We’ve helped prepare hundreds of undergraduates, graduate students, and experienced professionals to conquer the consulting case interview, and land offers from companies and offices like McKinsey in London, Boston Consulting Group in Spain, Bain in San Francisco, Accenture in New York, Deloitte in Sydney, Navigant in Los Angeles, and many more. Case interview preparation is the key to landing those offers from top firms.

We do more than simply provide you with Deloitte case interview tips. We coach you through the entire case, providing targeted feedback and adjustments through each fit answer, case framework, and each step of the case study, making your case interview prep the most effective it can be.

You can prepare for interviews alone or with a friend – but no other option will have the focused practice, the specific consulting questions, and the detailed feedback that we provide. We share the secrets behind how interviewers score your performance and the specific traits they look for in responses.

Plus, our premium Black Belt Deluxe interview package now includes access to all of our online video courses.

In short – we’ll help you develop the exact qualities that separate top interviewers from the rest.

We are here to help. We’ve written dozens of articles on consulting interview prep – from advanced fit strategies to breaking down every framework you’ll need to know for a case interview. Click below to see all of the interview articles we’ve written, as well as some of our favorites.


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Pay for Expert Help – What we Offer:

Consulting-focused mock interviews and coaching programs that will improve your communication skills, hone your responses, and build confidence in your ability to conquer the toughest case studies. You’ll be able to…

  • Handle any behavioral/personality/experiential question they throw at you – sounding natural, articulate, and insightful
  • Avoid the “disaster answers” that will make an interviewer cringe
  • Craft great responses to the toughest of questions. No longer will you worry about what to say when they ask about a time where you showed leadership even when you haven’t been an “official leader”
  • Calmly walk through the most ambiguous sizing questions – you will know exactly how many baseballs fit into a Boeing 747, impressing even the most experienced interviewer!
  • Conquer case studies with business acumen and creativity. You’ll know the right case interview framework to use for any question; have structured, comprehensive responses; and even add insightful responses that will energize and surprise interviewers


Don’t Miss Out

Our hand-selected MBB coaches share the secrets behind how interviewers score your performance, and the specific traits they look for in responses.

If you can’t impress consultants with your stories of leadership and teamwork, and if you can’t deconstruct case studies and demonstrate your business acumen, you won’t get far.

One thing we learned after job-hunting successfully at the world’s top consulting firms, and from insider experience at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, is that if you’re a good interviewer, you can land jobs anywhere.

Your chances of getting an offer from top firms? Under 5% – so, more competitive than getting into Harvard. Make the most of this incredible opportunity by working with MC experts on your consulting interview preparation.

Choose one of our Interview Prep Services

1 Hour Interview Coaching Session

  • 1 Hour of Interview Coaching with MBB coach

4 hours of Consulting Interview Prep (Case + Fit)

A $1030 value!
  • 4 Hours of Interview Prep
  • Sessions tailored to your needs
  • Sample program 
    • Session 1: Fit Interview stories
    • Session 2: Case Structures
    • Session 3: Case Math
    • Session 4: Putting it all together

Black Belt Deluxe

A $4105 value! You're 1800% more likely to land a consulting offer after going through Black Belt. Includes:
  • 8 Hours of 1:1 Interview Prep
  • 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter edit
  • Lifetime access to all MC cases, courses, and drills
  • Free session recordings


Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule with one of our coaches using the MC online booking system, powered by Square Appointments – we have standard availability M-F from 8AM-7PM Pacific Time, Sa/Sun from 7-10AM Pacific Time, and by request, we will serve you any time of the day or night – just email us.
  2. We conduct interviews via Skype – you can choose to be on or off camera.
  3. We give you actionable advice so you can practice until you’re perfect. For Black Belts, we record and send the sessions for you – for free. Just make sure you email us after the session to request the recording.
  4. We’ll share the secrets of how interviewers score your performance – and in particular, the specific skills you must demonstrate to ace the interview and land an offer.
  5. When you’re setting up your mock interview with us, send us any feedback you’ve received from other experienced interviewers so we can jump right in.
  6. If you need to reschedule an interview, you have up until 24 hours prior to your scheduled slot to do so – you do it yourself, through the same booking system you used to select your initial appointment.

We’re flexible, and can typically accommodate tight timeframes, even over the weekend, early in the morning or late at night if needed. We will find a way to help you with your case interview prep!

During the busy season, we can be booked up to 1 week out, but if you email us a special request, we reserve ~5-10 slots each week for emergencies. Of course, first priority goes to Black Belts.

If it makes you more comfortable, contact us by email prior to booking – we can give you tentative times that might work and can hold those spots for a maximum of 24 hours while you get organized and put your order through.

You have 3 categories to choose from:

If you just want to test the waters with us before diving in, or are short on time before your interview, book Intro to Interviews ($200 for 1 hour mock interview). We can book these as little as 2-3 days before your interviews.

Our basic services are included in a 4-hour package: We like to have 1-2 weeks to complete the 4-hour packages, and we can both give you homework and expose you to multiple different case types in the process.

If you want to go the distance, select a 8-hour package: Black Belt Deluxe ($1850; includes all digital courses and a full resume/cover letter edit). If you are starting with little-to-no business or interview background – or if you just want a major leg up in the process – Black Belt is the best. Ideally, we’d recommend that you start your case interview preparation at least 3-4 weeks before the anticipated interview, and that you begin working with us before you develop bad habits elsewhere. Our most successful Black Belts start preparing 2-6 months prior to their interview.

We do! We work with execs at PE, VC and Fortune 500 firms who want to understand the consulting toolkit better – not just to craft mock interview answers, but more to power through high-impact business strategy discussions.

We also share our Consulting Bootcamps with groups that want to understand corporate strategy – write Namaan at [email protected] if you want to bring us in.

