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The Accenture consultant salary is sure to be at the top of your mind as you’re thinking about applying for a consulting position at the company. Accenture is one of the largest companies in the world, with over $40 billion in annual revenues and half a million global employees. But consulting as an industry has experienced a boom in recent years, meaning Accenture has had to increase salary levels to remain competitive for top talent. Accenture knows that, for example, any given applicant is going to be comparing a Deloitte vs. Accenture salary. In this article, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of the Accenture consultant salary and how it varies by level, location, job type, and more.

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Accenture Consultant Salary Overview

You may have seen figures suggesting the average Accenture management consultant salary is somewhere in the area of $100,000 per year. This figure can be somewhat misleading. There are actually many different jobs on the consultant career path. Further, employees command different salaries for a variety of factors, from education, to experience and expertise, to location and sector.

For instance, the Accenture entry level salary for the consultant path is, on average, $78,000 per year. Only a few promotions away, the Accenture business consultant salary averages $111,000 per year, and can pay as high as $170,000 per year. The Accenture consultant salary for employees with an undergrad degree averages $78,000 as a base salary, with a signing bonus of up to $500 and a relocation payment of up to $2,500. The Accenture MBA salary is much higher, averaging a base of $105,000 per year with a signing bonus of $5,000.

Keep in mind, these numbers are averages for roles across practice areas. If you are in a practice area like Accenture Strategy, your salary and bonuses will be much higher than average.

Accenture Consultant Salary by Role

While personal and regional differences will have an impact on your compensation at Accenture, it’s still most helpful to break down the Accenture management consultant salary by role.

Accenture Consultant

The average Accenture Consultant salary across all positions and regions is $101,000 per year.

Accenture Consulting Analyst:

Accenture Consulting Analyst salary is $75,000 per year, though it can range from $60-87,000. This reflects that the title refers to an employee still early on in their Accenture career path, so this is really the Accenture entry level consulting analyst salary.

Accenture Technology Consultant

Accenture Technology Consultant salary pays an average of $98,000 per year.

Accenture Senior Consultant

After being promoted to the level of Senior Consultant, the Accenture Senior Consultant salary rises to an average of $110,000 per year, with some employees making as much as $167,000.

Accenture Management Consulting Analyst

Despite the lengthy title, the position of Management Consulting Analyst only pays a bit more than Accenture entry level salary. The Accenture Management Consulting Analyst salary averages $79,000 per year, with a range from $59-95,000.

Accenture Junior Consultant

The average Accenture Junior Consultant salary is $75,000 per year, with a range of $60-88,000.
Accenture Strategy Consultant: The average Accenture Strategy Consultant salary is $117,000, with a range of $80-160,000.

Accenture Career Path

Accenture values ambition and self-generated motivation in their employees. The company also employs a strong hierarchical organization. Therefore, Accenture expects its employees to always be working toward promotion. This is one of the ways they demand high performance—though it also creates a highly competitive internal environment.

Within the consulting track, employees are typically hired in the Analyst position, and can be promoted within that track for two years before reaching the level of Consultant. Within two to three years Consultants may be promoted to Manager, then in two to four years to Senior Manager, then within three to give years Managers may be promoted to Managing Director. Each level has a deadline by which employees must either be promoted or seek employment elsewhere. This is referred to as an “up or out” policy, common across consulting firms.

Spread across all divisions at Accenture, employees are also promoted to different levels. Employees are typically hired at level 12 or 11, and promotions within the levels system mean decreasing numbers. The Accenture career levels’ salary influence is strong, with seniority a major determining factor in the Accenture consultant salary that is offered.

Accenture Glassdoor Reviews

Overall, Accenture receives a score of 3.9 stars out of 5 on Glassdoor. This reflects a polarized range of responses to some of the same conditions. For instance, some employees respond very negatively to the highly competitive atmosphere. Other employees thrive on the sense of competition. Some employees rave about the fact that the job constantly challenges them. Others say the heavy workload is stressful and harms work-life balance & overall wellness. Many reviews express some satisfaction with the Accenture business consultant salary, though they note that other top-tier consulting firms pay higher salaries.

Accenture UK Consultant Salary vs. Accenture Consultant Salary US

One of the main factors in the differences in Accenture strategy consultant salary is location. With offices in 120 countries, Accenture deals with a wide variety of economic conditions. For example, there is a notable salary difference between the US and the UK. The average Accenture UK Consultant salary is £50,605/yr. At the time of writing, this was the equivalent of $64,700. The average Accenture Consultant salary US was comparatively higher, at $101,000 per year.

This reflects broader industry trends in which UK salaries are typically lower than US salaries. However, it doesn’t tell the full difference. UK employees enjoy a great deal more social protections than US employees, as well as a nationwide cost of living almost 7% lower, and average rents almost 30% lower than the US.


If you are planning on working with a global consulting firm in the hopes of earning a high salary, Accenture probably has your attention. The Accenture entry level salary is not bad at all! Some other top firms may boast higher figures, but Accenture holds its own. For example, the Deloitte vs. Accenture salary battle favors Accenture, with an average Accenture consultant salary of $101,000 per year versus $87,000 for consultants at Deloitte.

However, as you set your expectations, you should be aware that a lot of different factors play into each Accenture management consultant salary. If you do manage to get hired, your average Accenture consultant salary will depend on your specific employee profile, how far you progress, and on the region in which you’re hired. This will also have an impact on how far your money will go. For more salary information for many other consulting firms, see our comprehensive salary report.

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