BCG Glassdoor 1 Star Reviews

BCG Glassdoor 1 Star Reviews. Yes, they actually exist. Though most of them are laughable, they can reveal insights into the culture and even unspoken expectations at the firm. What is management like? Is the compensation fair? Is implicit gender … Continue Reading

Business Book Review: Beyond the E-Myth

Today, we continue our series of book reviews with a look at Beyond the E-Myth, the latest in a long line of great books by Michael Gerber (a marketing genius who has built a world-wide web of products and services to … Continue Reading

People over Profit Book Review

Hi again! Our awesome intern Nate is here to bring you his unbiased review of a very unique book: People over Profit, authored by Dale Partridge. Want to find out what it means to put people over profit? You may already know it, but might … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Question 2.0 Book Review

Hello there! Our awesome intern Preeti is back to bring you her unbiased review of a very unique book: The Ultimate Question 2.0 – How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer Driven World, authored by Fred Reichheld (from Bain and Co.). … Continue Reading

Book Review: Michael Porter On Competition

it’s time for another book review! This time, our intern and ex-Deloitte dreamboat Preeti read Michael Porter’s book On Competition and took the time to let you know how she felt about it. WHY READ IT? Michael Porter is an … Continue Reading