Launch of The Consulting Bible – your secret weapon in today’s economy

Do you stumble when asked why you want to do consulting?

Are you terrified of solving Disney’s growth strategy for Brazil?

Unsure how to begin estimating the number of rhesus monkeys in India?

You’ve come to the right place.

Through Management Consulted, I’ve written article upon article about the consulting industry. From salaries to travel, from boutiques to MBB, I’ve helped people understand the job, write the perfect resumes, and ace the toughest interviews.

The Consulting Bible blows all of that content out of the water.

Through my resume editing and interview preparation, I’ve helped 50+ people land interviews and offers in the consulting world (including such esteemed firms as McKinsey, BCG, and Mercer). Through hours on the phone, I share every secret that I know – telling them exactly what fit questions to expect, the difference between good and great case study responses, and the interview answer techniques that separate offerees from the rejects.

The Consulting Bible is like a 50 hour phone call with me. And infinitely more entertaining.

Get The Consulting Bible today and be the smartest interviewer in the room.


In it, you’ll find:

  • Over 50 key fit questions that will arise specifically in consulting interviews (there are important differences versus finance interviews). Why 50 and not 500? I firmly believe in quality over quantity. These will be 90% of the questions you’ll be asked. And I promise – memorizing these top 50 will give you the content and flexibility to destroy any fit question you’ll ever face.
  • 3 sizing questions (what I like to call mini-cases) – including 2 where I provide multiple solution methods. These 3 are comprehensive, complex, and will be more challenging than any you’ll face from MBB
  • 2 case studies with exhibits – found exclusively in this guide, these case studies are ground zero for mastering the skills needed to conquer the case.

I not only provide specific tips on how to answer each question, but I tell you what the interviewer is looking for and offer an example answer that I’d be comfortable using myself!

Here is the Table of Contents and a sample page so you can get a glimpse of what’s inside!

Wow, it looks pretty good. What else can you tell me?

I’m not done yet. Read this guide and you’ll discover:

On fit and experiential questions…

  • The 16 interview tips to make yourself stand out before, during, and after (pg. 6-7)
  • One phrase that everyone encourages you to use but you should never say in an actual interview (pg. 6)
  • The 5-minute investment in one skill that will make you better than 90% of interviewees (pg. 6)
  • 4 secrets to answer any fit question that the best interviewers instinctively know (pg. 8)
  • Why your business background prior to an MBA can hurt you, and how to prevent this from happening (pg. 13)
  • The 2/4 point structure for tackling resume questions – and how to use this framework for any fit question (pg. 15)
  • What to never say when discussing why you turned down return offers (pg. 18)
  • 5 personal qualities that consultants universally respect and that you must convey (pg. 19)
  • The worst mistake you can make when answering questions about your future (pg. 19)
  • How to build rapport through your responses to personality questions (pgs. 21-23)
  • 1 personality question where a great answer will knock their socks off (pg. 21)
  • 1 topic you must avoid when asked about any question, and particularly about failures (pg. 23)
  • An example response that I’d actually be comfortable giving for “Greatest weakness” (pg. 24)
  • The 3 questions that if you’re not asked, then I was never a consultant (pgs. 26-28)
  • The one component that people always miss when discussing their leadership (pg. 29)
  • The toughest question you’ll encounter – and a response that will leave the interviewer eager to work with you! (pgs. 29-30)
  • 3 traits to demonstrate a sincere interest in the firm and the industry (pg. 32)
  • 2 topics you shouldn’t discuss when asked why you’re interested in management consulting (pgs. 32-33)
  • 2 phrases that must be avoided when discussing why you want to work at their firm (pg. 34)
  • The best way to answer the question of “Why a boutique?” (pg. 36)
  • One critical topic when explaining a move overseas (or, for international applicants, a move to the U.S.) (pg. 39)
  • The 3 checkmarks you must earn in explaining your career change to consulting (pg. 40)
  • The Cliff Notes method for sounding like an expert on today’s business topics (pgs. 43-45)
  • How to sound like a consultant when asked about specific companies and industries (pg. 44)
  • Be prepared for the one business topic that I guarantee will be discussed (pg. 45)
  • What you should never say when asked questions about your recruiting status (pg. 47)

