We’ve helped prepare hundreds of undergraduates, graduate students, and experienced professionals to conquer the consulting case interview, and land offers from companies and offices like McKinsey in London, Boston Consulting Group in Spain, Bain in San Francisco, Accenture in New York, Deloitte in Sydney, Navigant in Los Angeles, and many more. Case interview preparation is the key to landing those offers from top firms.

We do more than simply provide you with Deloitte case interview tips. We coach you through the entire case, providing targeted feedback and adjustments through each fit answer, case framework, and each step of the case study, making your case interview prep the most effective it can be.

You can prepare for interviews alone or with a friend – but no other option will have the focused practice, the specific consulting questions, and the detailed feedback that we provide. We share the secrets behind how interviewers score your performance and the specific traits they look for in responses.

Plus, our premium Black Belt Deluxe interview package now includes access to all of our online video courses.

In short – we’ll help you develop the exact qualities that separate top interviewers from the rest.

We are here to help. We’ve written dozens of articles on consulting interview prep – from advanced fit strategies to breaking down every framework you’ll need to know for a case interview. Click below to see all of the interview articles we’ve written, as well as some of our favorites.


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Pay for Expert Help – What we Offer:

Consulting-focused mock interviews and coaching programs that will improve your communication skills, hone your responses, and build confidence in your ability to conquer the toughest case studies. You’ll be able to…

  • Handle any behavioral/personality/experiential question they throw at you – sounding natural, articulate, and insightful
  • Avoid the “disaster answers” that will make an interviewer cringe
  • Craft great responses to the toughest of questions. No longer will you worry about what to say when they ask about a time where you showed leadership even when you haven’t been an “official leader”
  • Calmly walk through the most ambiguous sizing questions – you will know exactly how many baseballs fit into a Boeing 747, impressing even the most experienced interviewer!
  • Conquer case studies with business acumen and creativity. You’ll know the right case interview framework to use for any question; have structured, comprehensive responses; and even add insightful responses that will energize and surprise interviewers


Don’t Miss Out

Our hand-selected MBB coaches share the secrets behind how interviewers score your performance, and the specific traits they look for in responses.

If you can’t impress consultants with your stories of leadership and teamwork, and if you can’t deconstruct case studies and demonstrate your business acumen, you won’t get far.

One thing we learned after job-hunting successfully at the world’s top consulting firms, and from insider experience at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, is that if you’re a good interviewer, you can land jobs anywhere.

Your chances of getting an offer from top firms? Under 5% – so, more competitive than getting into Harvard. Make the most of this incredible opportunity by working with MC experts on your consulting interview preparation.

Choose one of our Interview Prep Services

1 Hour Interview Coaching Session
  • 1 Hour of Interview Coaching with MBB coach
4 hours of Interview Prep (Case + Fit)
A $1030 value!
  • 4 Hours of Interview Prep
  • Sessions tailored to your needs
  • Sample program 
    • Session 1: Fit Interview stories
    • Session 2: Case Structures
    • Session 3: Case Math
    • Session 4: Putting it all together
Black Belt Deluxe
A $4105 value! You're 1800% more likely to land a consulting offer after going through Black Belt. Includes:
  • 8 Hours of 1:1 Interview Prep
  • 1 Resume and 1 Cover Letter edit
  • Lifetime access to all MC cases, courses, and drills
  • Free session recordings


Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule with one of our coaches using the MC online booking system, powered by Square Appointments – we have standard availability M-F from 8AM-7PM Pacific Time, Sa/Sun from 7-10AM Pacific Time, and by request, we will serve you any time of the day or night – just email us.
  2. We conduct interviews via Skype – you can choose to be on or off camera.
  3. We give you actionable advice so you can practice until you’re perfect. For Black Belts, we record and send the sessions for you – for free. Just make sure you email us after the session to request the recording.
  4. We’ll share the secrets of how interviewers score your performance – and in particular, the specific skills you must demonstrate to ace the interview and land an offer.
  5. When you’re setting up your mock interview with us, send us any feedback you’ve received from other experienced interviewers so we can jump right in.
  6. If you need to reschedule an interview, you have up until 24 hours prior to your scheduled slot to do so – you do it yourself, through the same booking system you used to select your initial appointment.