2016 Management Consulting Salaries – Undergraduate, MBA, Interns and More

Welcome to the New Year Management Consulted Subscribers!

This leap year, 2016, is exciting on many fronts. The year promises the world’s first space hotel, NASA’s Juno spacecraft arriving at Jupiter, soccer’s Euro 2016 in France and the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the US Presidential Elections (aka circus) and much more. Along with all the excitement, this new year guarantees new business challenges and with that, a steady demand for consulting services.

Over the past couple years, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in demand for consulting services. In 2015, consulting firms experienced an overall 12-18% increase in revenue. With the increasing demand of their services, consulting firms have continued the dogfight to attract more top-notch candidates.

In addition, as banking salaries have increased across the board (up to 25% at the MBA level), consulting firms needed to increase their compensation packages to remain competitive. Many of the top consulting firms have raised their base pay for MBAs to $140,000+. Although these salaries are inevitably less than what one would receive in banking (the consulting vs investment banking debate continues), and if you’re in it for the short-term money, go to banking already – a great number of our interview prep clients have happily accepted offers at these consulting firms this year.

Using compensation data from our client’s 2016 offers, as well information directly from offer letters from readers like you and industry insiders, we’ve compiled the consulting salary information for the following firms:

  • Accenture Consulting
  • A.T. Kearney
  • Bain & Company
  • The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • FTI Consulting
  • IBM Global Business Services (IBM GBS)
  • IMS Consulting Group
  • Infosys
  • Kalypso
  • KPMG
  • L.E.K.
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Mercer
  • Oliver Wyman
  • Parthenon-EY
  • PwC
  • Strategy&
  • ZS Associates

When analyzing the compensation data from the following firms, there’s a couple things to keep in mind. First, the compensation data is specifically for those in management consulting roles at each of the firms. Also, the data below is for first years coming out of an undergraduate program, first years coming out of an MBA program, and for interns. Here’s a general snapshot for how total compensation grows as one progresses within a top consulting firm:

  • First year undergrad: ~ $80-$100k
  • First year MBA: ~ $170-$210k
  • Manager/Project Leader (2-3 years out of MBA): ~ $250-$350k
  • Associate principal/Senior project leader (4-5 years out of MBA): ~ $350-500k
  • Junior Partner/Principal (6-8 years out of MBA): $500K-$1M
  • Senior partner/Director (10+ years out of MBA): $1-10M

Finally, when interpreting the data below, we’d recommend taking the total compensation data with a grain of salt. When looking at the performance bonus data below for example, it’s helpful to realize that most employees don’t actually receive the full amount. Usually only the top 5-10% receive that. If the performance bonus says “up to $30k”, the average performer will usually receive only $18k-$20k, and the bottom 10% of performers might receive little to no bonus. Also, the relocation figure can significantly affect the total compensation amount but is usually dependent on the distance the offeree has to move and in many cases won’t actually affect the offeree. Because of that, don’t decide between two firms based off the differences in compensation packages alone (especially if the difference is less than $10k). Consider your fit with the firm, the firm’s prestige, and possible exit opportunities at the very least.

Interesting side note: Speaking of exit opportunities, the average management consultant who left consulting in 2014 to join Corporate America received a nice 10-20% increase in compensation when making the change. Yet another reason to go into consulting – to leave it someday!

Below is the salary data for those joining consulting fresh out of an undergraduate program and MBA program. We strive to get the most accurate salary data possible. If any data point doesn’t line up with what you know to be true, or if you have data from any other consulting firms or from any other location around the globe, we’d love to hear from you. You can comment below or email us directly; we’ll keep your identity anonymous.

1st Year Out of Undergraduate Program

Accenture Consulting Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $10,000 (Canada: $10,000)
Base: $75-85,000 (Canada: $68,000)
Relocation: $2500-5,000
Performance Bonus: up to $8,500 (10% of base)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $105,500
Retirement: Match 6% for 401k
Stock: 15% discount of Accenture stock

A.T. Kearney Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5,000 (Toronto: $5,000)
Base: $70,000 (Canada: $70,000)
Relocation: $3-$10,000 (Canada: $3-$10,000)
Performance Bonus: up to $14,000 (20% of base) (Canada: up to 20% of base salary)
Profit Sharing: $7,000, up to 10% of base depending on firm performance
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $106,000
Retirement: Match 6% for 401k

Bain & Company Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5,000
Base: $80,000
Relocation: $2-$8,000
Performance Bonus: up to $12,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $105,000
Retirement: 4.5% of base + bonus into 401k, no contribution required.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5,000 (Canada: $8,000) (Aus: $15,000)
Base: $80,000 (Canada: $75,000) (Aus: $65,000) (Germany: €67,000)
Relocation: $2-$8,000 (Germany: €3-€10,000)
Performance Bonus: up to $16,500
Profit Sharing: up to $4,400
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $113,900
Retirement: 15% of your base + bonus into 401k, employee contribution required.

