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Deloitte Digital has been a world-class digital agency for over 20 years. With a focus on integrated digital offerings to elevate the customer experience, it is poised to drive change in the ways consumers and companies interact in the new digital age. Deloitte Digital considers itself an “experience consultancy” that helps clients build customer-oriented organizations.

With an estimated revenue of $1.2 billion and a workforce of 12,000+ employees, Deloitte Digital, a completely owned subsidiary of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (often known as Deloitte) is a formidable operation. Read on to learn more about its culture, the services it provides, career options, and more.

Deloitte Digital

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  6. Office Locations
  7. Deloitte Digital Career Path
  8. Deloitte Digital Internships
  9. Exit Opportunities
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  12. Deloitte Digital Interview
  13. Deloitte Digital Salary

Deloitte Digital Firm Key Stats

  • Deloitte Digital Firm Website:
  • Deloitte Digital Firm Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
  • Number of Employees: 12,000+
  • Number of Locations: 38
  • Global Head of Deloitte Digital: Sam Roddick
  • Deloitte Digital Firm Revenue: $1.2 billion

Deloitte Digital History

To position yourself to perform well in a potential Deloitte Digital interview, it’s useful to understand the firm’s background.

Deloitte Digital was founded (under a different name) in 1999 as a firm with core competencies in the customer, interactive and eCommerce spaces. The firm became “Deloitte Digital”, though, in 2012 after Deloitte’s acquisition of Übermind.

Today, the firm pairs its reputation in the digital space with an aggressive growth strategy focused on helping clients connect ideas, technology, and talent. It has bases of operations in eight separate U.S. cities – Chicago, Denver, Greensboro, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C., as well as international operations in 30 other countries.

It is now, more than ever, committed to helping clients scale growth through an omni-channel approach.

Deloitte Digital Careers

Deloitte Digital is a privately held firm which operates as a completely owned subsidiary of the parent Deloitte company (we like to call it Big Daddy Deloitte).

The firm streamlines the digital experience for clients in several key areas: digital strategy, digital marketing, digital operation, analytics, cybersecurity.

Deloitte Digital’s work across these functions mean that Deloitte Digital careers span the gamut – from technology consulting to UX design to digital marketing and more. Due to the diversity of services offered under the umbrella of digital consulting, Digital Deloitte (as it is also referred to) offers careers that fit a variety of skill sets and interests.

There are entry points to a Deloitte Digital career for students and experienced candidates alike. Use the firm’s career page to find open roles.

Deloitte Digital Practice Areas

Deloitte Digital’s stated focus is to “elevate the human experience.” It does this by applying its deep expertise in strategy, innovation, design, technology, operations, and data insights across the following offerings:

Customer Strategy and Applied Design

Help clients develop “growth agendas” using human insight to deliver new experiences

Advertising, Marketing, & Commerce

End to end services that help brands find customers and improve acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

Digital Customer

Designing solutions to bring customer and employee experiences to life.


Designing breakthrough ESG programs and driving improvement in equity, sustainability, and society

Across these offerings, Deloitte Digital leverages capabilities in a few key areas:

Digital Supply Networks and IOT

A deep understanding of digital technologies such as sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning help clients integrate physical and digital worlds.

Digital Reality Connectivity

From virtual reality to truly immersive experiences, digital reality is changing how we work, communicate, and learn.

Cognitive Advantage

Emerging technologies are getting closer to being able to emulate the power of the human brain. This is creating new and bigger opportunities for businesses to generate value from data, and Deloitte Digital helps in this journey.

Digital Organization

Helping clients make digital more than just talk. It helps them use digital to organize, operate, and behave differently.

Deloitte Digital Industries

Deloitte Digital serves clients across industries, providing digital solutions to clients across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Still, the firm does tend to conduct a meaningful number of projects in Financial Services.

Deloitte Digital Office Locations

The firm has operations in 8 physical locations throughout the United States and 30+ locations around the world. Deloitte Digital domestic locations include:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York, New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Washington, D.C.

Career Path

Deloitte Digital has built a strong reputation in the space and embraces a multidisciplinary approach to addressing complex business problems. The firm prides itself on a people-first culture which is highly collaborative and flexible, yet impactful.

The firm boasts a variety of roles in three main “specialty areas” – Studio, Client Site, and Delivery Center.

