MC All Access Pass


Access to our self-paced consulting prep curriculum. The best part? You get lifetime access to hundreds of hours of video content and downloads, and can track your progress through each course:

  • Video courses
    • Case Interview Bootcamp
    • Fit Interview Bootcamp
    • Business Basics for Consulting Bootcamp
    • Resume and Cover Letter Bootcamp
    • Networking for Consulting Bootcamp
    • Mental Math for Consulting Bootcamp
    • PowerPoint for Consulting Bootcamp
    • Excel for Consulting Bootcamp
    • MC Starter Pack (industry overview)
  • MC Case Library (500+ practice cases)
  • 10K+ drills – math/exhibit/structure/brainstorming
  • 11 Industry Primers
  • Access to recordings of all intensives (1-day masterclasses)


Self-paced digital consulting prep curriculum:

  • Case Library (500+ cases with solutions)
  • 9 video courses (including Case Interview, Mental Math, Excel/PPT Bootcamps)
  • 200+ video-based structure/brainstorming/math drills
  • Unlimited web-based mental math drills
  • Industry Primer Pack (11 Industry Primers)