MBB-Led Student Consulting Team for Your Company

Good help is hard to find.

Name any business, non-profit, or start-up and you’ll find a myriad of strategy and growth-oriented issues (or opportunities, depending on your view). Companies would benefit from focused, strategic attention on these problem areas, but a lack of talented manpower is a barrier to forward progress.

In an ideal world, these organizations would bring in strategy or analytics support via outside consulting firms. But the investment required in hiring a management consultancy is outside the scope and budget of many companies.

Enter: Strategy Sprint for companies, where you get a free, 1 week strategy project run by an MBB consultant and staffed by students from top schools.

How does Strategy Sprint work?

Students from top schools like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT are seeking out opportunities to hone their analysis and strategy skills. Many of them are looking to go into strategy roles in big-name consulting firms like McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, or Bain – and what better way to prep than with real world experience? 

You define a strategic, analytics, or growth-oriented problem your company is facing, and we’ll pick the best projects to pair with a student consulting team led by a former MBB consultant.

The student teams take a week to work exclusively on your project, pairing analysis and research with high-level consulting practices to determine actionable next steps for your company.

Example projects include:

  • Market research 
  • Defining scenarios for action
  • Reviewing competitor actions
  • Analysis on big data sets

And maybe the best part? It’s entirely free for your company! The only commitment from you is to an initial kickoff call at the beginning of the week and a final presentation at the end of the week. See an example presentation here.

Students from top schools are actively looking for work like this. We train them, lead the project, and then let the magic happen. Win-win!

Apply here.

Are you a student reading this? Get on the waitlist for the next Strategy Sprint here.

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