Kenway Consulting

Kenway Consulting is a boutique tech and management consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm operates at the intersection of technology and strategy to help businesses achieve their objectives.

The firm has won several awards for its fast growth and workplace environment, including being named one of the Best Places To Work In Chicago in 2020 and 2021 and being honored as one of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For by the National Association for Business Resources for four consecutive years.

In this in-depth Firm Profile, we’ll delve into the behind-the-scenes of Kenway Consulting, examining careers, culture, salary, interviews, and much more – all in one place. You’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of the firm and the knowledge to determine if this is the right place for you to begin or continue your consulting career.

Kenway Consulting

Table of Contents:

  1. Kenway Consulting Key Stats
  2. Kenway Consulting History
  3. Kenway Consulting Careers
  4. Kenway Consulting Practice Areas
  5. Kenway Consulting Industries
  6. Kenway Consulting Office Locations
  7. Kenway Consulting Career Path
  8. Kenway Consulting Exit Opportunities
  9. Kenway Consulting Notable Alumni
  10. Kenway Consulting Culture
  11. Kenway Consulting Internship
  12. Kenway Consulting Interview
  13. Kenway Consulting Salary
  14. Target Schools

Kenway Consulting Key Stats

Kenway Consulting Website:
Kenway Consulting Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Kenway Consulting Number of Employees: ~65 employees
Kenway Consulting Number of Locations: 2 locations
Kenway Consulting Chief Executive: Matt Kueker
Kenway Consulting Revenue: $12M

Kenway Consulting History

Kenway Consulting’s story began in 2004 when it was founded by Brian King. King started Kenway after a 9-year stint at Accenture. Many have a vision of the ideal company for which they want to work, and King aimed to make his ideal firm a reality. Since its inception, the philosophy of Kenway has been to always do what’s right.

King was CEO of the company until 2020, at which point he took on the role of Office Lead for the new Scottsdale office. He remains a member of the Board.

Matt Kueker took over as CEO after King’s transition. Kueker had served as Managing Director since 2018 and a consultant since 2006. While the firm has grown, it still emphasizes the basic tenets upon which it was founded: betterment of employees and clients, mutual respect, candor, and diplomacy.

Kenway Consulting Careers

Kenway Consulting is a management and technology consulting firm grounded in the concept of transforming business through the efficient use of technology. Kenway careers range from internships up to senior consulting roles, where you’ll have a chance to advise organizations on their most pressing technology issues. The firm looks for candidates who are committed to acting with integrity, investing in the process rather than just the outcome, and growing their expertise to offer clients the best possible solution.

Kenway Consulting Practice Areas

At Kenway Consulting, practice areas include technology solution delivery, enterprise program leadership, and information insight:

    • Technology solution delivery
      • IT Strategy
      • Architecture & Design
      • Custom Development
      • Enterprise Applications & Solutions
    • Enterprise program leadership
      • IT Governance
      • Project Management Office Enablement
      • Program Management & Delivery
      • Change Management
    • Information insight
      • Data Governance
      • Data Management
      • Business Intelligence & Analytics

Kenway Consulting Industries

Kenway Consulting serves four industries:

    • B2B/Distribution
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Telecommunications

Within these industries, Kenway offers analytics solutions related to practice management, sales data, and call flow & customer experience. In addition, the firm performs digital strategy assessments, implements technology transformations, and enhances drop-shipping systems.

Kenway Consulting Office Locations

Kenway Consulting’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois. The firm opened a second, smaller office in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2019. Prospective employees should consider which climate and culture appeals to them most and seek positions accordingly.

The Chicago office is located just a few blocks from Lake Michigan and a short distance from many places of interest in the city. The Scottsdale office, by contrast, is located within driving distance of several national forests – the Phoenix Mountains Preserve and Cave Buttes Recreation Area – and offers a smaller city feel and sprawling outdoor spaces.

Kenway Consulting Career Path

The Kenway career path is rather simple:

Consultant > Engagement Manager > Director > Managing Director

The firm offers these traditional consulting roles in addition to technical roles like Salesforce Architect and Senior Application Development.

Beyond entry-level roles, management and leadership positions are also available. Matt Kueker, who began as a Consultant and is currently the CEO, is a great example of the potential for advancement at this smaller firm. Consult the company’s careers webpage for up-to-date information on available positions and to apply.

Kenway Consulting Exit Opportunities

Many Kenway Consulting exit opportunities are leveraged through the close collaboration with clients, and thus one of the most common exit paths is to join one of the firm’s client companies. Kenway Consulting’s small size lends its consultants the opportunity to network in a personal way with clients, helping to bring these career opportunities to fruition.

The consulting skill set that is built while at Kenway supports multiple career paths. Consultants can also pursue a long career at the firm, move into leadership roles at other consulting firms, or consider careers in IT solutions or software engineering. Many alumni choose to stay in the Chicago area, speaking to the roots they put down during their time at the firm.