Deloitte Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $12,500 (Canada: $5,000) (NZ: $2,000)
Base: $72,500 (Canada: $60,000) (NZ: $45,000) (UK: £35,000) (Germany: €47,000)
Relocation: $2,000-$5,000
Performance Bonus: up to $11,250 (15% of base) (UK: up to 5% for 1st year analysts)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $101,250
Retirement: Match 6% for 401k

EY Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5,000
Base: $72,000
Relocation: $1,000
Performance Bonus: up to $2,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $80,000
Retirement: 2.5% total compensation contributed to 401k

FTI Consulting Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5,000
Base: $62,000
Relocation: $1,000
Performance Bonus: up to $10,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $78,000

IBM Global Business Services Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $7,000 (Canada: $5,000)
Base: $75,000 (Canada: $67,000)
Relocation: $3,000
Performance Bonus: up to $9,000 (12% of base)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $94,000
Retirement: Match 5% for 401k

KPMG Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: Rare
Base: $65,000
Relocation: $2,000
Performance Bonus: up to $8,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $75,000

L.E.K. Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus$7,500
Base: $73,000
Relocation: $2,500
Performance Bonus: Worldwide bonus up to $14,600 (20% of base)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: Up to $97,600

McKinsey & Company Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5,000 (Canada: $5,250)
Base: $80,000 (Canada: $78,000) (Germany: €67,000)
Relocation: $2-$9,000 (Germany: €3-€5,000)
Performance Bonus: up to $18,000 (Canada: up to $24,500)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $112,000
Retirement: 7% of annual compensation (Canada: $10,000 to RRSP)

Mercer Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $3,000
Base: $62,000
Relocation: $2,000
Performance Bonus: No bonus, instead paid time and a half for hours over 40/week
– – – – –
Total Compensation: $67,000 + overtime

Oliver Wyman Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $10,000 (Canada: $10,000)
Base: $75,000 (Canada: $75,000)
Performance Bonus: up to $15,000 (20% of base salary) for 1st year, 40% of base for 2nd years
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $100,000

Parthenon-EY Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $10,000
Base: $90,000
Performance Bonus:  up to $10,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $110,000

PwC Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5-10,000
Base: $70,000 (Canada: $61,000)
Relocation: $2,000
Performance Bonus:  up to $10,950 (10-15%) (Canada: 5-15%)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $92,950

Strategy& Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $10,000
Base: $85,000
Relocation: $5-8,000
Performance Bonus: up to $8,500 (10% of base)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $111,500
Retirement: 10% of base + up to 5.7% of bonus

ZS Associates Undergraduate Salary
Signing Bonus: $5,500 (Canada: $5,000)
Base: $72,500 (Canada: $75,000)
Relocation: $4,000 (Canada: $2,500)
Performance Bonus: up to $7,250 (Canada: up to 10%)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $89,250
Retirement: Match 3% for 401k

Here are a few more pre-MBA consulting salaries in EMEA:

  • For BCG in Amsterdam: €45,000 base, up to 15% bonus, €3,000 moving allowance
  • For Bain in Amsterdam: €44,000 base, up to 25% bonus, €4,000 moving allowance
  • For Strategy& in Amsterdam: €49,000 base, up to 15% bonus
  • For M/B/B in Spain: €35,000
  • For Deloitte and PwC in Spain: €25,000
  • For McKinsey Research Analyst in Poland: €23,000 base
  • For McKinsey Consultant in Poland: €53,000 base
  • For Deloitte Consultant in Poland: €45,000 base
  • For Deloitte/PwC Manager in Poland: €68,000 base

1st Year Out of MBA/Grad Program

Accenture Consulting MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000 (Canada: $15,000)
Base: $140-145,000 (Canada: $140,000)
Relocation: $8,000
Performance Bonus: up to $44,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $222,000
Retirement: Match 6% for 401k, employee contribution required
Tuition Reimbursement: up to $80,000 ($50,000 after taxes)

