LEK Consulting Opens Sustainability Center in London

In July 2021, L.E.K. Consulting launched the “Sustainability Centre of Excellence” in London. Why did LEK start the Sustainability Center and what does it mean for the company? We break it down below.

LEK Sustainability Center

LEK Consulting Investing in Sustainability with New Center in London

LEK was established as an offshoot of Bain and Company in 1983 in London and has since grown into a global powerhouse. The firm has more than 1,000 employees across 14 countries and 21 offices.

LEK London’s sustainability center is designed to be a support hub for the firm’s clients regarding climate change and broader sustainability concerns. It builds on the firm’s expertise in the Industrials, Life Sciences, Transportation, and Consumer sectors. The center will generate proprietary research on key sustainability themes and trends.

The sustainability center bolsters LEK’s ESG capabilities, which are:

  • Developing net zero strategies
  • Commercial assessment of new technologies
  • Growth strategy and corporate strategy development for new products and services to address climate change
  • Commercial due diligence on ESG issues for transactions

LEK Hiring Now Across the Globe

LEK and consultancies in general are heavily investing in ESG/sustainability capabilities now, and we expect this to continue over the next 5-10 years (at minimum) – that means demand for talent in this space will be hot. Now is a great time for aspiring consultants to consider a focus on ESG. Hiring at LEK is strong across the board. If you’re looking at jobs in London, LEK Consulting has openings available. Current job openings for LEK are listed on the firm’s Careers page.


On a global level, the sustainability landscape is rapidly evolving. In 2021 alone, investing in sustainability has exploded. The consulting world is primed and ready to help organizations meet and exceed sustainability goals. If you are interested in ESG/sustainability, now might be the perfect time to consider an LEK sustainability center consulting job. Make sure your application docs are consulting-ready and you’re prepped for consulting interviews.


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