Mental Math For Consulting

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How do mental math skills help during case interviews? Case interviews are a test of your business acumen, problem solving skills, and quantitative abilities. Interviewers will toss you math tasks intermixed with business problems. They will keep score of how well you handled the quantitative (aka math) parts of your interview. And believe me, to get into a consulting firm, you will need to score at least decently well in the math portion of the case – slow math, and especially incorrect math, is a deal-breaker for cases.

The maximum time you will get to crack the math in a case interview is about 5 minutes, so honing your mental capacity for quick calculations is a necessity. The top reason most interviewees don’t get through first rounds is because they haven’t sharpened their mental math skills.

To use this course most effectively – grab pen and paper (like you would use in the case interview), pull out your phone to use as a timer, and yes – lock away your calculator. Give yourself about 30 minutes in one sitting to complete each lesson, take notes if that’s helpful, do all the practice questions with us, and make sure you take the quizzes until you’re perfect.

Have fun – and happy math-ing!


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