A.T. Kearney MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000 (plus $10,000 for summer interns)
Base: $145,000 (Germany: €83,000)
Relocation: $10,000 (Germany: €3-€5,000)
Performance Bonus: up to $43,500 (Germany: up to €16,000)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $223,500 (Germany: up to €101,000)
Retirement: 401k contribution up to $8,000

Bain & Company MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000
Base: $140,000 (Canada: $120,000)
Relocation: up to $8,000
Performance Bonus: up to $35,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $208,000
Retirement: 401k contribution up to $8,000

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000
Base: $147,000
Relocation: $2-$5,000
Performance Bonus: up to $42,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $219,000
Retirement: up to $9,000 is put into retirement fund, no contributions required.

Deloitte MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $35,000 ($25,000 + $17,500 early signing on if returning after internship) (Canada MBA: $20,000)
Base: $147,000 (Canada MBA: $120,000)
Relocation: $2,500 if local; $10,000 otherwise
Performance Bonus: up to $36,750 (25% of base)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $228,750
Retirement: .25 match of first 6% contributed for a total of 1.5%
Tuition Reimbursement: full 2nd year tuition for returning summer interns

EY MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000
Base: $140,000
Relocation: $5,000
Performance Bonus: up to $30,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $200,000

IBM Global Business Services MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000
Base: $125,000
Relocation: $5,000
Performance Bonus: up to $30,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $185,000

IMS Consulting Group MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000
Base: $125,000
Performance Bonus: up to $15,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $165,000

Infosys MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $20,000
Base: $117,000
Relocation: $3,000 non-discretionary relocation
Performance Bonus: up to $25,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $165,000

Kalypso MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $15,000
Base: $120,000
Performance Bonus: up to $15,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $150,000

Signing Bonus: $35,000
Base: $135,000
Relocation: $2,000
Performance Bonus: up to $25,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $197,000

L.E.K. MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000
Base: $140,000
Relocation: $5,000
Performance Bonus: up to $25,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $195,000
Retirement & Profit Sharing: up to $30,000

McKinsey & Company MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000
Base: $145,000
Relocation: $2-9,000 depending on distance
Performance Bonus: up to $35,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $214,000
Retirement: 12% of base + bonus (up to $20,400) put into retirement fund, no contributions required.

Mercer MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $20,000
Base: $87,000
Performance Bonus: up to $17,400 (20% of base)
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $124,400

Parthenon-EY MBA Salary
Signing Bous: $35,000
Base: $170,000
Relocation: $2,000
Performance Bonus: up to $9,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $216,000

PwC MBA Salary
Signing Bonus: $25,000 (+$10,000 if you interned)
Base: $135-140,000
Relocation: $2,000
Performance Bonus: up to $27,000
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $204,000
Retirement: DNK

Strategy& MBA Salary
Signing Bous: $25,000
Base: $147,000
Relocation: $3,000
Performance Bonus: up to $33,750
– – – – –
Total Compensation: up to $208,750
Retirement: 10% of salary


Internships range from short 10-week periods to longer 12 or 16 week periods (more popular in Canada and EMEA). In general, the monthly pay is prorated based on the starting base salary for a new hire. The below are total compensation figures for undergraduate and MBA internships:

Undergraduate Internships

Accenture Consulting: $31/hr, plus signing bonus and overtime A.T. Kearney: $11,000 Bain: $14,250 (10 weeks)
BCG: $14,000 (10 weeks)
Deloitte: $31/hour ($47.50/hour for overtime, ~ 50 hours a week)
IMS: $11,000 + bonus
L.E.K.: $11,000/month
McKinsey: $14,000 (10 weeks)
Oliver Wyman: $11,250 + $2500 signing bonus (9 weeks)
PwC: $39/hour (8 weeks plus 1 week trip to Disney World if received return offer)
ZS Associates: $11,000

MBA Internships

AT Kearney MBA: $11,500/month
Bain MBA: $27,000 (10 weeks)
BCG MBA: $28,000
Deloitte MBA: $28,450 + full 2nd year MBA tuition for returning interns
IMS MBA: $11,250/month + $5,000 signing bonus
L.E.K. MBA: $3000/week
KPMG MBA: $65/hour ($97.5/hour for overtime, 10 weeks)
McKinsey MBA: $29,500 (10 weeks)
Parthenon Group MBA: $27,000 + $5,000 signing bonus (for 10 weeks)
PwC MBA: $11,250/month
Strategy& MBA: $11,500/month
ZS MBA: $11,000/month + $5,000 signing bonus


