Introducing our Free Case of the Month!

Do you know what’s better than practicing cases? (If you’re like us, then your answer is probably “nothing”). But actually, the better thing is feeling yourself getting better at destroying them, and practicing with real-world business cases you’re able to … Continued

Top 10 Consulting Firms In New York

This week, we bring you the Top 10 Consulting firms in New York – the power center of the world. How do we know New Yorkers think the universe revolves around them? Well, for one, when we set our calendar … Continued

6 Ways You Can Prepare for Consulting Right Now

Have you missed the undergraduate recruitment window?  Didn’t make the break you expected this year for careers? The consulting industry is one of the most competitive on the planet, and there’s no shame in falling a little short this time. … Continued

Job Hub: TOMS Jobs and Culture

Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at TOMS. TOMS is a popular shoe manufacturer known for combining philanthropy with a profitable business model. Whether someone is out shopping for apparel or looking to better our world, TOMS gives an … Continued

Kalypso Interviews & Culture

KALYPSO Today we highlight Kalypso, a young but emerging player in the consulting market. Co-founded in 2004 by ex-Deloitte partners George Young and Bill Poston, and (randomly) headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Kalypso’s main mandate is to help firms expand their … Continued