ERM Consulting – a Pure-Play Sustainability Consultancy – Acquired

ERM Consulting is a pure-play sustainability consulting firm that has driven exponential organic and inorganic growth over the last decade. The firm recently sold a stake to renowned Private Equity group KKR. Sustainability consulting is and will continue to be a hot practice area for years to come, and KKR’s decision to invest ~$2.7B to take a majority stake in ERM Consulting serves as more evidence of that trend. Let’s explore the deal.

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KKR to Acquire Majority Stake in ERM Consulting for ~$3B

KKR made a sizable investment, valued at around $2.7B, in ERM Consulting to become majority stakeholder. This isn’t the only investment the PE group has recently made – KKR has been on an acquisition spree since the start of the pandemic – to the tune of almost $60B!

An investment (or acquisition) of this size is a clear signal that PE considers professional services related to environmental sustainability a financial winner as well as a social one.

ERM Consulting Looking to Fill Numerous Roles for Work in ESG, Sustainability, and More

General acceptance of corporate responsibility for sustainability issues continues to grow. Firms are looking for ideas, strategies, and external experts to help them build more sustainable business models. As a result, environmental resource management jobs are and will continue to be in high demand. ERM reports numerous positions open for consultants looking to specialize in helping companies meet environmental, social, and corporate governance objectives. If ESG and sustainability is a passion area, ERM could be the ideal firm for you.


If it didn’t already seem clear that sustainability consulting is here to stay, KKR’s decision to take a majority stake in ERM should be an eye-opener. If the idea of a career path that integrates traditional management consulting skills with a focus on sustainability and the environment interests you, consider working at ERM consulting, as it has numerous environmental resource management jobs available. Consider working with us on custom resume edits before applying, as ESG-focused consulting firms look for particular skills that need to be appropriately emphasized on your resume.


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