BCG to Open New Office in San Diego

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) announced plans to open a new office in sunny San Diego. This marks the 4th BCG office in California – Los Angeles, Mountain View (Silicon Valley), San Francisco, and now, San Diego. The firm also has a Digital Ventures office in Manhattan Beach. Why did BCG decide to open up shop in another southern California city, and what could it mean for you? Keep reading.

BCG New Office in San Diego, bcg new office

What a San Diego Office Represents for BCG

Besides the beautiful weather, why did BCG choose now for this new office expansion? According to BCG Partner Jason Jager, BCG San Diego was a natural extension of BCG’s reach due in part to its thriving, diversified economy. Beyond being a hotspot for healthcare and life sciences companies, the city boasts a strong military presence, talent pipeline, and diversified set of industries all contributing to a booming business environment across the city.

The area has become one of the nation’s most desirable places to live, attracting top talent across every industry and sector. In addition, the proximity to the University of California San Diego ensures that BCG will have access to a deep talent pipeline.

Want to break into BCG San Diego? Network with folks inside the (still-virtual) office, and make sure your resume highlights what the firm is looking for. Don’t forget about the formidable case interview.

Sectors of Focus for BCG San Diego

BCG San Diego will serve a broad spectrum of industries and clients in the region. The office portfolio will feature a diverse set of clients from healthcare, technology, consumer brands, government agencies, education, and more.

Two sectors of note here: life sciences (including biopharma and medtech) and healthcare. Adding an office in San Diego will allow BCG to continue to meet demand for its services in these industries, and provides a lift for its reputation as a leading tech consulting firm (BCG Gamma, BCG Digital Ventures) and ambitions in the healthcare consulting space.


BCG is a consulting firm that saw net positive gains during the pandemic, especially in tech and healthcare. The new BCG San Diego office – opening in 2022 – will help the firm make even greater headwinds in these industries. It’s an exciting time to go into consulting!

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