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Welcome to the free Case of the Month!

Welcome to this month's free case of the month.

There's nothing more important to your case interview prep than starting early. That's why we've created this free case to get you going. While it's only one case study, it will expose you to the different parts of a case and allow you to see how one is put together.

We have more cases just like this one (500+) in the Case Library. These cases represent 25+ firm styles, a myriad of industries, and cover the 4 main frameworks you'll see in the case interview. A few tips as you're working through a consulting case:

1: Practice Out-Loud

As you work through this free case, get pen and paper out and act as if you are in the interview. Verbalize your answers and get used to explaining your thought processes. A consulting case is a verbal test as much as a mental one.

2: Use The MC Case System

Unlike more generic consulting case prep methods, we recommend drill-based practice. Start by going through ~5 cases like the free case below - focus the second time on building a really strong structure, the third time on pushing yourself to brainstorm more, and the fourth time on the math portion of the case. Identify which parts of the case were tough for you. Was it the initial structure? The case math? Brainstorming questions? Once you know where you need help, home in on that specific part of the case via drill-based practice. For example, if you need help with your mental math, use our free mental math drills.

3: Work With An Expert

If you have a friend or former classmate who has been a consultant, get their help (or join our free LinkedIn group!). If you want help from recognized experts, work with our MBB coaches for live practice and hands-on coaching.

Have questions or a case you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you! You can contact us at [email protected].

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