Absolutely. In fact, your chances of success in the process are high – but you also may have blind spots, and we will make sure you don’t get hindered by anything.

We guarantee that in each hour with us, you’ll confront important questions you’ve never heard before. We’ll share secrets behind how interviewers score your responses and the keywords and phrases that they look for in your answers. We’ll also be brutally honest about your chances and the work you need to put in to get an offer.

After working with us, you’ll approach cases with increased confidence and feel that you can handle any case or fit question thrown at you. Give us a few key hours of your life, and we’ll rock your world.

We find that our experienced professional clients often need the most help – particularly in crafting the right stories, preparing for varied types of interview questions, and knowing exactly how to tackle common consulting cases.

After all, it’s usually been awhile since you’ve interviewed at all, and our service is a great way to dust off those cobwebs and find out what today’s consulting firms look for in candidates.

It’s also possible that you’ve built bad habits, and are senior enough that no-one mentions them anymore. We won’t let you get away with anything that could hurt your chances in the recruiting process.

As with the resume editing service, the interview process for each firm is largely identical globally. Firms standardize their recruiting methods, so our advice and critique for your interview will largely be the same whether you’re in Asia, Europe, Australia or the U.S.

However, different practices and job functions at different firms do impact the interview process – we can help broadly, but just make us aware of your key targets at the start of the process so we can tailor our plan if we need to.

We offer broad coverage of time zones and days/nights/weekends with our team of coaches.

The session will be intense and as similar to the real interview as possible. You’ll know your strengths, weaknesses, and most importantly, exactly how to improve (in many cases, we’ll create the right responses together).

Also, we can customize the time to your needs. We can spend 40 minutes on cases only, or just focus on fit questions. We can even use the time to discuss other topics, from networking strategies to finding consulting firms with the right fit.

Finally, we are brutally honest with you. If you buddy with someone from McKinsey, they will give you McKinsey tips – well, some of them. They aren’t invested in your success – they look for quick wins, not total overhauls. And your peers? Maybe they’re great, but the blind can’t lead the blind very well, can they?

Interview services are non-refundable, but they also never expire. In addition, you can transfer or sell unused hours to another aspiring applicant.

We have a “use it or use it” policy to encourage you to maximize your interview preparation. More practice = better results!

Great question.  Of course, we’ll tailor the sessions to your specific situation, but here’s are 2 common approaches that worked with other clients who got offers at Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Oliver Wyman, and more.

Option 1 (standard):

  • Session 1: 50% fit, 50% market sizing
  • Session 2: 50% market sizing, 50% short business case
  • Sessions 3-5: 100% long business cases (1 for each core framework) with real-time taser feedback
  • Sessions 6-8: 100% long business mock cases with feedback at the end

Option 2 (business newbie):

  • 2 sessions grilling you on fit questions, working together to craft answers that display confidence, poise, and content that interviewers will love
  • 1 session on case basics, including the anatomy of a case, how to open and close a case effectively, and how to structure mini-cases (like market sizing questions)
  • 2 sessions on business basics, including 3 case frameworks you absolutely must know, why profitability always matters, and lingo that all consultants expect you to use casually
  • 2 cases with real-time feedback, where we catch you immediately when you make mistakes and help you correct them
  • 1 hardcore mock session to test what you’ve learned, tweak your approach and put the finishing touches on before interview day

Because we spend so much time together, we also work with you (on the calls or via email) to personally help guide you end-to-end through the networking and resume drop processes – all the way through to the offer.

We only work with people who are serious about breaking into consulting. It’s going to take a lot of work, but we don’t want to work with wannabes who are flaky or just plain lazy.

The good news? We get AWESOME results. Last year, 55% of our Black Belts got offers at top consulting firms. Think that’s low? Not compared to the 3-5% offer rates at the firms.

We are CRAZY proud of our excellent clients, and we invest heart and soul to push you toward success.

Of course. If you’re interested in resume and cover letter editing + interview prep, you have 2 options:

  • Resume Edit, Cover Letter Edit, and 4 Hours of Coaching ($995)
  • Black Belt Deluxe ($1850) – Resume/Cover Letter editing + 8 Hours of Interview Prep (includes lifetime access to all of our online cases, courses, and drills)

No! All of our books are available exclusively in a convenient e-book format, allowing you to flip through pages and pages to your heart’s content anywhere where there is an internet connection. Our e-books and video courses are iOS and tablet compatible, so you can read and watch from anywhere!


You can upgrade within 30 days of the original purchase. Just be aware that you can only upgrade to a package that contains the same elements (ex: if you purchase a package that includes Resume/Cover Letter edits, you can only upgrade to a package that includes editing services).

To upgrade, just purchase the new package and use the upgrade code included in your original confirmation email.

Thanks for asking – there are so many reasons we love and are proud of what we do!

At MC, you talk to the experts – not someone the experts have trained. We create the videos, give the Bootcamps, and write the books that are key tools to break into consulting. Lucky you–you get face time (and email access) directly with us.

If you’re looking at different options, here’s where we think other prep services come short:

  • A series of mock interviews just ingrains bad habits – and using different interviewers doesn’t solve that problem.
  • Generic interviewer services don’t know how different consulting interviews are scored. They don’t know what Bain thinks is a great response versus a poor one, and the exact questions that McKinsey or AT Kearney will ask.
  • They charge very high prices without our level of attention to the details that matter (trust me, you’ll appreciate our focus on the little things).
  • They provide generic, unactionable feedback – with remarks such as “I really like that response” or “Your answer could be better. Perhaps tell a better story?”
  • You can’t ask follow up questions. Once the hour is over, you never talk to them again. If you come up with the perfect story to explain your greatest failure, you’re out of luck.