Business Book Review: Boston Consulting Group On Strategy

Welcome to yet another opportunity to gain valuable insights from a book review, written by Preeti Vemu, MC intern, MC events organizer extraordinaire, and an ex-Deloitte consultant. Enjoy! ****** Boston Consulting Group on Strategy is a compilation of 82 valuable articles … Continue Reading

Business Book Review: Case Interview Secrets

In the case interview prep world, Victor Cheng has risen to a household name in the last 5 years, and his book Case Interview Secrets is one of our recommendations for those looking to break in to the industry.  A Stanford graduate who … Continue Reading

Business Book Review: Start-Up Nation

Today’s article is brought to you by MC intern Preeti Vemu, an ex-Deloitte consultant who specializes in school and event outreach as well as general nutrition for the (mostly-male) masses at MC. ****** Buckle up for an exciting ride into Israel’s … Continue Reading

Thinking Like a Consultant: People Skills

One of the best things about strategy consulting is that you get to work across a broad spectrum of industries, giving you exposure to a lot of the wonderful variety that exists around us in the business world. However, one … Continue Reading

Business Book Review – The E-myth

Today, we continue our series of book reviews with a look at E-Myth, an insightful book written by Michael Gerber (a marketing genius who has built a world-wide web of products and services to help small businesses grow). Our author today … Continue Reading

3 Month Mastery of Consulting – Video Overview

You’ve just made it through the most insane interview process in your life, beat the overwhelming odds stacked against you, and have received an offer from your desired consulting firm. Congrats! That is an impressive accomplishment. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Now what?” … Continue Reading

MC Coach Interview: My First Year at McKinsey

Today we get a sneak peek into a former McKinsey consultant’s first year of life at the firm. True, true – many of you are dreaming about that coveted MBB job offer, with the prestige and lucrative lifestyle that follows. … Continue Reading