BCG Sophomore Internship: Growing Future Leaders

“Growing Future Leaders” is BCG’s Sophomore Internship program that is designed to introduce students from underrepresented backgrounds to the experience of working in a global consulting firm. BCG does this through hosting an annual internship program. The purpose is to grow future leaders (hence the name) in the consulting industry and identify top talent early. Students interested in pursuing a position at Boston Consulting Group should continue reading to learn more about how to apply and prepare for the BCG Sophomore Internship.

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What is the BCG Sophomore Internship?

BCG is a firm that values diversity and social impact as part of its company culture and ethos. The BCG Sophomore Internship is one of the ways that the firm increases the diversity of its workforce. Specifically, the BCG Sophomore Internship is a 10-week program that offers college students from underrepresented racial and ethnic communities the opportunity to participate in the culture and community of BCG.

With few exceptions, the BCG Sophomore Internship is open to sophomores (rising Juniors) of Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino or Native American/Alaska Native origin. By participating in the program, selected applicants have the opportunity to receive mentorship and training and work with clients and colleagues at BCG through hands-on, project based activities. Students interested in pursuing a career in consulting will develop analytical and communication skills, as well as skills in leadership and collaboration. These skills will serve them well as they finish their education and eventually pursue full-time employment at BCG.

How To Prepare for the BCG Sophomore Internship

Before applying to the BCG Sophomore Internship, you can prepare for the program by making sure that you exemplify the characteristics of a Growing Future Leaders BCG candidate. Potential applicants do well to participate in on- or off-campus activities that demonstrate leadership skills, either through sports, clubs, organizations, or other forms of community involvement. These activities, as well as jobs and other internships, will add to your resume and help you stand out in the application process.

In addition, BCG looks for applicants who are academic high achievers. The firm also looks for candidates with a voracity for problem-solving, creativity, and logical reasoning. You can demonstrate these skills by maintaining a high GPA, participating in academic activities/societies, earning academic honors, or by receiving high scores in standardized tests. Finally, students applying to the BCG Sophomore Internship can display their crisp communication skills by sending in polished, well-structured application materials. Not sure if your resume and cover letter are good enough to get you admitted to Growing Future Leaders? Work with us on resume and cover letter edits before applying.

How to Apply for the BCG Sophomore Internship

The application for the BCG Summer Internship for 2022 has passed and will re-open in the fall. The application includes multiple parts, so pay attention so that you complete each part fully and meet all the deadlines. In addition to the standard written application, students are required to upload a professional resume, official or unofficial college transcripts, as well as a complete score report from either the SAT or ACT assessments.

You can also (optionally) upload a cover letter detailing why you would be a good fit for the BCG Summer Internship. If you do send in a cover letter, treat it as a writing sample and an opportunity to demonstrate your communication and structure skills. We recommend submitting a cover letter – why leave any opportunity to stand out on the table?

Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email prompting you to complete some pymetrics games. The BCG Pymetrics Test is a 25-minute test that includes about a dozen mini-games designed to scientifically assess specific personality traits in applicants. This test is included as part of the application process for the BCG Summer Internship program. The firm uses it as a way to better understand how you think and the ways that you might respond to a variety of situations.

Succeeding at BCG Growing Future Leaders

Upon successfully completing Growing Future Leaders, BCG may extend a junior-year internship offer to you. If that occurs, your chances of landing a full-time role after your internship are strong. But if you don’t get that offer, there are still myriad ways to leverage the program for future career success.

Because of the competitive nature of the BCG Sophomore Internship, it’s a great addition to your resume. The “resume boost factor” alone could be a reason to pursue the program. No matter what type of career you pursue, BCG’s prestige across the globe will be a valuable addition to your profile. The firm is a fantastic brand name to have on your resume.

You can of course leverage this role to obtain a junior year internship offer at another firm before your senior year of college. Then, once you graduate, you can use your participation in the BCG Sophomore Internship as a way to demonstrate your skills and expertise in consulting or elsewhere.

If you want to work at the Boston Consulting Group when you graduate, participating in this internship will help you stand out from other candidates as you recruit for junior-year internships or a full-time offer in your senior year. If you aren’t dead set on BCG, this internship is still a strong resume booster for firms like McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte, and others.

Even if you do not pursue a career at BCG or in consulting, the Growing Future Leaders program is a great place to build your network – both with other participants and BCG consultants. Keep in contact with your mentor and the clients that you worked with, as they can potentially serve as future references and be the foundation of your professional network.


Students that participate in the BCG sophomore internship have the opportunity to gain a lot. Learn consulting skills, valuable experience, and mentorship, needed to achieve early career success before and after graduation. If you have the opportunity to apply, we highly recommend it! If you need help preparing your resume/cover letter for applications, engage with our expert team via MC’s editing package.


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