3 Month Mastery – the Ultimate Guide for New Consultants!

For the last 3 months, we’ve enjoyed receiving feedback and comments from readers all over the globe that purchased 3 Month Mastery through Amazon. We had a key finding from the program, however – MC readers are more global than Amazon users! As such, we’ve decided to make the book available directly from our website.

If you’re new to the site, or just looking for some more info on what the 3 Month Mastery craze is all about, we’ve provided some answers to FAQs for the new consultant. Enjoy!

What is 3 Month Mastery anyways!?

We are glad you asked! For years, we have launched our clients into positions with top consulting firms like Bain, McKinsey, BCG, LEK, Booz Allen, Deloitte, and more. What we found is that clients who were willing to work with us did not just have their eyes set on getting in the door at the top firm, but they wanted to be the best once they arrived.

While before we just offered 1:1 coaching for those who wanted to get ahead, we’ve developed a course you can use to propel yourself to top performance at a world class consulting firm. Three Month Mastery is a compilation from our Managing Director, Jenny Rae Le Roux, of insider secrets that will help you thrive in the first 3 months of a new management consulting position – setting you up for a lifetime of success.

The course covers traits that every consultant should have, ways to prepare before you begin on the job, how to set the standard in orientation, and more.

It is the most practical book you can read on getting ready for your career, because it is based on real MBB experience. It will make the difference between average behavior and distinguished performance.

Who Is The Course For? 

Three Month Mastery will position any new consultant for optimal success on the job, and ultimately will set you up for a promotion. Starting strong will get you on the right teams and ultimately fast track to your other goals within management consulting.


Your “first 3 months” may be your only 3 months, and your goal is to get a return offer. This book covers everything you need to know to start off strong and end with an offer.

Full-time hire pre-MBA:

You need real world work experience before obtaining your MBA. If nothing else, your motivation for being the best in your workplace is the potential that your firm gives you 2 years off to obtain your degree and pays for your top-dollar education.

If you will not be going for your MBA, you’ll want to rise to the top in your group of new hires for a direct promotion to Associate/Consultant.

Full-time hire post-MBA:

Plan to experience 2 major “up or out” transitions in your career as a consultant – to Engagement Manager, and ultimately to Partner. From day one, you’re building the case that you should be a candidate for senior positions.

Experienced hire transitioning to a new firm:

With a background outside of consulting (or from another firm), you have even more to prove. Your base compensation, bonus, promotion trajectory, and overall reputation are at stake. Your prep plan must be strategic.

Basically, at any stage of the game – this book will be a tremendous resource to you.

What else can you do to prepare?

In addition to publishing 3 Month Mastery, we provide loads of free content on our website including articles like:

11 tips for new consultants
5 mistakes that get you fired
…and more!

We also recommend taking Mergers & Inquisitions Premium Excel Modeling course—there is nothing that even comes close to training you to master financial modeling like this course does.

Can I See A Preview Of 3 Month Mastery? 

As a sneak peak into the book, we will share with you 3 (out of our 8) keys to setting the standard in orientation:

1) Maximize face time – even in consulting cultures where face time is not “required”, in the first 3 months it is critical. As a new consultant, get yourself in front of people for as long as possible. In orientation, this means showing up early and staying as long as possible.

2) Be alert – do whatever it takes for you to keep yourself alert and engaged. Your presenters will cover material very quickly, so be prepared to keep up. Don’t expect this to be like the first day of class. Although you may experience apathy about the importance of orientation, it is crucial that you obtain as much knowledge as you can in the brief training the firm offers.

3) Don’t overdo it – sure, you want to dress nicely, listen well, and ask questions, but don’t overdo your attempts to make a good first impression! Don’t be annoying – that is not the way to stand out among your peers. Lay the foundation for lifelong relationships (with supervisors and with peers), and don’t always be the first to ask a question – fall in the middle of the lineup.

For more great insights, buy 3 Month Mastery here.


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