What Do McKinsey Consultants Actually Do? With Ray Temnewo (Podcast)

What do consultants actually do in their day-to-day? Former McKinsey Senior Business Analyst Ray Temnewo, a Management Consulted case coach, comes on the pod to spill the beans. Listen in for an insightful, fast-paced conversation on:

  • Ray’s journey to McKinsey
  • A week in the life of a McKinsey consultant
  • His most memorable consulting engagement
  • Why he left McKinsey for a tech job at Spotify
  • The importance of your network
  • Ray’s case interview prep strategy & how he coaches candidates
  • Recommended case prep resources

You can take advantage of Ray’s experience by scheduling a 1:1 case coaching session where he will diagnose your strengths & weaknesses, build a prep plan, and coach you to interview readiness. Book a session today.

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