Math drills are a key part to your case interview prep, because quick data analysis is a key part of everyday life in consulting. Your case interviews will most definitely include calculations you need to make mentally while verbalizing your process. So, mental math will be a big part of your case interview success or failure.

If math isn’t your strong suit, that doesn’t disqualify you, but it will require you to work harder. Math drills are what you need to “drill” these concepts so that they become second nature. Do that, and your ease and confidence with numbers will come through in your case interview, giving you an extra edge toward landing an offer.

Each consulting firm has a little different approach to consulting math. McKinsey will require you to be a more precise in your calculations, whereas BCG and Bain allow you to round more frequently. Our tip? Don’t round when you practice. You never know when you’ll have an interview with a Partner who won’t allow you to round. Prepare for the worst, and then if you can round in the interview, more power to you.

Math drills are the best approach to build competence and confidence in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and key business math concepts. We hope you enjoy the provided math drills and that they equip you to crush your case interview and consulting math!

Included below is set of 10 questions per drill category. Need more? An infinite amount of drills in these categories, plus case math and case structure drills, are included as part of the Mental Math for Consulting and Case Interview courses. If you represent a Career Services office, Consulting Club, or PDA, access to all digital prep resources is included in the MC School Subscription Platform.

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Multiplication Drills

Short Multiplication
1 to 3-digit numbers

Long Multiplication
2 and 3-digit numbers

Thousands Multiplication
At least one of the numbers will have 4 digits

Millions Multiplication
At least one of the numbers will have 7 digits

Division Drills

Short Division
Division with small numbers

Long Division
Division with larger numbers

Percentage Drills


Percentage By Percentage

Other Drills


Common Factor

Break Even

Market Math

Growth Estimate