BCG Digital Ventures: What Is It?

Today’s business environment requires companies to be quick on their feet, able to adapt to an ever-fluctuating market. BCG Digital Ventures was born to address this need. The practice area exists to help large corporations – slow and clunky – think like small-scale startups – nimble and fast. The firm’s hypothesis is that corporations are drivers of innovation, both now and in the future. They just need a little bit of help in tapping into their innovative sides. So, put on your scuba gear and take a deep breath, because we’re about to dive into the world of BCG Digital Ventures.

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What is BCG Digital Ventures?

What does BCG Digital Ventures do? Founded in 2014, their mission is to invent, launch, scale and invest in game-changing businesses with the world’s most influential corporations. This business “incubation firm” assists corporations in innovating and competing with startups. The idea is to help large corporations to think more like venture capitalists.

Startups are drivers of disruption and large, old-world era corporations must always be on the lookout for disruption. BCG Digital Ventures was born out of the belief that the firm can help these corporations “see around the corner” to what is coming next.

Large corporations have the money to invest in new ideas, but often struggle with taking concepts to market quickly. BCG Digital Ventures solves this issue by establishing joint ventures. Since its inception, they have launched over 100 new companies!

You may ask, is BCG Digital Ventures part of BCG? Sort of. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group. You can think of it as an incubation firm. Those that work for BCG-DV are not consultants, they are “entrepreneurs for hire” that build businesses. They co-invest with its corporate partners, allowing risk to be shared as innovative ideas are brought to market.

BCG Digital Ventures Locations

BCG Digital Ventures has multiple offices around the globe, including some of our favorite destinations:

  • BCG Digital Ventures Manhattan Beach is located in the heart of what is known as Silicon Beach, BCG-DV has placed its global headquarters in this growing tech community. This beautiful office is only minutes from the ocean and a short drive from bustling Los Angeles.
  • BCG Digital Ventures Berlin is the company’s European hub and serves partners in Europe and the Middle East. Berlin is known as one of the creative hot spots of Europe, and a desirable place to live and work for anyone.
  • BCG Digital Ventures Australia is located in breathtaking Sydney. If you work here, you can count yourself as one of the lucky ones. There is nothing quite like “Aussie” culture!
  • BCG Digital Ventures New York is located on the west side of Manhattan in a brand new 17-million square foot development. This New York location with crazy city views attracts top tech talent and is in the heart of the mecca of finance, art, and culture that is the Big Apple.

BCG Digital Ventures Competitors

One of BCG Digital Ventures’ top competitors is Dream Incubator, which follows a very similar business model.

Headquartered in Japan, employees of this organization cite an “individualistic culture,” differing from the incredible teamwork that employees praise at BCG Digital Ventures. Sixty-five percent of its employees would recommend working here. In comparison, Dream Incubator received a 3.4-star review from its employees on Glassdoor.

It seems like the acclaimed BCG culture has seeped into life at BCG-DV as well!

BCG Digital Ventures Careers

According to Glassdoor reviews, jobs at BCG Digital Ventures are fairly desirable. The organization received 3.8 stars out of 5. Employees commented that it offers a “unique opportunity unlike any other” and is “built like a startup.”

Employees also note that you have to be comfortable with change, a fast-moving environment, long hours, and hard work. They love the culture of collaboration and appreciate the opportunity to work with intelligent coworkers. Regarding pay, Glassdoor comments state that the pay is not as good as working with a consulting firm. However, if entrepreneurship is of interest to you, it could be an amazing place to get your feet wet!

Opportunities are plentiful at BCG Digital Ventures. Since they are looking to build new businesses, they need designers, engineers, growth marketers and product managers. They also hire for a role known as a “venture architect.” This job involves outlining how an idea will become a business. A venture architect will do everything from defining organizational design to building financial models. They are also responsible for creating go-to-market strategy. All of the BCG digital ventures careers sound pretty interesting from where we sit!

Interested In A Career?

If your idea of a dream job is turning ideas into action, BCG Digital Ventures is a great organization to consider lending your talent to. It is also a safe place to determine if you want to be an entrepreneur yourself.

BCG and BCG-DV look for different types of people to fill very different roles, but both organizations offer invaluable experience. They will develop your skills, and give you incredible exit opportunities.

If you are interested in making a career move to either BCG or BCG Digital Ventures, we can help. At Management Consulted we offer both resume editing services and interview coaching. Check out what we can do for you today!

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