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Welcome to the free Case of the Month!

Are you preparing for a crucial case interview? Get started now with our free Case of the Month! This will allow you to familiarize yourself with various parts of a case interview and provide you a preview of what you'll experience in the real setting. Starting early is key to success, so let's begin!

We have curated this particular case, just like the 500+ others that can be found in our Case Library, to represent different firm styles across a wide range of industries, catering to the 4 main frameworks typically encountered in case interviews. Here are some tips to consider as you navigate your journey through a consulting case:

Strategy 1: Practicing Out Loud

The Importance of Verbalizing Your Thought Process

While you're going through this free case, we encourage you to grab a pen and paper and simulate the interview scenario. Speak your answers out loud and get accustomed to expressing your thought processes. Remember, a consulting case is as much a verbal exercise as it is a mental one.

Strategy 2: Employing the MC Case System

The Value of Drill-Based Practice

Our recommendation extends beyond the typical case prep methods; we believe in the effectiveness of drill-based practice. Begin by tackling about five cases similar to the free one provided below. On your subsequent tries, aim to build a stronger structure, brainstorm more intensively, and focus on the mathematical component of the case. Identify the challenging parts for you - is it the initial structure? The case math? The brainstorming questions? Once you pinpoint your weak spots, focus on improving them with drill-based practice. If you're struggling with mental math, for instance, try our free mental math drills.

Strategy 3: Collaborating with an Expert

Leveraging Experienced Guidance

If you can connect with a friend or former classmate who has consulting experience, that could be invaluable. Alternatively, consider joining our free LinkedIn group. If you're looking for assistance from industry-recognized experts, consider working with our MBB coaches for live practice sessions and hands-on coaching.

Do you have questions or a case you'd like to share with us? We're here for you! Feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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