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BCG Platinion, a part of MBB powerhouse BCG, is a fast-growing 700-person global management consulting firm. It specializes in supporting organizations through projects focused on digital tools and technology. BCG Platinion offers a unique career path for digital creatives and consultants that are invested in the future of information and data. Get ready to learn more about potential BCG Platinion careers and the future career path to which working at the firm can lead. If you are interested in applying to BCG Platinion, we’ll walk you through the process of preparing for your BCG Platinion interview and share salary expectations as well. Let’s go!

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What Is BCG Platinion?

Launched in Germany in 2000, BCG Platinion is a large global consulting firm which specializes in the future-focused industries of science, technology, engineering, information storage, security, and data analysis. As part of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), BCG Platinion offers multiple jobs and career paths for digital strategists and technology experts interested in working with global clients.

The firm holds the perspective that successful organizations in the 21st century need to be bionic. What does this mean? That organizations will need to successfully integrate the capabilities of humans and technology. BCG Platinion aims to support its clients in this aim by creating, engineering, and implementing platforms, digital products, and IT architectures. Its goal is to make clients more automated, efficient, and agile. Note: this often means BCG Platinion projects are focused on the cost side of the revenue equation!

The firm helps BCG clients develop customized digital solutions. Individuals with technology industry experience or a background in computer and data science, information technology, business, or engineering are a good fit for BCG Platinion.

BCG Platinion Jobs

There are a variety of entry-level BCG Platinion positions to consider as you look to join the firm. These jobs correspond to a specific BCG Platinion career path, and these pathways have specializations and unique designations within the firm.

The four career paths at BCG Platinion are:

  • Information Technology (IT) Architecture
  • IT Consulting
  • Design & Engineering
  • Corporate Functions

Some of the jobs included under these pathways include IT Architects and Software Engineers, and you can learn more about these specific roles on the BCG Platinion YouTube channel. There are also open roles for “product leads” and “experience designers.”

One of the most popular BCG Platinion careers is working as a consultant in any one of the four career paths. Because BCG is always looking for consultants, it is likely that potential applicants begin their career at BCG Platinion in this role. Acclaimed as one of the more rewarding BCG Platinion jobs by many, consultants work with clients and stakeholders to solve problems and accomplish both short- and long-term business objectives and goals.

The role of consultant is less specialized and less technical than other roles within BCG Platinion. BCG Platinion consultants learn a lot about the relationship between technology and strategy. They also learn how to manage projects and work with a team to deliver products such as mobile applications, computer software, and digital platforms.

BCG Platinion Salary

As you set out to begin your journey at BCG Platinion, you’ll want to research the average BCG Platinion salary. This will align expectations and give you valuable info for negotiating the best possible package. According to Glassdoor, the average BCG Platinion salary ranges from “ approximately $152,986 per year for a Senior Consultant to $175,000 per year for a Manager”. Working at the firm not only offers opportunities for growth when starting as a consultant, but also a competitive salary right out of the gate. Keep in mind that consulting salaries at BCG Platinion will be lower than salaries for consultants at BCG.

BCG Platinion Case Interview

Like other global consulting firms, the BCG Platinion interview includes a BCG Platinion case interview. As part of the interview process, applicants that are interested in becoming consultants at BCG are given case studies to review based on the typical projects that consultants take on. BCG offers multiple examples of a typical BCG Platinion case study on their website so that potential applicants can practice deconstructing examples of challenges that are relevant to their areas of interest at the firm.

Reviewing these case studies can help aspiring consultants get comfortable thinking through these types of problems during the interview process. This is imperative because applicants will be expected to answer questions and make recommendations based on similar case studies during the interview.

Case interviews include both structured and unstructured questions. These are primarily used to evaluate a candidate’s problem solving and critical thinking skills. But they are also used to assess an applicant’s personality and communication skills as they offer ideas and recommendations throughout the case. Keep in mind that a BCG Platinion case interview will be more “technical” than the average case interview at BCG.

The best way to prepare for this kind of interview? Out-loud with an expert.

After passing the BCG Platinion case interview, applicants will move on to the next stages of the hiring process. The later stages tend to focus on how well of a “fit” the candidate is with the firm and personnel.


As one of the fastest-growing practices within the broader BCG portfolio, BCG Platinion offers its employees the opportunity to consult on projects in which highly customized and cutting-edge digital solutions are designed to solve clients’ unique problems.

Offering multiple career paths, the BCG Platinion jobs board is full of positions that will suit a variety of interests and talents. Some roles at the firm are highly technical, while others reflect a more traditional consulting skill set.

The interview process consists of a case interview, your performance on which can be improved by reviewing case studies (and practicing out-loud!). Once you make it through the BCG Platinion case interview, you are one step closer to embarking on your BCG Platinion career!


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