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Accenture careers are a perennial topic of interest for aspiring management consultants, as Accenture is clearly a major consulting firm. Within the last year, the Accenture number of employees exceeded 500,000 worldwide. Still, Accenture is not quite in that top tier of consulting firms, such as McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group. So you might be wondering: what is Accenture, and what does Accenture do? Broadly speaking, the Accenture company is a consulting firm that works with a wide variety of companies all over the globe. They work with companies in virtually every sector and at every facet of business, to help solve problems, explore new opportunities, and accomplish goals.

If you’re interested in management consulting, you should be doing your homework about Accenture jobs. In this article, we’ll give you information about Accenture careers, including the life of an Accenture employee, Accenture benefits, Accenture reviews, and Accenture job openings.

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Life at Accenture

Most Accenture careers in consulting start with the same title: Analyst. As employees progress, they spend a certain amount of time accumulating experience within different job titles, eventually being promoted or asked to leave. The different positions are, in ascending order of seniority and salary, analyst, consultant, manager, senior manager, and managing director.

Working at Accenture will involve helping many different clients meet unique needs. A project typically involves analyzing an assortment of information relating to a company’s strategy & operations (oftentimes related to technology), as well as relevant industries, markets, and competition. This information is used to develop proposals, usually delivered in PowerPoint form with supporting analyses developed in Excel. These proposals help clients to solve difficult problems, improve operations, or meet some specific growth or margin goal.

The hierarchy within the management consulting team dictates what amounts and kinds of contributions employees make. Employees in Accenture entry level jobs such as Analyst typically crunch numbers—they input, analyze, and synthesize data. Consultants do much of this same work but also filter it into presentations that are shared with the more senior managers and consultants, who do more of the high-level decision making and dealing with clients.

If you’re looking forward to working at Accenture, you can expect to be working with large and complex companies dealing with challenging issues. That can mean long hours, lots of travel, and plenty of difficult work. However, the demanding workload is complemented by relatively flexible working arrangements, including flex time and work from home arrangements.

Accenture Culture, Benefits, and Reviews

Accenture deliberately seeks out motivated and ambitious employees for Accenture careers. This, in combination with a strongly hierarchical organization as well as a demanding workload, means that the culture can be both stimulating and highly competitive. There are a lot of opportunities to collaborate. Some employees are excited to share knowledge and support with one another, but this isn’t true for everyone. The kind of employees who do well are known as “drivers,” meaning they tend to focus on completing tasks and not on the other employees around or below them.

The hierarchical arrangement also shapes a lot of the different experiences people have working at Accenture. For example, analysts and employees in Accenture entry level jobs are almost never invited to share opinions in group settings. This is true even though they may have the most expertise on a given topic.

If you fit within this culture, Accenture careers offer many opportunities for career development. This, in combination with competitive salaries, complements a host of other Accenture benefits. Accenture employees receive comprehensive health insurance, including life insurance and dental insurance. Accenture benefits also include paid parental leave, day care availability, a retention bonus after two years of employment, a gym membership and wellness program, performance bonuses, relocation assistance, and Visa & Green Card sponsorship.

Most employees are satisfied with their Accenture jobs, and Accenture reviews reflect this. The company receives a happiness score of 70/100 from Indeed, with a 76 for flexibility and a 76 for learning. However, other Accenture reviews illustrate that the culture is not a good fit for everyone. Some employees in Accenture careers have complained of too much competition, as well as resentment, favoritism, and selfishness coming from bosses. And while some “drivers” have thrived in the challenging environment, others complain about being overburdened with work.

Accenture Job Openings

The competitive environment, the up-or-out promotion schedule, and the sheer size of the company ensure a high rate of turnover. This means that Accenture jobs are frequently available, in a variety of roles as well as office locations. These jobs are posted at multiple forums, but you can be sure to find some at Glassdoor and Indeed.

There is no such thing as a perfect job. And to be sure, there are many unique challenges associated with many Accenture jobs. But if you function well in high-pressure situations, you’re likely to find that the competitive salaries and the various Accenture benefits outweigh the difficulties. Of course, lots of other people feel this way too, and Accenture careers always field a competitive range of applicants. So you’ll want to prepare well to maximize your chances of getting hired.

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