For those interested in applying to work in consulting, things are still looking good. There’s a strong demand for applicants in many offices and consulting salaries are on the rise. Salaries are rising across other industries too; we’ve witnessed an increase in both banking and tech salaries this year. This leaves several of you to wonder whether to pursue software engineering at Google or busting your ass at Goldman Sachs instead of consulting. We’ll leave that decision up to you for now. 

If you find yourself in that predicament and want specific advice, or if you are trying to break into consulting, we’re here to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at team@managementconsulted.com or book a Power Half Hour with one of our ex-MBB staff.

If you’re sure you want to jump into consulting and now want to want to give yourself as strong a chance as possible, take advantage of our world-class interview prep and resume prep services. We’ve been working on and updating these products for years and our clients have seen incredible results, including 55% of our Black Belt Supremes receiving offers from Top 10 consulting firms last year.

Have a wonderful 2016!

P.S. We love sharing compensation data for as many firms, regions, and levels of seniority as possible. If you have any compensation data for 2016, you can help us do that. Add a comment below or send us an email; your anonymity is guaranteed.

We offer resume editing and interview prep. Through one-on-one sessions, we’ll help you stand out from 1000’s of other applicants and land consulting jobs now!

  • Mba2016

    Wow, Deloitte’s all-in compensation for returning interns is absolutely insane. When including the early signing bonus and half of the second year tuition reimbursement , you’ll hit ~$260k first year total comp. I can definitely see why they’re on the upswing.

  • TechStrat

    IBM Canada numbers for undergrad base should be upped to 63k

  • PriceyWater

    PwC’s internship is actually 8 weeks total, which includes the 1 week trip to Disney if you receive the return offer. It’s not 8+1.

  • kellogg

    I can confirm Deloitte MBA numbers are correct, although it’s full second year tuition reimbursement for returning interns, not $50k. So it’s valued at around ~$62k at most MBA programs.

  • MBA2017

    Question – Does Bain, BCG, or McK offer 2nd year tuition reimbursement for returning MBA interns?

  • mbb

    No they do not.

  • PwC

    PwC Internship 2016 -> $39 per hour.

  • MBBnoob

    Not in the US. Don’t think anywhere else either, but can’t say definitively.

  • MBBnoob

    Yup. Deloitte and Accenture have been the highest for a while due to the tuition benefit. If you’re looking for a 2-year gig with the highest comp, it’s tough to beat.


    Anything for MBB in UK?

  • Steven

    Anyone have information on offers from Capgemini Consulting first year out of MBA?

  • NMBB

    I have recently received an offer for an MBB. I am a lateral hire into a Consultant position without an MBA; have 6+ years of consulting experience with another firm in the list above. My salary is lower at the MBB (although the up-to total compensation is about equal). I have two questions:
    1. Is salary negotiable? I have a document that states my current salary, so I have proof I would be taking a pay cut.
    2. What is the salary progression at MBB within a role? Are there annual or semi annual salary increases, or is it a fixed base pay for the entire role?

  • JRat

    IBM Canada $6,7000 +. $60 k is way too low.

  • Will

    Anyone know numbers for MBB in Hong Kong?

  • Eva C

    Any of these firms interested in hiring a law school grad? I have had some interest from Accenture.

  • MBBnoob

    BCG and McKinsey regularly recruit at top JD, MD, and PhD programs. As with undergrad or MBA recruiting, these firms are much easier to access while you’re still on-campus, because the recruiting process is fairly standardized/regimented. Google “BCG ADP” or “McKinsey APD.”

  • MBBnoob

    Congrats! Are you saying your offer is lower than the post-MBA #s above? Or that the offer is lower than your current salary? If the first case, don’t forget these #s are forward looking. If a firm has recently raised salaries, new consultants won’t start with them until June/July. If you’re within a few thousand dollars, perhaps you were offered this year’s MBA salary. In the latter case, it can’t hurt to ask them to at least match your current package.