Roles in Studio encompass those more “creative” positions, including design and UX/UI. Client Site roles are client-facing, and the most like traditional management consulting roles. Here, you conduct research and analysis to extract insights and make recommendations to clients. Delivery Center roles are focused on building the underlying technology that underpins consultants’ recommendations.

Open roles at Deloitte Digital belong to one of the following specific streams, which cut across the above “specialty areas.”


Creative positions focused on user experience.

Digital Strategy

Trusted advisors who help clients define strategies, streamline operations, and choose the right technologies.

Marketing and Advertising

Brand building.

Mobile and Web

Engineers who specialized in native services and quality assurance.

Cloud Technology

Work with leading customer technology firms – including Salesforce, Mulesoft, and NetSuite – to transition clients to the cloud.

Commerce and Content

Rely on knowledge of Adobe and Hybris to help clients design websites that meet customer needs at every point and optimize for conversion events.

Deloitte Digital Internships

Deloitte Digital offers internships which engage internees in transformative client projects. As an intern, you get exposure to leaders in client organizations as well as at Deloitte Digital. Browse available internships on the firm’s website.

Exit Opportunities

Very few people stay at a consulting firm for their whole career. So, it makes sense to think about Deloitte Digital exit opportunities as you consider a career with the firm.

There is a lot you can do after a stint at Deloitte Digital. Some employees eventually move onto other digital consulting firms, but it’s more common to leave consulting altogether for roles in marketing, branding, software, cloud services, and e-commerce.

A handful of former employees can be found in the ranks of private equity or venture capital, although this is not a common exit option. In addition, there are some former Deloitte Digital employees who leave the firm to launch their own agencies.

Notable Alumni

Deloitte Digital notable alumni can be found around the world. Let’s explore a possible career path using two examples.

Andy Main was named as a “Top 25 Consultant” by Consulting magazine and in Adweek’s “Power List”. He currently serves as the Global CEO of Ogilvy, a New York-based advertising giant.

Another notable example is the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Hatch, who “left” client-facing work to take a leadership role inside of the practice. She was recently named one of Adweek’s “Top Tech-Savvy CMOs” – we would expect nothing less!

Deloitte Digital Culture

Deloitte Digital boasts a dynamic culture – that’s what happens when you bring together creatives, techies, and consultants into a vibrant workspace! This facilitates an environment of collaboration and innovation.

Still, there’s no escaping that Deloitte Digital is a massive organization inside of an even bigger organization. This brings benefits and drawbacks.

On the one hand, you have access to cutting-edge technology, organizational backing, and a global client base.

On the other hand, the culture is hierarchical by nature of its size. There isn’t great access to firm leadership, teams can operate in silos, and the work can become repetitive (you’re a specialist, so you do similar things for different clients).

In addition, the firm’s projects employ more of a “hands-on” approach. You may love this if you love seeing the results of your work, but this also means that engagements are longer (typically 6-12 months) and you get less industry exposure than a counterpart in the Strategy & Analytics practice.

Deloitte Digital has made a clear commitment to inclusion and diversity through Employee Resource Groups and a variety of “networks” aimed to foster connection between underrepresented groups.

Deloitte Digital Interview

Interviews at Deloitte Digital are conducted virtually as well as in person. The focus is on seeking out candidates who perform well across two key areas – motivational and technical.

  • The first interview is generally a telephone screening with a member of the Talent Acquisition team. This screen is to test your communication skills and assess your personality. If you’re a clear communicator and a generally positive, likable person, you should have no problem passing this phase.
  • This is followed by the face-to-face technical interview rounds. This interview round can consist of panel interviews and case studies. This is an in-depth process that aims to uncover your technical skills, business acumen, problem-solving ability, and leadership experience. Expect 2-3 interview rounds in this phase of the process.
  • The final stage is a meeting with a Partner/Director – while this may consist of a short technical interview, your personality and client-facing skills are really the focus here.

Work with our coaches to prepare for the case and behavioral components of the Deloitte Digital interview.

Deloitte Digital Salary

The average salary at Deloitte Digital is around $90,000 per year, with a wide range of additional perks and benefits. Of course, that’s an average, and new hires without any experience earn a much lower salary, while more tenured employees, such as Engagement Managers, earn well over $200,000 per year.


As one of the top-ranked digital consulting companies in the world, Deloitte Digital is dedicated to helping clients leverage technology to improve the customer experience. If you’re interested in Deloitte Digital careers, work with our expert team to optimize your resume and prepare for the rigorous interview process.


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