Thinking Like a Consultant: People Skills

One of the best things about strategy consulting is that you get to work across a broad spectrum of industries, giving you exposure to a lot of the wonderful variety that exists around us in the business world. However, one … Continue Reading

Business Book Review – The E-myth

Today, we continue our series of book reviews with a look at E-Myth, an insightful book written by Michael Gerber (a marketing genius who has built a world-wide web of products and services to help small businesses grow). Our author today … Continue Reading

3 Month Mastery of Consulting – Video Overview

You’ve just made it through the most insane interview process in your life, beat the overwhelming odds stacked against you, and have received an offer from your desired consulting firm. Congrats! That is an impressive accomplishment. Perhaps you’re thinking, “Now what?” … Continue Reading

Business Book Review: The Starbucks Experience

This week’s post is on The Starbucks Experience – written by Joseph A. Michelli (2006), the founder of Lessons for Success, a training, consulting, and keynote presentation company. He also hosts an award-winning daily radio show on KVOR-AM in Colorado and … Continue Reading

Business Book Review: Steve Jobs

This week’s post is on Steve Jobs – written by Walter Isaacson (2011), the CEO of the Aspen Institute, former chairman of CNN and the managing editor of Time magazine. He is the author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, Kissinger: A Biography, and co-author of The Wise … Continue Reading

Business Book Review: The 4-Hour Work Week

This week’s post is on “The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live anywhere, and Join the New Rich.” – written by Timothy Ferriss (2007), an American author, entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor to startups like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Our guest … Continue Reading

Business Book Review: Lords of Strategy

We’re starting a series of guest posts offered by staff, readers and interns that are reviews of books we think are helpful for those interested in consulting (specifically) and business (in general). This week’s post is on Lords of Strategy … Continue Reading