Your A to Z guide to consulting

If you’re serious about getting a job in management consulting, you have hours and hours of preparation ahead of you. Because of the perceived impossibility of the road ahead, candidates waste ridiculous amounts of time and effort on unimportant tasks when applying and interviewing for a dream job in consulting.

Starting now and taking you to the day of your interviews and beyond, the Consulting Roadmap boasts 61 pages of exercises, advice, and insider insight, plus scoring charts, progress maps, guidance for fit and case interviews and more.

The Consulting Roadmap is a high-powered, self-guided study to break into your dream job.

Your guide in uncharted waters…

The Consulting Roadmap provides a broad overview of major keys for an effective consulting job search. Getting everything in the Roadmap right – like what you’re supposed to be doing when and what position you should apply for – will allow you to focus on the hard stuff – like writing a stand-out resume, crafting a personalized cover letter, and networking like a ninja.

In short – it’s a one-stop course to plan your whole entry into consulting – from “Is consulting right for me?” to the action plan that will get you there.

The Consulting Roadmap gives you access to exclusive MC exercises, all in one place, so you’re able to make immediate headway and keep track of your progress. These exercises are required background work for the clients we accept for our 8-hour Black Belt Interviewer program and suggested for our other Premium Service (interview prep and editing) clients.

Please realize the use of this guide does not guarantee you a magical position at your dream firm. However, if you’re thorough, it should keep you from disqualifying yourself by doing stupid stuff, and will allow you to focus on the firms and positions where you have the best chance to succeed.

If you’ve always wanted someone to make the seemingly impossible consulting job hunt easy for you –  you’ve been waiting for the Consulting Roadmap.


The Consulting Roadmap
61 pages of exercises, short-cuts and step-by-steps to guide you from “Is consulting right for me?” to nailing your final round interviews
Private: Consulting Book Bundle
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  • The Consulting Roadmap
  • The Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible
  • The Consultant’s Networking Bible
  • The Consulting Interview Bible
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  • 3 Month Mastery