Beware: it will be a challenge to transition from Kenway to more notable strategy firms because of the technical nature of your consulting work. If you eventually want to end up in a strategy role at MBB, Kenway may not be the best place for you to begin your career.

Whatever your plan post-Kenway, your resume will need to be updated to reflect your new skills and experience. Work with Management Consulted’s expert editing team to make your application materials stand out from the rest.

Kenway Consulting Notable Alumni

Kenway Consulting doesn’t have a long list of notable alumni, but it does have several that used their time at the firm as a launching pad before moving on to the next step in a successful career.

Brian Kiedel started as a consultant with Kenway in 2014 before taking a senior consultant/Principal position at Daugherty Business Solutions in 2019. John Tabash began at Kenway in 2018 and was able to use that as a springboard to a position in Chicago at a newer firm, Inspire11. Paul Kzajka was an earlier consultant with Kenway, beginning with the firm in 2009. He then transitioned to a few Chicago-based companies before landing at Classkick as principal software engineer. As demonstrated here, a position with Kenway can be a stepping stone for you to go several different directions.

Kenway Consulting Culture

Kenway Consulting culture is grounded in its guiding principles, beginning with a belief that the path to success means more than the success itself. These principles guide the firm’s culture – not only among employees, but throughout the hiring process and in interactions with clients. Employees at Kenway Consulting feel that firm leadership does a stellar job at living out its core values or guiding principles.

The firm has a clear focus on work-life balance with a unique-to-consulting approach. At the beginning of every year, Kenway employees are asked how many hours each week they want to work for the year. That could be 43 or 60 hours a week, depending on the individual’s preference and lifestyle. Employees only need to hit their hourly targets each week to receive their salary.

That sets Kenway apart from most other consulting firms in terms of lifestyle. Where else can you dictate how many hours you work? This is definitely an attractive piece of Kenway’s culture.

The culture at Kenway is entrepreneurial at its core. That means that you are in control of your career progression. Promotions are based entirely on merit, not tenure. Professional development opportunities are readily available for those hungry to chart their own career course. Bottom-line: at Kenway, you can make a real difference in the company if you are a self-starter. This is obviously a pro for many but may be a turn-off for some who need or want more hand holding.

Kenway Consulting Internship

A Kenway Consulting internship is often the first step in determining if Kenway is the right choice for you. Given the focus on quality interactions, the uniqueness of individuals, and a commitment to growth, the culture of Kenway lends itself to true learning and career exploration. Interns earn a small salary and can participate in projects alongside members of the firm.

In addition to a desire to address business problems with technological solutions, strong IT skills are key for working at Kenway.

Kenway Consulting Interview

The Kenway Consulting interview can be a lengthy process, involving up to 5 steps. In addition to strong academics and/or experience, Kenway assesses a candidate’s fit with the company culture.

Interview Process

The Kenway Consulting interview process is initiated through a short online application. You will need your resume to shine to stand out.

As with most consulting firms, the first interview will be a general screening interview. That will be followed by a combination of the following: behavioral interviews, a personality and IQ assessment, technical interview, and a case interview.

Initial interviews will most likely be over the phone or virtual, with later steps involving senior management and lengthy face-to-face sessions with an interview group.

The firm implemented case interviews only a few years ago. With this gamut of interview types, Kenway Consulting is testing for a variety of things:

    • Hard skills: analytical, problem-solving, technical
    • Soft skills: communication, leadership, personality

Prepare for Kenway interviews with our tailored interview coaching package, Black Belt.

Kenway Consulting Salary

The average Kenway Consulting salary depends upon an individual’s position within the company. Consultants earn an average of ~$125K per year in base pay and bonus pay of ~$17K.

Of course, with each merit-based promotion cycle, both base and bonus pay will increase. In addition to the salary, the firm offers a strong benefits package (i.e., 25% contribution into a SEP-IRA).

Target Schools

Kenway Consulting target schools include top tier colleges and universities. Target schools for Kenway have historically included:

  • Boston College
  • Loyola University
  • Northwestern University
  • Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis
  • University of Chicago

The company also recruits for its internship program through the University of Illinois City Scholars program. In addition, students at schools in proximity to Chicago and Scottsdale have a better chance of being recruited by Kenway. That said, anyone can research available positions and apply online.

Diversity Programs

Kenway Consulting doesn’t have any official diversity programs at this time due its smaller size, but the firm does have a commitment to diversity and inclusion.


The “why” behind Kenway Consulting is to help and be helped. If that – and the firm’s strong culture, dedication to work-life balance, and type of work it engages in – resonate with you, then it might be time to put in an application. Work with our team to ensure your application docs are tailored to what Kenway is looking for and that you’re prepared for the rigorous interview process.


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