Welcome to Exhibit Drills

Welcome to the Management Consulted exhibit drills! Get ready for a simulation of the types of visual data you’ll see inside of the case interview. Specific categories include:

  • Area graphs
  • Bar graphs
  • Bubble graphs
  • Charts
  • Cluster analysis
  • Combination graphs
  • Harvey ball graphs
  • Marimekko graphs
  • Waterfall graphs

A couple of things to keep in mind as you navigate these drills:

  1. Pay attention to the timer – you should take a minimum of 3-minutes and maximum of 5-minutes as you navigate each drill
  2. This process should include: a recap of the exhibit, structure of your math, the actual calculations, and the business insight
  3. Ensure that you end with 3 levels of insight
    1. Level 1: What the exhibit tells us
    2. Level 2: PLUS what the client should do now
    3. Level 3: PLUS what the client should do next
Drill Options