Let’s face it: we all need help. If you work for or run a business, non-profit, or start-up, have we got a deal for you!

Define a 1-week consulting project for completion, and we’ll pick the best submissions to be paired with an incredible consulting team (led by one of our professional consultants) – for free. Submit your project now.

Strategic and growth-oriented projects are in highest demand. Examples include:

  • Market research (i.e. how big is the opportunity for virtual car diagnostics?)
  • Defining scenarios for action (i.e. is it better to enter the Australia or New Zealand market?)
  • Reviewing competitor actions (i.e. why did they slash prices on just that one segment?)
  • Analysis on big data sets (i.e. we collected customer data and we want it cut for insights)

Our next project week runs from May 22-26, 2023. Your commitment is minimal:

  • Answer Data Request (1 email prior to project kickoff)
  • Join Project Kickoff call (1 hour) on Monday, May 22, 2023
  • Join Final Presentation (1 hour) on Friday, May 26, 2023

It’s that simple! If your project is selected, you’ll be notified by March 17.


The insights that the team provided for us were put into action less than 2 hours after the final presentation, and resulted in a very successful VC pitch. We’re grateful for the hard work the team put into our organization over the course of a week, and look forward to future collaborations.” – President, accelerator-funded green energy start-up

Very impressed by a clear recommendation from the very beginning of the presentation that built upon even more specific recommendations as the presentation continued. This absolutely gave us a clearer focus as we plan ahead. Nice to see outsiders pull such insight out of our brand. No part of the report was wasted time or space, only actionable, intelligent advice based on the broader market and competitors. Thank you! – Sr Manager, F100 media company

“Management Consulted was great. They gave us some background research that helped us make some key decisions about which areas we will target for expansion and also which geographical regions aren’t worth our investment.” – CEO, Transport & Logistics company

“I was floored by how much data and helpful information the team was able to compile about my profession, my market and the specific challenges I face in business every day. They provided me with a thorough presentation that confirmed how well they understood my business and gave me many practical suggestions that were ready for immediate implementation. It was a great experience.” – CEO, Audiology Clinic chain


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