    Salary increases at MBB are pretty modest between promotions, maybe 2-4%, but quite substantial at promotion time, 20-30%. Bonus potential also goes up something like 5-10%/year, so a higher-performer in the pre-partner role might be eligible for 80-100% of base in bonus. Also, promotion windows are pretty rigidly defined (up or out), so you can’t “get stuck” at a level.

    Finally, it’s important to note that the “up to” bonus numbers are the high side, not necessarily an average. A reasonable expectation might be half of those numbers for solid (but not rockstar) performers.

  • ChicagoConsultant

    Hello – Very insightful data, but could you clarify how location plays a factor in this data? Are these blended figures across the firms’ U.S. locations (e.g. NYC, Chicago, LA, Dallas)? I expect these comp packages could vary significantly across cities. Thanks!

  • AJConsult

    So Deloitte just pays for your MBA? That’s unheard of. Or is 50000 after taxes. Can some clear this up for me?

  • AJConsult

    So basically they only pay for one year and not two?

  • consultant

    At the MBA level, salaries are consistent across cities. Works well, since the highest demand cities (e.g. SF and NYC) also have the highest COL, so it helps reduce demand a bit. Many people with families choose a low COL city to work out of, and live in mcmansions.

  • John

    Does anyone have data for the UK practices?

  • MBBnoob

    If you intern with them between first and second year, get an offer, and return full-time, they pay for your 2nd-year tuition. Historically, it was $50k gross, but it may have changed it to be actual tuition/$50 + gross-up, or something else. It’s definitely not unheard of if. They and Accenture have done it for years. ACN *does* gross it, so it’s closer to $80k.

  • MBBnoob

    Within the US, it doesn’t vary.

  • AJConsult

    Wow 80K after taxes is not bad at all.

  • Vic

    I have an interview for PwC Consulting soon. What do you believe the compensation for an MBA grad with no prior work experience and from non-target schools would be?

  • Vic

    I have an interview for PwC Consulting soon. What do you believe the compensation for a MBA grad with no prior work experience and from non-target schools be?

  • DMVbro

    Deloitte undergrad package is $72,500 base, $12,500 signing. No performance bonus until promoted to consultant in the 3rd year.

    Accenture undergrad is $75,000 base, $10,000 signing (no mention of performance bonus, got these numbers from recruiter)

  • Future consultant

    Gross implies before taxes. So like 45ish after

  • AJConsult

    Still not bad. Basically, you’re down about maybe 65K to pay. Depending on how you have save. 65K can be paid off in 5-6 years.

  • WL

    Thanks for compiling this entire list. Got a couple questions.
    1) Is there no data for Oliver Wyman or ZS Associates for full-time post-MBA?
    2) Was there a reason for excluding Booz Allen Hamilton altogether? I noticed that they started doing commercial business again.

  • MBBnoob

    Probably just lack of data. They can’t report what they don’t know. Last I checked, OW doesn’t even actively recruit MBAs.

  • MBBnoob

    Lots of baked in assumptions here. Could cost more, could cost less. Could be faster, could be slower. I’ll pay down $200k in 5-6 years… or could anyways. Depends what interests rates do. If they stay low, I’m happy to let the loan ride for a while.

  • CM

    Andy idea as to why there are ranges for some Post MBA (PwC/Accenture) ? In the past I thought it had always been the same regardless of school/location. Does anyone know if the new variation based on location or school?

  • GMAN

    PwC is falling behind…

  • CalBerkeley

    Accenture numbers are a little off, just signed with SF office:

    Base Salary: 85,000
    Signing Bonus: 10,000
    Relocation: 2,000
    Performance (up to 10%): 8,500

    Total: 105,500
    Retirement: Match 6% for 401k
    Stock: 15% discount off ACN stock

  • consultant100

    Has anyone recently singed with Accenture? (besides CalBerkeley) I signed in October and Base is 75k. Did they raise it to 80k for the new year?

  • AJConsult

    If you can pay off 200K in 5-6 years. That’s awesome. 65K which is roughly 1/3 of 200K could be paid off in 1-2 years. But that’s only if we are good with our money. Cheers !

  • MBA2017

    Some school are considered “competitive” & others “not competitive.” Offeries from not competitive schools going to some officesort got leaa.

  • MBB2B

    FYI, it’s BCG ADC

  • J MC

    Accenture Management Consulting in Argentina pays 16K a year gross (Here after taxes would be 14K). I want to shoot myself.

