Is Consulting Right For You? Video Series

Is consulting right for you?

This question has two parts. The first part involves deciding whether working at a consulting firm would be a great fit and a great next step for you career-wise. If you don’t know about consulting at all, first watch Why Go Into Consulting?

The second part – the one we cover in this post – requires you to judge whether you are the type of candidate top consulting firms, especially the ones you are applying for, are looking to hire. These consulting firms usually look at 2 main things when considering whether to interview you: your education and your experience.

The following videos outline what the firms are specifically looking for when it comes to education and experience and lay out action steps you can take if you don’t yet have what they are looking for.



We hope you enjoyed the quick videos. For more on this topic, check out The Consulting Roadmap (it’s free for subscribers)! The Consulting Roadmap includes several detailed pages and worksheets to further help you discover whether consulting is right for you and the roadmap will help you create an action plan to get yourself a job in consulting.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us. :)

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