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Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at CHG Healthcare Services. CHG Healthcare Services is a Utah-based company that has been ranked as high as 3rd in Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Companies to Work For. With 30+ years of staff legacy, they have a reputation for putting People First and functioning from a strong set of core values.



History & Culture

Ranked 18th in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (2016), what puts CGH Healthcare so ahead of the game? Is it the fact that they offer their employees extra paid time off? Or could it be the talent shows and “Dress as your Favorite President Competition”? (See more fun things from their hilarious list).

Let’s be honest though; the “fun factor” is not enough to get a company into a Fortune “Best Company to Work For” list. If that was the X factor, we know Management Consulted would already be #1.

CHG Healthcare Services boasts comprehensive services and a broad geographic reach that has made it the premier staffing partner for hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. They place top employees in positions that impact millions of individuals and their families every year. Founded in 1979 with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT, CHG has 7 main offices and 4 award-winning staffing brands (CompHealth, Weatherby Healthcare, RNnetwork, and Foundation Medical Staffing).

CHG looks for motivated employees that have bought-in to the vision of providing high quality healthcare professionals to patients that need them most and who thrive in a fun, team-oriented environment. The work of CHG involves staffing healthcare service organizations in all 50 states. In tandem with a value for fun, the firm values a healthy work/life balance.

In addition to a long list of benefits, what else would you expect from a healthcare organization but a hefty wellness program for its employees? This includes wellness fairs, free health screenings and flu shots, on-site yoga, massage therapy, and more. Interview online or through an employee referral (recommended).

Interview Tips & Tricks

With such a broad range of operations, we have heard reports of varying experiences in the interview process as well as during typical daily occupation in CHG – some wonderful and some not so much. As a senior staff member, one opportunity you have is to ensure the values of the leadership integrate effectively into every department.


If you’re ready to be a key player in helping drive the vision of “Putting People First” through this organization, you’ll want to begin by applying online, or – preferably – having a current employee at the level that you’re applying for refer you (for many of you, that will mean post-MBAs who have been at the firm for 2-5 years). The first step of the process usually includes 1-2 fairly straightforward online assessments, followed by a phone interview. This is where you’ll be asked your typical behavioral questions: “Why CHG?,” “How have you handled a challenging situation in your consulting past?” Make sure you’ve got 12-15 hero stories prepared!

Finally, you’ll be called in for a final round interview in-office. Note: The final round usually begins with a group interview. After the group problem-solving activity, you’ll be individually escorted to an interview with at least 2-3 senior level Managers and perhaps even a Partner. This will be a combination problem-solving and fit interview (think a blend of PST and case interview). For this round, you’ll want to be absolutely sure that you’ve brushed up on your Mental Math skills

Are you interested in a job at CHG Healthcare Services? Find how to begin on the Careers Page. As always, network, network, network, and schedule a Power Half Hour with one of our ex-MBB consultants to see if this is the next best fit for you.


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