2019 Consulting Salary Information Promo

Our full 2019 Consulting Salary Report will be out in just a couple of weeks! See here what will be included in in the full report, and what to expect.


Transcription of 2019 Consulting Salary Information Promo:

Hi, I’m Jenny Rae, Managing Director
of Management Consulted. Really excited

to bring you one of our favorite pieces
of information every year, this is the

result of months of research. We do
primary research on salaries for over 20

firms in the consulting space, not just
McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, not just Deloitte

Consulting and PwC, and other big 4
consulting firms. We go into great detail

on the big firms and also a number of
boutique’s. Not only that but we don’t just

cover base salary, we cover signing
bonuses, relocation, 401k match, employer

contributions for education, and we do
multiple levels. We do it at the

undergrad level, at the MBA level, which
includes other advanced degree

candidates, and we also do it at advanced
levels. In addition, we don’t just cover

the U.S., we cover international
locations and even inside the US there

are some firms that pay differently by
city or by office and we will cover that

as well. So there is a tremendous amount
of information. The best news about it

all is that it’s totally free! So make
sure that if you want to know anything

about salaries, how they’ve changed from
2018 or how different firms are

compensating people differently, make
sure to check out our 2019 salaries. If

you’ve got any additional information
that is not included in there for firms

that are outside the ones that we
included, please share it at www.managementconsulted.com,
or come visit us on social.

We always love to engage with you and

our three and a half million readers are
the source for all the great information

that we get ,so the more you can share,
the better we make it every year. Thanks

so much for watching.


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