Oliver Wyman Changes: New CEO and Expanded Media Practice Area

Changes are afoot at top boutique consultancy Oliver Wyman. The strategy firm just named a new CEO, Nick Studer. In addition, Oliver Wyman is expanding its Communications, Media, and Technology capabilities with a new Partner hire. All of that points to one thing: growth. And that means there are jobs at Oliver Wyman needing to be filled. Let’s unpack what this means for the firm, and for you.

oliver Wyman CEO, Oliver Wyman Changes -New CEO and Expanded Media Practice

Who is the New Oliver Wyman CEO?

Nick Studer is the new Oliver Wyman CEO and takes over for long-time CEO Scott McDonald. McDonald had been with the firm for a total of 26 years and at OW’s helm since 2012. He left to become CEO of the British Council, the UK’s organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. This speaks both to the longevity of careers and the powerful exit opportunities inside management consulting!

Studer is well-positioned to take over for McDonald, with a host of experience (23 years) at Oliver Wyman that has prepared him for the role of CEO. Studer was elected Partner in 2003 and has served on the executive committee since 2012. He has also led multiple practice areas (Corporate & Institutional Banking and Risk practices, the Financial Services practice, and Consumer, Industrials and Service practices). Oliver Wyman is in good hands with Studer as CEO.

Oliver Wyman Expands Sports, Media, and Diversity Capabilities with Partner Hire

In addition to leadership changes, Oliver Wyman is making moves to expand its Media practice. The firm made a splash by hiring Tony Simpson, a sports consultant with over 30 years of experience, as a new Partner in the practice. While hires like these are sometimes little more than publicity stunts – sports consulting is a flashy, newsworthy activity for firms – it is safe to assume that the firm will be making further investments into this practice area. Oliver Wyman stated that Simpson’s primary role will be to support the expansion of the firm’s work with sports and media companies. If sports consulting is what gets you out of bed in the morning, take note. The firm may be bringing on more talent in the near future to fortify its efforts in this area.

Oliver Wyman Hiring Now

All these changes point to growth for Oliver Wyman, which means hiring. A quick search on the firm’s Careers page reveals hundreds of job openings at Oliver Wyman. Oliver Wyman jobs currently listed under a search for consultant include the positions of M&A Consultant, Investment Consultant, Senior Consultant, Communications Consultant, and Associate Consultant. In addition to these, there are currently 400 other “consultant” job openings in the US.

Curious what you would stand to make in a role with the firm? The Oliver Wyman salary lines up with other top boutique strategy firms. Oliver Wyman’s undergraduate/Master’s consultant salaries start at a base of $87,000, and MBA/PhD consultant salaries at $160,000. Make sure to access our free salaries report for the full numbers.

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These recent changes, while not groundbreaking, confirm the upward trajectory of the firm. Oliver Wyman is a prime landing spot for candidates looking for work with one of the fastest growing management consulting firms in the world. Want to apply, but not sure where to start? Join Black Belt, our comprehensive consulting prep program that helps thousands of candidates break into firms like Oliver Wyman, McKinsey, Bain, etc. each year.

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