Look no further – we’ve solved your consulting case interview practice woes.

Are you looking for more variety in your case practice? Or looking for cases used by specific firms?

Have you exhausted all the practice cases offered by your consulting club?

Are you transitioning from finance and looking for an all-in-one resource to get you interview-ready in a few short weeks?

Are you having trouble making it past first round interviews and needing to mix it up?

Have you done a few practice cases with your classmates but now need that extra push?

What’s the big deal?

With not 200…not 300…but over 500 practice cases – some proprietary, others from a variety of b-schools, case books, firms, and real-live interview rounds at top firms, MC’s online Consulting Case Bank is full of everything from market sizing questions and new product intros to M&A cases and strategy tests. Consider it your new best friend.

We spent months compiling and categorizing the Consulting Case Bank. Why would we put so much time and effort into it?

For years we’ve coached interview candidates, conducting mock interviews during recruiting season (1000+ clients just last year), and for years we’ve heard the same thing. At the end of every call, our clients ask, “Where can I get more cases?” The need was glaring – consulting candidates across the globe were suffering from lack of practice cases – until now.

What’s Inside?

25+ consulting firms represented, including:

  • McKinsey – Bain – BCG
  • Accenture – A.T. Kearney – Strategy&
  • Booz Allen Hamilton – Deloitte/Monitor
  • Gemini – Katzenbach – L.E.K.
  • Lenovo – Marakon – Mercer
  • Oliver Wyman – Roland Berger
  • TASC – ZS Associates

300+ firm-specific cases

15+ types of cases

300+ cases classified by continent

200+ cases classified by interview round (round 1 vs round 2)

20+ industries represented, including:

  • Health care
  • IT
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • …and more

110+ cases with diagrams

Consulting Case Bank
The largest collection of consulting cases in the world, including:
  • 500+ cases and PSTs
  • Organized by case topic and round
  • Covers 25+ firms and 6 regions
  • 30 case structure video prompts - with solutions from MBB consultants
  • 20 case math video prompts - with solutions
Consulting Book Bundle
Save With Our Book Bundle! Includes all 6 MC books:
  • The Consulting Roadmap
  • The Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible
  • The Consultant’s Networking Bible
  • The Consulting Interview Bible
  • The MC Consulting Case Bank
  • 3 Month Mastery


Good news! The Case Bank is accessed directly through your MC account – just add it to your cart, create an account during the checkout process, and your book will be available immediately after purchase.

You can get started practicing cases right away!

Please note, you do need to be logged in to use the Case Bank, but you can use it offline – provided you loaded a case before disconnecting. You can also print any case you’d like.