If you write emails, create reports, produce memorandums, or anything similar at work, that means excelling at business writing is an important skill to have. The problem is that business writing isn’t really taught well or equally during university or … Continue Reading

Articles Recap: Week of September 8, 2019

Driver Trees A Driver Tree is a framework that makes complex problems more manageable. Check out the article and see how to use Driver Trees.   Case Interview Video Conference – Top Tips Case interviews over video conference have some … Continue Reading

What is a Consulting Resume?

If you are preparing to go into consulting, your resume must be tailored toward how consulting firms expect them. But what is a consulting resume? What are firms looking for? How do you convey to them who you are in … Continue Reading

Consulting vs Internal Strategy

Consulting vs Internal Strategy has some distinctive differences. In your consulting career, do you want to be home with family more, or be jet-setting all the time? How much variety do you prefer? What kind of training and professional development … Continue Reading

5 Reasons to get the Amex Gold Card

The competition is real! The credit card industry is always trying to one-up itself, and this is good news for you. Welcome bonuses and perks continue to improve on a monthly basis. With new and improved features and a huge … Continue Reading