Who is it for?

Mental Math for Consulting is for everyone who dreams of working at a consulting firm, but may be too scared of consulting math.

Mental Math for Consulting is for the talented student who wants to ace their case interviews but hasn’t exercised her mental math muscles since grade school.

As a consultant, numbers are your life. Whether it’s conducting market research, calculating ROI or figuring out weighted averages, you’re gonna be swimming in numbers.

Because of that, consulting firms want to know you can handle numbers with the best of them.

That’s why no consulting firm will let you use a calculator in your interview.

Mental Math for Consulting is for everyone who wants to let their interviewers know they have the quant skills to ace consulting math and make it as a top-performer.

How will it help?

When consulting firms are interviewing you, they’re trying to see if you have a grasp of the principles you’ll be using day in and day out as a consultant.

For most of you, once you got handed a calculator in grade school, you stopped using your brain to figure these problems out, which puts you at a huge disadvantage in consulting interviews.

Mental Math for Consulting will put you back in control as you get ready for your consulting interviews by catching you up on the years of mental math training you’ve missed.

Upon finishing you will know how to:

Deal with any math problem your interviewer puts before you.

ROI? Got it.

Weighted averages? Covered.

Breakeven point? That too.

And more.

What does it include?

  • 12 Modules
  • 32 Lessons
  • 9 Expert Videos – see us do the math on paper!
  • 6 Hours of video
  • 100’s of practice problems
  • 30 Quizzes
  • 1 Final Test!

Should I get Mental Math for Consulting?

Do you want to work at a consulting firm?

Do you rely on technology to do most/all of your significant math problems?

Do you want eliminate the risk of being totally blindsided in your interview?

Do you want to show your interviewers that you have the quant skills required to be a top notch consultant?

If you answered yes to ANY of these, Mental Math for Consulting is for you.

Interview Training

Mental Math for Consulting

Our updated mental math course, Mental Math for Consulting, is just what you need if you're getting ready to face the toughest case interview of your life.
  • 9 Modules
  • 32 Lessons
  • 6 Hours of video
  • Expert Videos - see us do the math on paper!
  • 100's of practice problems
  • 30 Quizzes
  • 1 Final Test
  • Get your math skills up to speed with tricks used by top consultants
  • Learn how to answer any questions that you could face in an interview
  • Never worry about calculating tips at restaurants again!


YES! Even though you spend most of your days dealing with numbers anyway, your mental math skills can always use some fine tuning.

It’s something we see across the board, every single day, if you take a candidate’s calculator away, their math skills plummet.

If you work at a university careers center or are part of a consulting club, you can sign up for our Deluxe subscription and receive Mental Math for Consulting, along with our other online bootcamps.

If you’re a Black Belt Deluxe or a Black Belt Interviewer, YES!

At Management Consulted, signing up for Black Belt Deluxe is like having an Access All Areas ticket at a concert. There’s nowhere you can’t go and nothing you can’t do.

If you’re already a Black Belt, you already have access to Mental Math for Consulting. Enjoy!

If you’d like to get Access All Areas at MC which includes Mental Math for Consulting and so much more, you can purchase Black Belt above.

YES! Mental Math is a core skill for all consulting interviews, so we upgraded the Bootcamp Combo+ and added Mental Math for Consulting to the package.

If you already bought the Bootcamp Combo+ you will be able to see it in your courses.

If you haven’t bought the Bootcamp Combo+, you can purchase it above.

You receive lifetime access for one low price.

Buy it now – the price will only go up as we add additional functionality to the program in the future.

Mental Math for Consulting is 32 lessons long.

Ideally, you’ll do 1 module every day (with the related homework) and spend some time practicing, too.

If you’re extremely new to mental math concepts, you will find it most beneficial to give yourself 1-2 months to complete all of the practice in depth.

If you’re close to your interview, you can pick and choose from the course to best prepare – you could do it in only 1-2 days with intense focus.

For the course to be most effective, and to take full advantage of it, you should plan a minimum of 30 hours – in a few long sittings, or over a number of weeks, to review the information and practice.

Good news! Mental Math for Consulting is delivered online – just add it to your cart, create an account during the checkout process, and the bootcamp will be available immediately after purchase.

Our videos can be played on any platform, and the course material tracks how much you’ve completed – so you can stop and start as your schedule permits.

Within 7 days of purchase, if you find the quality of our materials to be unsatisfactory and are able to provide specific complaints, you can request a refund.