3 Reasons To Work For Bain

If you’ve ever wondered what sets Bain apart from McKinsey and BCG, this video is for you! The top three consulting firms, known as “MBB”, are the most prestigious firms in the world. Land a consulting role at one of these firms, and doors of opportunity open before you for the rest of your career.

Only the best prepared break into McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. It takes a lot of hard work, an impeccable resume, proper case interview prep, and solid networking to be the one of the few to get an offer from these top firms. Yet, there are distinctions between the firms that make one a better fit for some.

Are there reasons you should choose Bain over other firms? Jenny Rae, our resident ex-Bain consultant shares 3 insights into why one should think about working for Bain. She definitively answers the question, “Is Bain a good place to work?”. You might be surprised with what she has to say.

3 Reasons To Work For Bain

3 Reasons To Work For Bain YouTube Transcription:

Bain & Company. One of the premier names in the consulting firms, and of course, my alma mater. I’m Jenny Rae, the Managing Director of Management Consultant. I’m here to share with you three reasons why I think everybody should think about working at Bain and Company.

  1. Close-Knit Culture

Number one. Bain has an incredibly close-knit culture. This close-knit culture is fostered by these smaller office sizes and overall smaller firm size. Versus an organization like Deloitte or McKinsey. And the fact that the organization is smaller is one part of it but the fact that everybody also stays in the local office, more because they’re staffed with people in the local office, adds to that culture. So that closer-knit culture makes you feel like the relationships that you’re developing or going to last a lifetime- which mine certainly have.

  1. Private Equity

The second thing that’s important to understand about Bain is private equity. Two words. This private equity focus that Bain has, about 25% historically of the work that they do in private equity, means that you have the opportunity to do fast-paced projects, for people that want complete transformation of their businesses. And it gives you insight into businesses that may not appear super sexy on the surface, but profit is sexy as they’d like to say at Bain. So when you find profit, and you’re able to find ways to build profit, than you’re able to really get insight from that private equity practice. And it differentiates them really versus pretty much every other firm that’s out there.

  1. Promoter Culture

The third thing that’s important to understand at Bain, which is a little bit out of the close-knit culture, and a little bit because the work is interesting related to private equity. Bain has what they call a high net promoter score. We call it a “promoter culture”. It means that people that are at Bain like being there, want to stay there, and when they leave, they don’t leave because they hate it, they leave because they find something else that they want to do. And so uniquely, you find fewer people trashing Bain when they leave versus other firms. Whereas in other places you find people that feel like they’re disgruntled by the system. At Bain, they’re helpful when you leave. They want to maintain a relationship with you. The Bain alumni network is powerful because people have a great experience, in their time and in their leaving from Bain.

Wrap Up

So these three main reasons, their close-knit office culture, their focus on private equity, and ultimately their promoter culture, mean that working at Bain is always a great idea. We hope that you enjoyed this video. If you’ve got ideas for other ones, please reach out to us at www.managementconsulted.com We’re excited to work with you and we’re also excited to publish more content, so make sure you subscribe and stay tuned at www.managementconsulted.com

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