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You might be thinking, “What the heck is a Wavespace?” Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! EY Wavespace is Ernst & Young’s fancy name for their new growth and innovation center emerging in tech hubs around the world. Launched in 2017, EY Wavespace is designed to offer clients new ways to work and innovate while taking advantage of new technologies.

The idea behind Wavespace is to help clients quickly address business challenges and find solutions. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the development of new products and services. EY wants to create an environment that promotes “the sky’s the limit” thinking, with a laser focus on the use of new technology. EY Wavespace goes beyond traditional consultant-client relationships to help clients achieve success in a world of technological advancement and disruption.

As a global leader in advisory, tax, assurance, and transaction services, EY
recognized that growth and innovation is challenging in today’s volatile and quickly changing marketplace. It created EY Wavespace in response to this need.

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What Is EY Wavespace?

EY Wavespace is a separately branded entity from EY. They are focused on immersing clients into a digital experience that takes place either virtually or in-person. With Wavespace, EY’s global talent and technology experts combine to provide a digital community that creates opportunities for businesses to develop new solutions faster and better than ever before. It’s designed to break through business silos and existing ways of doing things to help clients achieve radical breakthroughs.

Businesses today have to be ready to move quickly in a volatile marketplace that requires mobility and integration of advancing technology. EY Wavespace is designed to help organizations address the need to pivot rapidly and succeed in the midst of industry disruption.

Finally, it also acts as a business incubator for new organizations who want to take advantage of EY’s digital prowess as they create innovative solutions for the market. Whew – hang in there, this is a lot to take in!

Where Is EY Wavespace?

The EY global organization has a network of 20 EY Wavespace locations in some of the biggest innovation and tech cities around the world. There are also 15 satellite locations centering on a specific emerging technology or competency. We have highlighted some notable EY Wavespace locations.

Wavespace Locations

Wavespace Seattle

Located at 920 5th Avenue in Seattle, EY Wavespace is in the heart of this beautiful tech-focused city. EY has seen exponential growth at its Seattle office, with an 82% growth in employment. At least 70% of its Seattle EY Wavespace workforce is composed of Millennials (whether or not they make a visit to Starbucks on their commute is unknown).

Wavespace Berlin

The Berlin digital workshop space is situated on Friedrichstraße. EY Wavespace Berlin showcases a highly modular and flexible workspace for team members and clients. This gorgeously designed office allows you to work in the heart of Europe and travel throughout the continent on weekends. Not a bad opportunity, especially if you are flexible and keen on working abroad.

Wavespace Singapore

Located at 77 Robinson Rd. in Singapore, Wavespace Singapore is located in the downtown core of Singapore. It is focused on helping organizations capitalize on the power of new technologies, particularly, intelligent automation. Singapore is one of the most affluent countries in the world and working and living here is quite an experience!

Wavespace NYC

Wavespace NYC is located at 218 W 18th St. Nestled between Chelsea and Greenwich Village in Union Square, this location has all that Manhattan has to offer. This flagship location for EY Wavespace focuses on helping financial organizations integrate business and technology seamlessly. Living in NYC is obviously cost-prohibitive, but the opportunities are endless. The culture, food and entertainment options in the Big Apple can’t be beat, assuming you love NYC (and who doesn’t?).

Wavespace Atlanta

Located in the EY offices at 55 Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard, the EY Wavespace in Atlanta is over 3,500 square feet. It was designed to spark ideas and foster collaboration in a flexible and open space. Atlanta offers a big city/urban feel without the hefty cost of living. Housing is affordable here and you can always commute to the city while enjoying a slower lifestyle in the suburbs.

EY Wavespace Jobs

Given its focus on technology, working at an EY Wavespace assumes a passion for technology. If the digital world is not really your cup of tea, working at Wavespace will not be your thing.

However, if you love all things AI and automation, there are many job opportunities in the EY Wavespace network to consider. EY Wavespace jobs are available around the world and across the United States from Seattle to Chicago to New York.

A quick flip through Glassdoor reveals a myriad of job opportunities and open positions at EY Wavespace. You never know – this just might be your dream job!

Wave of the Future?

If you are interested in working in a fast-paced environment that focuses on helping clients address complex business issues through the usage of the latest technology, EY Wavespace could be an exciting opportunity you haven’t considered.

If you are interested in a career at a Big 4 firm such as EY, you’ll need to make sure your resume helps you stand out, and that you know how to crush a case interview. Work with us and let’s land you that dream job you’ve been waiting for!

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