Oliver Wyman Case Interview: A Comprehensive Guide

An Oliver Wyman case interview is an integral part of the recruitment process for those seeking a consulting position at this renowned firm. These interviews revolve around specific business problems the firm has helped clients solve in the past and require candidates to exhibit problem-solving skills, an understanding of business concepts, and the ability to communicate effectively.

The interview typically includes two main components: a behavioral interview and the case interview. While the behavioral interview seeks to understand the candidate’s background, experiences, and achievements, the case interview tests the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities and business acumen.

The case interview can involve business scenarios related to various sectors such as finance, health & life sciences, energy, retail, or transportation, reflecting the wide industry footprint of Oliver Wyman.

Oliver Wyman Case Interview

Oliver Wyman Case Study Interview Questions

Oliver Wyman case interview questions often test your ability to understand complex business situations, dissect them into manageable parts, and formulate effective solutions. You might be presented with scenarios where you are asked to help a company increase its market share, improve its operational efficiency, or navigate a strategic shift.

One common case interview question could be, “How would you advise a major retail bank considering a digital transformation strategy?” Another might ask you to analyze the impact of a recent merger in the airline industry. Keep in mind that the purpose of these questions is not just to test your business knowledge but also to understand how you structure your thoughts, apply analytical skills, and communicate your solutions.

You can find dozens of Oliver Wyman practice cases inside of our Case Library.

Oliver Wyman Case Interview Examples

To help you get a more concrete understanding, let’s delve into some Oliver Wyman case interview examples. You could be presented with a scenario such as, “A leading pharmaceutical company is facing a decline in market share for its flagship product. How would you propose they regain their position?”

Another example might involve a more data-driven challenge, like, “A multinational manufacturing company is looking to reduce its production costs. They’ve provided you with their cost structure and operational data. How would you identify areas for improvement and suggest strategies for cost reduction?”

These examples indicate the nature of real-world business challenges that Oliver Wyman’s consultants often grapple with, and your responses should ideally reflect a mix of structured thinking, business insights, and data interpretation skills.

Oliver Wyman Case Interview Prep

Effective Oliver Wyman case interview prep involves a combination of understanding the structure of the case interview, practicing with real case examples, and developing a robust problem-solving approach. Start by familiarizing yourself with the basics of business concepts, including finance, marketing, operations, and strategy.

Next, practice as many case interview examples as you can. Management Consulted provides a plethora of case interview resources that are invaluable for preparation. Our biggest tip? Start practicing out-loud as early as possible! The challenge of an Oliver Wyman case interview is that you must think, talk, and write at the same time. Only out-loud practice properly simulates the Oliver Wyman interview environment. Work with an expert coach – we’ll build a personalized prep plan for you and execute it over 1:1 sessions. Your coach will provide critical insights into your problem-solving style and highlight areas for improvement that you might overlook.

Always remember that your goal is not to memorize frameworks but to develop a consistent and efficient approach to tackle a wide array of business problems.


In conclusion, the Oliver Wyman case interview is a key component of the firm’s hiring process, offering candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their problem-solving skills, business acumen, and communication abilities. Effective preparation makes all the difference between an okay performance and seizing the opportunity of a lifetime. By understanding the nature of the case interview questions, practicing with real-world examples, and refining your problem-solving approach, you will significantly increase your chances of success in the Oliver Wyman case interview.

Mastering the case interview is not just about getting the job offer, but it also prepares you for the challenging, exciting, and rewarding career that awaits at Oliver Wyman. Your journey starts with preparation, so dive deep, practice hard, and make every opportunity count.


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