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The 2019 Consulting Salary Report is almost out! The Management Consulted report on management consulting salaries is one of the most highly anticipated and widely read articles of the entire year. Our report is the most thorough analysis of management consulting salaries anywhere online, and we provide this free to our readers! Give the video a view and learn what to expect from this year’s report!


2019 Consulting Salaries Report Teaser Video Transcription:


Hi everyone, this is Namaan and Jenny Rae from Management Consulted,

here to bring you the new and updated salaries report of 2019. What are we

seeing this year in the consulting salaries?

Jenny Rae:

So, really exciting changes for 2019, the largest jump that we have ever seen

in a single year for MBB salaries. And interestingly driven from internally, in

consulting, not externally- which is a big change.


Really exciting changes for 2019 consulting salaries, the largest jump that we have ever seen in a single year for MBB salaries!


Also, from what we’ve seen, largest change not just for the MBA level but also

for undergrad. The change occurred in between the summer hiring season

when offer letters went out and when the fall hiring letters went out. So we’re

going to see that continue throughout spring hiring for MBA’s, and it’s a really

exciting change for anybody who is lucky enough to get an MBB offer this year.


So can you share some specific numbers with me?

Jenny Rae:

All I can say is that they are some big numbers, coming out of the space! People

making it rain! It’s awesome!


Well, talk about the difference between U.S. salaries and international salaries in


Jenny Rae:

We saw a major change in U.S. salaries across multiple firms, not just MBB firms.

But very little change with many of our international firms and a lot of that has been

driven by external pressures and macro market pressures which we go into in the report.


Overall for 2019, we have the most exciting salaries report that we’ve ever had! The most

firms, the most details and nuances across different industries and most importantly, the

most money for y’all that are getting offers out there.


So check it out! Really exciting stuff coming your way, and make sure that you give us

feedback if there’s anything that we missed, we’d love to hear about it. We’re always

looking for actual offer letters and we guarantee the anonymity of anybody who

participates in our survey research. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for

salaries for Management Consulted. For making this the best report in 2019.


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