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Accenture locations in the USA vary. They all have their own facilities, industry focus, and office cultures. But they also all combine to form a global footprint that makes Accenture one of the most influential global companies. In 2019, Accenture earned $43.2 billion in revenues and employed half a million people, in over 200 cities, in 120 countries. This includes 50 Accenture locations in the United States alone.

If your dream is to work with Accenture, then you’re likely wondering about the various Accenture US locations. Accenture recently opened more than 10 Innovation Hubs —new offices rooted in technology, human-centered design, and disruptive thinking. Today, we’re breaking down some of these Accenture office locations in more detail.

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Top Accenture Office Locations

Accenture Chicago

The Chicago branch of its operations has long been one of the most prominent Accenture USA locations. Accenture Chicago employees earn an average salary of $90,000 per year. Though keep in mind, the cost of living in Chicago is 23.4% above the national average.

In 2019 Accenture Chicago announced it would be consolidating its Chicago locations in the newly renamed Accenture Tower, right above the central Ogilvie Transportation Center. This office location at 500 W. Madison will comprise seven floors, increasing Accenture Chicago’s footprint to 226,000 square feet and its staff to 6,800 employees. Accenture Chicago will also double the size of its apprenticeship training program by 2022.

The Madison location is right by the Chicago River in the heart of The Loop. It’s a well known area in Chicago’s central business and commercial district downtown. This makes it a central location not only for all your business needs, but also for accessing the city’s many rich attractions. These attractions include shopping on the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, and much more.

Accenture Austin

Employees at Accenture Austin don’t earn as high a salary as Chicago. The average Austin salary is $64,000 per year. Yet compare that to the fact that Austin’s cost of living is 2.76% below the national average. This Accenture location recently leased an entire late-1800s building. It’s located on Austin’s most prominent commercial street and one of the most expensive streets in the country, Congress Avenue. The historic McKean-Eilers Building boasts almost 22,000 square feet and is currently being renovated. This is not the only Accenture office location in the Austin area. Accenture also leases 38,000 square feet of office space for software development and 170,000 square feet at the Riata Corporate Park. But the McKean-Eilers Building, which is next to the company’s Fjord design and innovation studio, is considered the main Accenture Austin location.

The city of Austin itself has lots to offer prospective employees. This includes many attractions of historic interest and natural beauty, such as the city’s large parks and green spaces. Austin is also home to a vibrant nightlife and a world-famous live music scene.

Accenture Atlanta

Employees at the Atlanta Accenture location are well taken care of financially, earning an average salary of $83,000 in a city whose cost of living is 1.2% below the national average. The physical environment is also notable. Accenture Atlanta opened an Innovation Hub in the Tech Square area of Atlanta’s Midtown in 2018.

This Accenture office location is designed both to honor the city of Atlanta and to give employees the tools they need to help create industry-wide innovations. Designers placed railroad tracks on the ceiling of the lobby in order to recognize Atlanta’s history as a national railroad hub. This Accenture location includes such features as Rumble Court, which imitates a basketball court. Not to mention Rumble Park, which includes living walls at both ends as well as reconfigurable walls for customizing long work and thinking sessions. This Accenture US location also offers 30,000 dedicated square feet of co-creation space.

Atlanta offers many sites of historical interest. It is also central to a great deal of global commerce. Atlanta offers world-class food and entertainment, and even boasts a growing film and television industry.

Accenture San Antonio

Accenture San Antonio is unique in that a large amount of its business is contracted with the Department of Defense and other government agencies. In order to boost this business, in 2019 Accenture opened the Accenture Federal Services Cyber Center. They work with government agencies to find and neutralize cyber security threats. The AFS expansion at this Accenture location increases the San Antonio staff from 1,300 to 1,800 employees, all working with a technology focus.

San Antonio is quickly becoming one of the most important technology hubs in the US. It makes Accenture San Antonio a great place to work for anyone interested in launching a career from the heart of the industry. Employees here earn a slightly lower salary than other Accenture USA locations, with an average of $49,000 per year. But that can go a long way, as San Antonio’s cost of living is 14% below the national average.

Accenture NYC

Accenture NYC serves as the headquarters for all Accenture USA locations. In 2017, the firm announced it would move all 3,000 of its NYC employees to a new Accenture company location in the famous Hudson Yards. This Accenture location will comprise a massive 250,000 square feet. It’s located on the top eight floors of the $2.1B tower at One Manhattan West. This office location will feature state-of-the-art facilities, with labs for turning concepts into prototypes, as well as flexible and customizable work environments.

Accenture NYC employees earn the highest average salary in the US, at $107,000 per year. But that is mitigated by NYC’s cost of living, which is 129% above the national average. Of course, a lucrative salary isn’t the only draw. New York City is the cultural and economic capital of the United States. NYC boasts world-class museums, theater, nightlife, food, and more.

Accenture Houston

Accenture Houston recently added the Houston Innovation Hub, which takes up 13,500 square feet on the 18th floor of the same building that houses the main Accenture Houston office. This Accenture location is in the heart of downtown Houston. This shared location allows the office to synergize with local clients working in oil & gas sectors, as well as utilities, natural resources, and chemicals.

