Bain BEL Program

Bain BEL (Building Entrepreneurial Leaders) is an internship program for students interested in a consulting job at Bain who come from underrepresented backgrounds. The Bain BEL program helps students develop the skills they need to land a job at a top consulting firm. College sophomores can apply to BEL for an immersive summer internship experience. The program will give a head start in recruiting for consulting after graduation. 2023 applications are open as of January 2023 and close February 21. Let’s explore Bain BEL – is it the right fit for you?

Bain BEL Program

What is the Bain BEL Program?

Established by top consulting firm Bain & Company, the Bain Building Entrepreneurial Leaders (BEL) program offers college sophomores from racial and ethnic minority groups the opportunity to develop their skills in business strategy and leadership. Students who take part in BEL participate in a week-long program in August. The internship takes place in different Bain offices in the United States and Canada (Toronto).

Throughout the Bain BEL program, students take part in training and mentorship sessions and learning opportunities that teach a variety of skills (ex: problem-solving, leadership, general business skills) necessary to succeed in consulting. This is a huge part of what makes BEL valuable. Students get hands-on experience working in a team – like a real client engagement – plus mentorship from an experienced consultant at the firm. This get-your-hands-dirty experience is instrumental in helping students decide if consulting is still something they want to pursue. In addition, Bain BEL participants are offered a stipend for participation in the program.

Lastly, participants in Bain BEL get an extra boost in trying to break into Bain through opportunities to network with other students and current consultants. The connections made at BEL may very well be the key to unlocking an exciting career journey with one of the world’s top consultancies. Students who complete the Bain BEL program leave better prepared to pursue a career in consulting with their new experience and connections. Sounds like a win-win to us!

BEL Program Requirements

Before applying to become a Bain BEL participant, first ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. Bain BEL applicants must be current college sophomores (rising Juniors) of Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, or Native American/Alaska Native origin. The program requirements also state that the company is looking for students that can demonstrate academic excellence, strong independent leadership and team-based skills, and the ability to be a creative problem solver – to which we say, ‘duh!’

Bain BEL Interview: What’s It Like?

Upon meeting the requirements and completing an application, students must complete an interview as part of the process for participating in Bain BEL. The Bain BEL interview is generally the last step before a student is admitted to the program.

The Bain BEL interview process is fairly informal. It includes a combination of general behavioral questions about the interviewee and the company. In addition to the traditional interview questions, the Bain BEL interview also includes a case interview segment. Love them or hate them, case interviews are a very important element of the recruiting and interviewing process at top consulting firms.

Case interview questions act as a way for the Bain BEL interviewers to go beyond your academic background and knowledge of the company and industry to test your analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. These skills are critical for success – in consulting and in the Bain BEL program. Prepare for the case portion of your Bain BEL interview with our Case Interview Prep Guide or utilizing the expertise of our ex-MBB coaching team.

Bain BEL Application Tips

The application process for Bain BEL occurs in the winter/spring period. Application deadlines are in February for US participants and in March for Canadian participants. Check the site for specific application deadlines, typically announced in January. Program participants receive follow-up communication during the spring/summer months. The Bain BEL application includes multiple components that are important to follow. Make sure to complete all steps correctly!

The Bain BEL application also requires an unofficial transcript from your college and a professional resume and cover letter. If you’re uncertain if your resume/cover letter are good enough to get you accepted to BEL, work with our expert team on edits before applying.

Before applying to the Bain BEL summer program, research through their website and make sure that you are a good fit for the program. In addition, your school may offer webinars that walk you through the application process and give additional instruction about the program from past participants and representatives. If your school offers these webinars, attend them! They could very well increase your chances of being accepted into the program.


Bain BEL is an excellent opportunity to build your professional network and learn skills that will aid you in your career – whether that’s in consulting or elsewhere. Need help preparing for BEL? Engage with MC via our resume editing or interview prep services to increase the odds of acceptance.


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