LEK Consulting Internship: Offers Rescinded

LEK consulting internship offers are already being rescinded due to the current coronavirus situation. In unfortunate news for MBAs from top target schools (including Ivy League programs), LEK is reducing the size of its incoming MBA internship cohorts.

In further news, the firm is also pushing the start dates of some of its full-time new hires to the fall. Typically, full-time hires begin in June after their matriculation dates.

Note: Gartner has also announced that it is cancelling its summer internship program.

LEK Consulting Internship-Offers Rescinded

My LEK Consulting Internship Offer Got Rescinded – What Now?

The good news is that if your LEK consulting internship offer was rescinded, you have options. After a minute of mourning, it’s time to pick yourself back up – time is of the essence.

By now, other consulting firms have moved to either freeze hiring or rescind internship offers. So, it’s time to pivot to other opportunities – in tech, CPG, and more.

Rotational programs in different industries may still have opportunities – if you have to choose between function (i.e. strategy vs. operations) and brand name, pick brand name. Consulting firms will pay more attention to that when it comes to full-time applications.

You also have the option to make your own opportunities. Local businesses, especially now, don’t turn down free consulting work. Everyone can use growth-strategy help – conduct market sizing, evaluate product-market fit, or identify new markets for expansion.

Show that you can establish your own relationships, manage stakeholders, and run the same kind of analysis you will as a consultant.

Prepare For Full-Time Recruiting

The other good news? The fact that you made it through the grueling LEK interview process once bodes well for your chances a second time. And the firm knows this – most likely, LEK will extend preferred interview slots for you to re-interview for full time roles in the early fall. Beware, with the likely reduction of the full-time class size, these interviews will be even more competitive. Make sure your case performance is firing on all cylinders.

Furthermore, while you are pursuing other opportunities this summer, make sure you beef up on your Excel skills. In a recession-type environment, firms begin to focus more on hiring folks who will be less of a burden on the internal training apparatus. This is an important skill to include on your resume.

If you come with examples of ways you crushed it over the summer outside of LEK, even better. Here are some of our best tips on how to incorporate your new experience into your consulting resume. To put your best foot forward, work with our expert editing team.

The most important thing for you to remember is this: you’ve got options, and you’ll be alright.

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