Case Interview Bootcamp
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  • 12+ hours of video -  Dynamic teaching and example videos
  • 8 case walkthrough videos - See us solve a case on camera!
  • 4 case structure example videos - See an MBB consultant structure a case on camera, and watch how they verbally communicate it
  • Homework - This is the most important part of the course - when you take what we teach you and put it into practice on your own, step-by-step
  • Expert videos - Watch former MBB consultants tackle cases and learn from them
  • Includes access to the MC Case Bank
Black Belt Interviewer
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    • The Consulting Case Interview Bootcamp
    • The Consulting Fit Interview Bootcamp
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  • The Consulting Case Bank (500 cases)
  • 7 online video courses
  • 5 e-books
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  • Free Session Recordings
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There’s only one proven way to land consulting offers: practice, practice, practice. This goes for not only the case interview, but the fit interview as well. However, here we’re going to be focusing on sample cases for you to sharpen and hone your skills. But where do you find real-world, up-to-date cases to practice on? 10-year old case books? We don’t think so.

Here at Management Consulted, we’ve compiled some free practice cases for you to work through; we even worked through one ourselves, and recorded it for your viewing pleasure. Nothing quite beats seeing 2 former MBB consultants walk through a tough case firsthand. So sit back, relax (but not too much!), and get out a pen and paper. Pay special attention to how Lisa structures her answers, verbally walks through her process and math, and then drives to a final recommendation. Remember, a case interview isn’t about getting the answer right as much as it is about showing the interviewer that you can think like a consultant.

Looking for more practice? We’ve got tons and tons of free material for you on how to ace your case interview, as well as the questions below.

Market Sizing cases:

This is the most basic type of case you’ll see in a case interview. We’ve never met an MBB or Big 4 consultant who couldn’t do a Market Sizing case in their sleep. Market Sizing questions test your ability to ask relevant questions, make reasonable assumptions, have a coherent thought process you can communicate verbally, and come to an actual answer at the end of it all. Want more practice after seeing Lisa size the Iced Coffee market?

How big is the car market in Mexico?

Profitability cases:

Profitability is the name of the game when it comes to consulting projects. Bottom line: you’ve been hired to increase your client’s, well, bottom line. The purpose of a profitability case? So the firm can see if you know how to get to the root of an issue, isolate the problem area, and provide clarity and prioritization for decision-making.

“The City of New York is considering shifting their parking meters from coin-operated to digital. Is this a good idea and why or why not?” Click here to see how to solve this problem.

Market Study cases:

Market Study questions will be presented to you in 3 different forms:

  1. Market Entry
  2. Revenue Growth
  3. Market Share

These questions are a little more advanced, as they first require you to figure out which kind of problem you’re solving. Firms use Market Study cases to test how well you can analyze case problems when set in a context of the larger market. After all, no client you’ll ever work for will be in a vacuum, where you can only focus on their internal issues and ignore the rest. Revenue growth cases are extensions of profitability cases, but instead of focusing on price and volume to grow revenues, you’re looking at market forces instead. Click here for a more in-depth breakdown of Market Study cases.

M&A cases:

M&A cases are the toughest of them all. Why? They include market sizing, market study, and profitability cases, with lots of case math thrown in for good measure. Be encouraged! If you see an M&A case in your interview, it’s most probably the last case you’ll see.


Looking for more practice? Practice the following Market Sizing questions on your own and feel free to email us your approaches!

  • How many hamburgers are consumed in the U.S. in one year?
  • What is the size of the U.K. market ($) for helium balloons?
  • How many cars are there in California?
  • How many bags are lost in U.S. airports each year?