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The Accenture Digital Assessment is a comprehensive online evaluation designed to assess a candidate’s abilities in areas such as data analysis, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Effective preparation is the key to show your ability to think like a consultant and ace the Accenture Digital Assessment.

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What Is the Accenture Digital Assessment?

The Accenture Digital Assessment is an online assessment split into two sections: the Situational Judgment section and the Numerical Reasoning section. The combined tests typically take 60-90 minutes to complete, and while Accenture currently says that time is not considered in the result, we know that past years have included a time constraint, so we still recommend planning to spend roughly 60-90 minutes on the two sections.

The Situational Judgement Test, the first section, simulates real-world client problems and gives you the chance to show how you think in a client environment. This section of the test may include source material like emails, texts, phone call transcripts, or simple prompts like you might see on standardized tests, like the SAT or GMAT.

Most of the questions asked in the Situational Judgement Test will have five multiple choice answers, and candidates will be instructed to select either the single best response, or to rank the responses from best to work.

The Numerical Reasoning Test, the second section, is an evaluation of the candidate’s quantitative and critical thinking skills with questions ranging from basic math problems to abstract thinking questions using diagrams and shapes. None of the problems exceed high school level math, but much like standardized tests, the questions are an exercise in reading carefully and answering the question in the way that it was asked.

Accenture Digital Assessment Process

You will be invited to take the Accenture Digital Assessment after passing the initial online application screening, usually within 3-5 weeks after you submit your application. The assessment precedes the Digital Interview and Virtual Assessment Centre, or in-person interviews if Accenture conducts on-campus interviews at your school.

During the Digital Interview, candidates will complete a video recording of themselves as they answer a series of interview style questions, including behavioral questions and simple logical questions about how you would act in certain situations, but there are no full case interviews at this stage.

After passing the Digital Interview round, you will be invited to the final in-person or virtual round, often called the Virtual Assessment Centre. This stage varies depending on the role that you apply for and whether you apply as an undergraduate student, MBA/graduate student, or experienced hire. You can expect to have a combination of assessment and non-assessment sessions, including behavioral interviews, case interviews, problem solving games, coffee-chats with current consultants, and more.

Accenture Digital Assessment Answers & Tips

Here is an example of the type of question you might see and an example of Accenture Digital Assessment answers.

“The digital advertising manager of your company asks you to build a new social media campaign, but you are instructed to use an outdated social media platform that you do not believe will drive additional traffic. What do you do?”

Please rank the answers from best to worst:

  • Execute the job quickly so that I can focus my energy elsewhere
  • Build the social media campaign, but ensure that the manager knows I was against the choice in platform
  • Evaluate the manager’s preferred platform and my preferred platforms, then propose a dual platform approach
  • Tell the Chief Marketing Officer about my concern
  • Get advice from my peers on how to handle the situation

In this situation, there are no clear wrong answers as all of these could be reasonable actions. However, we recommend using the consulting approach of always providing structured solutions based on sound logic, and to consider the following Accenture Core Values in your response:

A. Client Value Creation
B. One Global Network
C. Respect for the Individual
D. Best People
E. Integrity
F. Stewardship

Considering this, we’d recommend the following for a rank-order response:

The best answer is C. This answer fulfills your responsibility, shows that you are focused on client value, and displays a high degree of autonomy.

Poor answers are A, B, and E. These answers are all passive and focused on your concerns instead of the concern for the business.

The worst answer is D. This answer removes any engagement with your key stakeholder, is not value focused, and doesn’t propose a strong course of action.

To prepare for the Numerical Reasoning section, we recommend brushing up on your business math, reviewing basic arithmetic rules like order of operations and long division, and continuing to practice case interviews as that is the best way to get into the problem-solving mindset that is needed for both the Numerical Reasoning section and the Situational Judgment section.

If you’ve taken a standardized test, many of the same skills used in the math section of those tests will apply, such as: eliminate incorrect answers first, guess if you aren’t able to get to a single correct answer, and your first choice is usually better than overthinking your answer.

Answers to Common Questions

How long will it take for me to hear back from Accenture after the Digital Assessment?

Candidates report hearing back within two days to two weeks, depending on whether you are applying during the recruiting season or not.

What is Accenture Job Simulation?

This refers to the assessment when a personality test for the candidate is added. The personality test is being phased out in many North American offices, but some candidates both domestically and internationally still report taking the personality test.

Is this the same as the Aptitude Test?

Yes, the Aptitude Test refers generally to the entire set of candidate assessments before the Digital Interview stage.


Careful planning and effective preparation will help you excel on the Accenture Digital Assessment. The assessment is intended to evaluate how you will act in a client situation, so remember to focus on your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Remember that this is just one step in the interview process, and we have plenty of resources and coaches at Management Consulted to help you crush the assessment and other stages of the Accenture interview journey.


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