On sizing questions and mini-case studies…

  • Why sizing questions can be trickier than case studies (pg. 49)
  • 4 reasons why they’re asked – and the tips that will help you master them (pg. 49)
  • Example questions that you can ask to sound smart without annoying the interviewer (pg. 50)
  • Multiple approaches to each question so you see the best solution possible
  • The one test that you must know and use with each answer (pg. 51)
  • How to be 80/20…without being 50/10 (pg. 53)

On case studies…

  • 5 case study principles that the best interviewers know by heart (pg. 57)
  • 2 frameworks that must be memorized…and will be used repeatedly (pg. 57)
  • 1 thing the best interviewees do that automatically makes you sound like a consultant (pg. 57)
  • Example questions that you can ask to sound smart for each case
  • Suggestions on creative responses – so you can be both structured and out-of-the-box
  • Example differences between good answers and truly distinctive responses (pgs. 61-62)
  • The 3 components of summary responses – aka, the elevator test
  • Quantitative questions that cover market size, marginal profit, fixed and variable costs, and other key concepts that you must know

Of course, nothing’s perfect.

The Consulting Bible could have 100 sizing questions. 50 case studies. You know what? IT WILL SOON. And if you buy now, you’ll receive lifetime updates for free, straight to your inbox.

Here’s my guarantee to you – at least once every other month (6x/year), I’ll update this guide to add more fit questions; more sizing questions; more case studies. People who buy now – before the 2nd edition is out – will get lifetime updates for free. That offer ends when I release the 2nd edition

I’m already working on it – there will be at least 3 more case studies and 5 more sizing questions…not to mention 10s of additional interview questions.

This all sounds great. What’s the cost?

It’s only $25. It’s a bargain given how comprehensive it is. You can buy case study books – but they won’t include sizing questions, and they definitely won’t include fit questions. And there isn’t a single quality guide with interview questions dedicated specifically to consulting.

There’s no waiting. It’s an ebook (PDF file) – you download it immediately after purchase. No shipping, no hassle!

You’ll get free lifetime updates – which will be coming often. In fact, I’ll say it right here – I plan to release the 2nd edition by the end of February. It will be much more expensive than $25.

My final parting words:

The Consulting Bible is incredibly affordable for two reasons:

1. It’s relatively new, and I want to reward early believers

2. I want people to get 10x their money’s worth. Not 2x, not 5x, but 10x. I believe that after reading this guide and diligently working through each question, you’ll be 10x more prepared to ace interviews and land offers.

I want you to be successful – because your success will reflect well on me, The Consulting Bible, and Management Consulted.

Hey, even I can be suspicious when it comes to spending money online. After all, we’re growing up in an age where many of the best services are free!

But trust me – this guide is worth every penny of that $25. I invested far more time than I planned – I pushed back the release date twice to add more content, more questions, and more insights.

Get The Consulting Bible today and be the smartest interviewer in the room.

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Additional questions:

Will the guide be helpful for senior positions?

Absolutely. The tips for each section and many of the questions will be similar. There’s even a section on questions for experienced hires/career changers.

I’m interviewing for IT/technology consulting positions. How can the guide help me?

Your interview will naturally differ from the strategy consulting model – but they will ask questions about your resume, your background, your preparation for the job. All of which are covered in this guide.

Why are there no “technical questions”?

Unlike finance, management consulting interviews rarely ask technical questions. The closest you’ll come are questions about current business topics (which are addressed). The technical skills needed for consulting are tested in sizing questions and case studies – which this guide discusses in-depth (see sample case interview questions).

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