Consulting Bible – Get The Most

If you’re the type who likes to get right to the point, you’ll appreciate this section. If you don’t plan to read all 300+ pages of this book, here are the parts we recommend to read and in what order:


  1. Scan through the fit questions and suggested answers. This will give you a sense for what consulting fit interviews are like and how good answers are structured. Being good at cases is necessary to receive an offer, but not sufficient itself. You’ve also got to nail your fit interview.


  1. Do your hero stories. This will ensure  you are at least minimally prepared for a variety of fit questions.


  1. Review the case interview guidelines. If you read nothing else in full in this book, read this section. We expect you’ll find the 4 frameworks especially helpful.


  1. Tackle the case studies. Case studies are typically 75% of interviews, and can break an otherwise strong interviewer. We give you 3 types of case studies in this book – market size questions, self-guided cases and partner cases. If you need a short-cut, do 2 of each type. If you do 1 section completely, do all 4 partner cases. This will give you the best-real world practice.


  1. Use the Case Bank to do a minimum of 5 cases a week and maximum of 2 cases a day – with a mixture of self guided and partner cases and an emphasis on partner cases the closer you get to the interview.
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