  • AJConsult

    Wait what? 14K, as in 14,000? Dang!

  • AJConsult

    Does anyone have any intel on Deloitte?

    1st year: 75000
    2nd year: ?
    3rd year: ?

  • Reaver

    As far as I know there is no such thing anymore as ‘Accenture Management Consulting’ there is ‘Strategy’ (containing bunch of stuff) and ‘Digital’ (IT stuff).

  • generalist

    Can someone provide inputs on which all consulting companies will provide a pro-rata bonus in December 2016? Also, please confirm that all these firms follow calendar year for giving out year-end performance bonuses.

  • MBBnoob

    BCG: Pro rata bonus paid in December – starts accruing after 4 months of employment e.g. August 1 start date gets 1/12 of full bonus. Bonuses are paid in Dec. on calendar-year comp.

  • Pauline Rockwood

    Do you require an MBA to work in consulting? I have an MPA and my experience has been primarily in the nonprofit sector, although I have worked with government also.

  • Darth Vader

    Accenture: £31.5k base + £10k joining bonus
    Strategy&: £42k
    PwC: £31.2k

  • Darth Vader

    Does anyone have any theories as to why the pay discrepancy between this one and those in London are soooohuge?

    For example, in London,
    Accenture: £31.5k base + £10k joining bonus (appx. $52.8k)
    Strategy&: £42k (appx. $60.8k)
    PwC: £31.2k (appx. $45.1k)

  • ACN

    In the last year or two, Accenture MC split off into “Accenture Strategy” and “Accenture Consulting”. “Accenture Digital” (fairly new as well) is focused around interactive, analytics, and mobility stuff and was created when Fjord was acquired. The hard IT stuff rests in “Accenture Technology”.

  • ACN

    Also, Strategy and MC analysts are coming in at the same salary.

  • ACN2015

    Seconded. First year analyst in ACN strat here.

  • ACN2015

    Yeah, not sure where they got that number. SF office does have a history of getting paid more (starting salary for Oct 2014 signees was 72k vs. 75k in SF… when they bumped non-SF offerees up to 75k in Dec I can imagine they bumped SF offerees as well)

  • ACN2015

    Yeah, not sure where they got that number. SF office does have a history of getting paid more (starting salary for Oct 2014 signees was 72k vs. 75k in SF… when they bumped non-SF offerees up to 75k in Dec I can imagine they bumped SF offerees as well).

  • Anon

    Intern pay is a bit low – closer to 15k for the summer for MBB

  • Aaa

    Does anyone know pay for MBB in Singapore?

  • ACNS

    Management Consulting still exists and is separate from Strategy Consulting. There was more overlap when Strategy officially broke off but they’re trying not to mix the two.

  • nnn

    Per Deloitte, I see these are for the Strategy and Operations division. Can anyone relate to starting salary for MBA grad in the Technology Consulting practice? Thanks.

  • John

    Signed in SF in October or November (can’t remember), but yes I received the same offer as Cal Berkeley

  • Anon

    Does anyone know how much salary for Financial Services Solutions Associate 1st year with KPMG coming out of top 10 public university would be in Atlanta?

  • VD

    what is the scenario of recruitment in Ireland? Approx packages for a MSc, in Management consultancy firms?

  • Mcanalyst

    Why are European salaries so low compared to US?

  • fnkychld

    Greedy American culture.

  • fnkychld

    $130-$140k all in with $110-120k base depending on experience at Senior Consultant level. Managers make close to $160k all in, Senior Managers $200k+. This is SAP, Workday etc.

  • MM

    Was this accenture strategy or accenture management consulting?

  • ACN16

    Noticed there were not any numbers for Accenture Internships. I have an internship here for summer 2016 at $31/hour plus $2000 signing bonus / housing.

  • CIB

    Anyone have MBA figures for Oliver Wyman?

  • MBBnoob

    OW stopped actively recruiting MBAs on-campus several years ago. AFAIK, they still sponsor though.

  • MBB Summer

    Just received an MBB Summer intern offer in HK. Does anyone have info on MBB fresh grad salaries in HK ?

  • MBB Summer

    wanna know too

  • MBBnoob

    In the US, weekly intern salary = weekly full-time base salary (though intern salary may be based on previous year full-time offer). So $27,000 for 10 week internship = $140,000 full-time (27 /10 * 52). No idea if it works similarly other places though.