But Accenture Houston is not just about big-ticket players in the extractive industries. Located above the innovation center is Station Houston, a business incubator and co-working space for digital and software companies. Station Houston tries to provide synergizing resources for startups and larger innovative companies.

The comparison between salary and cost of living at this Accenture company location is highly favorable. Accenture Houston employees earn an average salary of $92,000 in a city whose cost of living is 2% below the national average.

Accenture Seattle

Seattle is known as “Cloud City,” the beating heart of American digital innovation. Seattle is also home to some of the world’s biggest tech companies—such as Amazon and Microsoft—as well as innumerable startups seeking to disrupt existing industries. So naturally, Accenture Seattle does a lot of work with clients in the digital technology space.

The Accenture Seattle location is located in the middle of the business and technology district. The addition of the Seattle Innovation Hub added 300 tech jobs and expanded Accenture’s apprenticeship program in the city. The new office comprises 61,000 square feet of open, contemporary workspace in the Second & Seneca building. The building also contains offices for Avenade, a joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft.

Accenture Seattle employees earn a high average salary, at $98,000 per year, but Seattle is an expensive city, with a cost of living 49% above the national average. But for those who can afford it, Seattle is a highly attractive city. There is amazing natural beauty surrounding the city, and the progressive environment makes it a beacon of new artistic and cultural movements.

Accenture Boston

The new Innovation Hub at Accenture Boston was added to the company’s Boylston St. office in the Back Bay neighborhood. The Innovation Hub added 52,000 square feet spread across two floors. This serves over 1,500 employees, though many of them don’t come into the office each day, as they are often working at client sites. But clients sometimes do come to the Innovation Hub to participate in the dynamic, collaborative environment as they work to find innovative solutions to emerging problems.

The work and culture at this Accenture location are highly influenced by the unparalleled academic community in the city. This means Accenture Boston works to combine state-of-the-art research & technology with global problem solving. Relatedly, Accenture Boston specializes in health and life sciences.

Accenture Boston employees earn $88,000 a year on average, though Boston’s cost of living exceeds the national average by 48%. Of course, in addition to the thriving academic and intellectual communities, Boston offers a wealth of cultural and historic appeal. The city has excellent museums, a vibrant coastline, and loads of accessible sites related to the founding and history of the United States.

Accenture San Francisco

Accenture San Francisco is the company’s flagship Innovation Hub. As such, the office is very impressive. This includes its location in the tallest building in San Francisco, Salesforce Tower. The tower is located in a new neighborhood, the East Cut, home of breakneck construction in recent years from global companies. This includes many Accenture partners, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

The physical office space at this Accenture location includes 120,000 square feet spread across five floors, the home base for some 2,000 employees. The office’s five floors are connected by a large open stairwell, which facilitates a culture of unexpected encounters and serendipitous moments of collaboration. One of the floors hosts a large and constantly changing video screen of nearby living forests. Some of the other tech features are even more extreme, including the 360-degree virtual reality theater.

The salaries at this Accenture office location are high, at $97,000 per year on average. But the cost of living in San Francisco is also extremely high, 80% above the national average. If you can afford it, San Francisco is an excellent place to live. It has amazing natural beauty complimenting a wide array of amazing attractions and state-of-the-art innovations. The city has often been at the forefront of many cultural and artistic movements, with a rich history that includes the Beat Generation, American jazz, the 60s counterculture, the digital revolution, and the LGBT rights movements.

Accenture Arlington, VA

Accenture Arlington differs from the other Accenture USA locations in that its name is not immediately recognizable. That’s because Arlington is really a suburb of Washington, D.C. So Accenture Arlington serves as the Accenture US location for the nation’s capital. This places it near the heart of the nation’s policy making, as well as the largest government agencies and NGOs.

This Accenture location was designed and built before the other Innovation Hubs. This office was at the forefront of the recent trend in companies building extremely elaborate and unconventional new office spaces to lure talent. The Accenture Arlington location helped usher in recent trends that emphasize flexibility, connectivity, and mobility in open office concepts. When it was built in 2013, Accenture Arlington used the term hoteling to refer to the lack of permanently designated workspaces.

Employees at this Accenture location earn an average salary of $78,000 a year. However, the cost of living in Arlington is 39% above the national average. The move to Arlington from the previous Reston locations reflects a recent shift in employee preferences to be closer to D.C.’s urban center. This shift reflects a progressive urbanization of D.C. and the surrounding suburbs. Arlington has had a booming food culture in recent years. And the proximity of D.C. itself means that there is plenty of cultural, historic, and political relevance. In addition to the obvious political institutions, D.C. has several world-class museums with free admission, a robust public transit system, and plenty of free entertainment, which does help a bit in offsetting the high cost of living.

Concluding Thoughts

Yes, Accenture is a globally interconnected company. Yet, Accenture office locations all differ. And the Accenture company location in which you work will dictate a lot about your experience. Different offices have different industries of focus, as well as different physical environments and slightly different corporate cultures. The particular Accenture US location you call home will also dictate your salary and cost of living, as well as the cultural, social, and natural environments that you interact with on a daily basis. So, choose wisely!

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