We’ve seen how the recruiting process works on the inside, and exactly how resumes are chosen for interviews.

We’ve edited – not reviewed, but actually edited – resumes for thousands of consulting job seekers every year – many of whom afterwards received not only interviews, but offers from the best consulting companies like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Accenture, Deloitte, and much more.

What sets a McKinsey resume apart? What does a consulting resume really look like? There are specific criteria top firms look for, and with the competition stiff, don’t expect your resume to be scanned for more than 15 seconds. We’ve been transforming resumes and cover letters for almost 10 years into documents actual consultants want to read!

We are here to help – we’ve written extensively on the consulting application process, and how to navigate it. As a Black Belt, you get access to every resource we have!

Pay for Premium Help – Our Editing Services

Your resume has to impress recruiters and excite consultants. With our help, your new consulting resume will:

  • Be world-class, with an underlying structure that you can use for the rest of your career.
  • Highlight your strengths and scream traits that consultants look for.
  • Hide specific weaknesses that cause recruiters to trash your application.
  • Include specific keywords and phrases that will flag your resume – in a good way.
  • Turn common work and extracurricular experiences into project-based, results-oriented accomplishments that make you look like a consultant already.

Don’t Get Looked Over

Competition is tougher than ever. Our editing services will transform your resume and get you the attention you deserve.

Choose One Of Our Editing Packages

Cover Letter/Leadership Essay Editing
  • Two Rounds of Line-by-Line Edits for 1 Cover Letter or Leadership Essay
  • Tailored toward your target firms
  • This is an edit, not a review. We do the work for you!
Resume Edits for Consulting
  • Two Rounds of Line-by-Line Edits for 1 Resume or CV
  • Tailored toward your target firms
  • This is an edit, not a review. We do the work for you!
Great Value
Resume edit + Cover letter edit + 30min coaching session
An $810 value! 
  • Two Rounds of Line-by-Line Edits for 1 Resume & 1 Cover Letter
  • 24 Resume & Cover Letter Templates
  • Power Half Hour

Creme de la Creme
Black Belt Deluxe
A $4105 value! You're 1800% more likely to land a consulting offer after going through Black Belt. Includes:
  • 8 Hours of 1:1 Interview Prep
  • 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter edit
  • Lifetime access to all MC cases, courses, and drills
  • Free session recordings

The typical editing process

1Use the templates we provide to get started creating one complete resume and/or cover letter that has the style to stand out. Add your comments to us inside the document. Your editing window (14 days standard, 2 days expedited) starts when you send us your documents.
2We conduct the first round of edits to correct structural problems (both style and content) and get you 80% of the way there. We leave you extensive comments and placeholders where you need to add or adjust information. After this, you’ll have a lot of homework to add additional information to your story.
3For the second edit, we use a scalpel to do a final word-by-word edit, looking in detail at each experience and activity, perfecting punctuation and finalizing your documents.
4By now, your resume should be 99% of what we want it to be. But we’ll continue providing unlimited advice via email until your 14 day period is up in case you have additional questions.







Our standard total turnaround is 8-10 days (3-4 business days to complete our 1st editing round, time for you to incorporate your feedback and 3-4 business days to complete the final edit). We can accommodate a shorter turnaround if needed. Expedited 48-hour turnaround, even over the weekend, costs an extra $100. The extra fee is only charged once, even if you order both the resume and cover letter services.