  • Dr. Love

    I know McK does in the UK


    hey guys! i was just wondering if i can get a job in montreal or toronto with a major in finance and a minor in financial reporting? – what type of grades would i need and which place would be the best fit for my major and minor? thanks !

  • Natalie Pinnoi

    Do you have salary comparisons for the federal consulting arm of these firms as well?

  • guest10312

    Are the salaries in Canada listed in USD or CAD?

  • y_consulting

    Are you a strategy or consulting intern? What city are you in?

  • SeniorHealthcareConsultant

    Does anyone have stats on any of the Healthcare specific firms i.e. ECG Management Consultants, Huron, Advisory Board etc?

  • FormerGIJOE

    Curious for anyone’s input on the following scenario. If you were hired as an associate and do well your first year and complete your MBA, what type of pay bump can you expect? Will it be closer to the ranges aforementioned?

  • MBBnoob

    Confusingly, “associate” indicates the post-undergrad/pre-MBA role at some firms (e.g. BCG and Bain) but the post-MBA role at others (e.g. McKinsey). Obviously, you’re asking about the pre-MBA role. In that case, yes, you would generally return to your firm making the comp shown above. BUT… you typically need to work 2+ years to be eligible for MBA sponsorship in the first place.

  • MBBnoob

    Comp will generally be similar among any firms who are competing for the same talent (i.e. same schools, seeking practice-focus, no MBB offer). For Huron, at least, comp is similar to say, PwC. I’m not familiar with the other 2 you mentioned.

  • Consultant200

    FTI is 67k base + 7k signing for 2016

  • patpat

    Does anyone know about salary for experienced hire at Deloitte Canada? I’m transferring from another member firm to Monitor Deloitte Canada as a Senior Consultant, but I worked my way up from the Business Analyst position, and don’t have MBA yet. What range can I expect? Thank you!

  • ACN Intern

    I’m currently a summer intern in Accenture Digital and got the same compensation in Chicago. To my knowledge, all summer interns got the $31/hr and $2000 bonus.

  • ACN Intern

    Did you have to negotiate up for these numbers at all or were they put on the table for you as is?

  • Benwallace

    Does anybody know about the compensation at Samsung Global Strategy Group? It seems to be an internal consulting group maybe similar to the IBM consulting department?
    The location is in Seoul and I heard the compensation packagebis really good, but I couldn’t find any data on the web:-/

  • MBBnoob

    Don’t know for sure, but they actively compete for the same top-MBA talent as MBB and big tech. My assumption is that the comp package falls in line with corporate functional roles recruiting the same talent. So ~110-125 base + something to cover the ex-pat situation.

  • Benwallace

    One can find out about the expat benefits on their homepage. It is something like: housing (2-3 bedroom up to 2800 bucks per month, 15.000 bucks per year if you need international school, flight ticket to go back home once a year).
    However there is know information about base, bonus and sign on. In Glassdor is only one salary range data point (153-167k).
    In the wallstreet forum someone wrote the offer is much higher than McKinsey, but still no hard facts or detailed salary informations

  • EACreator1

    Hi All, I am a pharmacist by profession,graduated with an MBA and have Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. I am trying to switch career and break into consulting. Does anyone have similar background or any advise for me on next steps to be taken?

  • jalanwilliams26

    is an MBA 100% necessary to get hired full time as a consultant??

  • MBBnoob


  • Mei

    Graduated with mba a few years ago and looking to change consulting firms. My salary is lower than current starting for this year. Do the consulting firms match to bring ppl up to same rate?

  • abc12

    EY Undergrad numbers are off:

    Base: $75k
    Signing: $7.5k
    Relocation: None
    PBB: None till senior

  • fjooma12

    What office and practice line?

  • ak765

    Mine is for the ATL office and its 65K + 3K signing

  • ashton

    EY £40k

  • Padre Nas

    Hello patpat
    I am interested to get such info if you get it before i do

  • Remmy


  • JP

    Is it true that McK does not pay a pro-rated bonus at the end of your first 1.5 years after graduation?

  • MBBnoob

    Pretty sure all MBB pay a ‘stub bonus’ in the year that you start, based on how many months you worked during that year.

  • John Lee

    I am wondering the same thing.

  • Guest10324

    Any information on consulting salaries in Dubai?

  • jjmaster

    I signed with EY in National Advisory and got the same offer in LA office