Bain Office to Open in Austin

Bain & Company is opening a third Texas office in the burgeoning tech hub of Austin. In fact, the office has already been operating virtually, but will be opening its physical doors in 2021. This will complete the firm’s 3-legged Texas stool – Dallas, Houston, and now, Austin. Austin is, of course, one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. with an exploding tech scene. Dell, Tesla, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Oracle all have a major presence in the greater ATX area. What does this new office mean for Bain? Let’s explore.

Bain Office to Open in Austin

What an Austin Office Represents for Bain

Why is Bain opening an office in Austin? For one, the ATX region is the 29th largest metro area in the U.S. and the capitol of one of the nation’s most consequential states. With the industry represented in Austin, it’s a little surprising Austin is just now seeing a Bain office.

Second, Austin is a forward-thinking, tech-minded city – a perfect match for Bain & Company’s ethos and a place that attracts top talent. In addition, the presence of the University of Texas right in the center of the city ensures that Bain will be able to tap into a broad talent pipeline for years to come.

The new Austin office is also a sign of the company’s incredible growth. The Austin office is set to open at a time when Bain – Vault’s #1 place to work in 2021 – is exploding with demand for its consulting services. It is human capital hungry, and Austin has a vibrant talent base that the firm can tap into right away.

Sectors of Focus for Bain Austin

Bain Austin will serve a wide variety of sectors and clients across the Austin and San Antonio areas, according to Bain Partner Peter Bowen. He says that the office portfolio will include clients from retail to healthcare, PE to technology, and everywhere in between.

One of the dominant industries that this office will serve is, of course, tech. Projects serving these clients will run the gamut – from digital strategy to advanced analytics.

Come from a tech background? The transition to strategy consulting is not an easy one, however, applying to an office with a larger tech portfolio – like Austin – can help boost your chances.

Bain Austin Office
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What to Expect for Bain Austin

Bain offices are known to have a distinct feature that makes them unique. The Bain Austin office does not disappoint. The office will emphasize the Austin vibe with a fresh color palette, local art, and a funky, fun vibe to mirror the culture of the city. The firm has designed the office for a post-pandemic world, a space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and engagement. You can be sure that Bain will be playing its part to “Keep Austin Weird!”


The new Bain Austin office will enable the firm to reinforce its reputation as the go-to firm for tech companies and tech talent. It’s a move that signals that the company’s growth is not slowing any time soon. If you are looking to apply to the Austin office, make sure your resume highlights relevant skills, and that you are prepared for the tough case interview!

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