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Consulting Resume:
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Is your resume ready for consulting applications? Our expert team will assess it for you and then complete tailored edits to get you in the door and on your way to an interview.

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Is your resume good enough?

Getting a consulting interview is harder than getting into Harvard. Under 10% of candidates are selected. To succeed, you must pass a 10-second scan that covers 4 key areas: Education, Work Experience, Leadership, and Personal.

Because of our history of success, most clients actually opt to begin case interview prep at the same time - but you can start with just a resume or resume/cover letter and upgrade later, too.

Why the MC Editing Process Opens Impossible Doors for You

We don’t make suggestions - we do the work in 2 rounds of edits to tell your story in a clear and concise way. When you get frustrated with how to explain your roles effectively, we listen and reposition your achievements in a way that resonates with reviewers.

Ready or Not, Own Your Story

You could go it alone. But why risk it?

Resume Edit

Resume Edit

  • 1 all-star Resume edit
  • Limited digital pass: 24 templates
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Resume + Cover Letter Edits

Resume + Cover Letter Edits

  • 30min 1:1 Skype session with MBB coach of your choice
  • 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter edit
  • Limited digital pass: 24 templates, 6 e-books
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Black Belt Supreme

Black Belt Supreme

  • 1 Resume & 1 Cover Letter edit
  • 8 Hours of 1:1 Interview Prep with MBB coach
  • All Access Digital Pass - 500 cases, 10K drills, 8 video courses
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13 Spots Remaining

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It has been a rough time for me not getting any invitation for an interview from consulting firms. But today, after submitting my edited documents, I finally received a first round interview request from L.E.K. Consulting.

Raj, PhD Experienced Hire


Not the valedictorian of your Stanford graduating class? Battling with a middle-of-the-road GPA? Or succeeded in all of your academic endeavors, and not sure what to emphasize?

If you are 2 years away from graduation or 20 years out, consulting firms care about your educational experience and performance - including research, study abroad, and test scores. We emphasize the parts they need to see and the rest fades into the background.

Work Experience

Whether you summered at Goldman or led private camping trips on a ranch in Aspen, your experience is your experience. But with limited real estate, what do you include?

We can’t rewrite your past, but we can rewrite your story. Because consulting firms require you to jump in on diverse projects and use both analytical and interpersonal skills, everything is relevant. However, everything is not equal - and we help you navigate that very fine line.


Whether you realize it or not, you’ve led someone or something - built budgets, inspired people, directed projects.

Consulting firms consider this your “third dimension” - the special something that makes you successful in a highly relational role. We help decide if you should have a separate Leadership section or not - and help you put the right words in the right places to make you stand out.


Why do consulting firms care if you play the banjo? Speak Portuguese? Code using PHP? Although it doesn’t always tie directly into your job performance, smart people can be boring - this is how they make sure you’re the type of person they want to be with 12 hours a day.

For many clients, we add a Personal section. For the rest, we reorder, rewrite, and reshape the content so you sparkle when faced with the 1-second “I’d like to get to know you” check.

This look absolutely phenomenal - wow!! I am so thrilled - thank you so much.

Attorney and Independent Consultant


Our standard total turnaround is 8-10 days (3-4 business days to complete our 1st editing round, time for you to incorporate your feedback and 3-4 business days to complete the final edit). We can accommodate a shorter turnaround if needed. Expedited 48-hour turnaround, even over the weekend, costs an extra $100. The extra fee is only charged once, even if you order both the resume and cover letter services.