3 Reasons To Work For Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the most recognizable consulting firms in the world. There are some real benefits to working there. Some you could probably guess, some may be a surprise. None-the-less, take a look at 3 reasons to work at Deloitte Consulting.

3 Reasons To Work For Deloitte

3 Reasons To Work For Deloitte: YouTube Transcription

Deloitte S&O, otherwise known as Deloitte Strategy & Operations. They are one of the premium consulting practices in the entire world. Deloitte S&O has thousands of people on its roster, an amazing training program, and more to offer. But today we are going to highlight three main reasons why you should think about working for Deloitte S&O.

  1. Professional Development

Number One: Professional development. Deloitte as a whole is a master at professional development, to the point where one of my former MBA professors, Barry Salzberg, was spearheading the Deloitte University creation. In the process, in his key study, he explains how Deloitte surveyed their people, and they discovered that people who do online training only do not have the same level of engagement with the organization, or the same delta, the difference in their actual interpretation of their work process. They don’t make changes in the way that they would need to. And ultimately, Deloitte built Deloitte University and a world class professional training organization and program that helps people go from zero to hero while you are at Deloitte. So number one is amazing professional development.

  1. Deloitte’s Size Gives You Choices

Number Two: Deloitte has a large practice, the largest of many of the top firms. And because of its size, you have choices. Different digital practices, different implementation, all kinds of different industries that you could work for. It’s really hard to turn a corner inside the corporate world and not find Deloitte somewhere present there. So, because of that variety of what is available to you, you have a lot of choices for where you can go.

  1. Benefits

Number Three: Deloitte has amazing benefits. They have been historically world-class in the way that they’ve provided benefits for LGBTQ partners, for paternity leave. They offer full paternity leave in the U.S., which is something that was unheard of even a couple of years ago. And they are really a trendsetter in terms of taking care of people.

So you’re not only a part of an organization that does a great job of training you, and you’re not only a part of an organization that does a great job of working across multiple different sectors and business areas, but ultimately what Deloitte really offers is a trendsetting way of thinking about how to employ, and excite, and retain their people. And working for an organization like that, there’s just so much more than the actual skills that you learn on the job that you will get out of it. You’ll get amazing career advice, an incredible culture, and more.

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