Interview Training: Is It Worth It?

In the competitive atmosphere we live in today, everyone wants every advantage they can get when it comes to interviews. As a result, an entire industry has emerged in interview skills training and courses across almost every industry. Look no further than management consulting for such an example.

Management consulting interviews are amongst the most challenging in the business world. Case interviews are open ended, complex, and not always the most intuitive for the vast majority of beginners. Even for the more experienced, case interviews can trip up even the best of candidates. As a result, consulting case interview training is an extremely hot industry as well. Yet, with the number of new entrants into this niche market, it is a gamble to know if some of the newer interview training courses are really worth it.

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Is Interview Training Worth It?

Interview skills training is best evaluated by the value you derive, not the price you pay. Of course, this means that interview skills training is not typically cheap. The right interview training course is great value if it helps you land a job with a high starting salary and fast-track your career – both of which apply when you land an offer in consulting.

In short, interview skills training can be worth it if the following criteria are met:

Interview Training Criteria:

1. The training company employs instructors who have reputable backgrounds

There are a lot of poor prep companies out there that boast inflated statistics to earn your business. Ensure that your instructors are top-notch by asking about their backgrounds and only take lessons from accomplished professionals. If you’re shooting to land an MBB offer, make sure your coach is from MBB.

2. The company provides trial periods or money back guarantees

These qualities indicate that the company has confidence in its services.

3. There is unbiased social proof that the company provides excellent interview training

Look on Reddit, Quora, Google Reviews, and more to see what people are saying about the company.

Types of Interview Training

Typically, you will come across two types of interview training – behavioral and technical. Of the two, we recommend focusing on paying for the latter if you have to choose.

Behavioral questions involve asking about your personal background, experiences, personality, and other qualitative traits. Good answers to behavioral interviews are extremely important and should not be overlooked. Yet, you can always practice them with friends or those you know who work at consulting firms. The key for behavioral interview prep? Developing 12-15 stories before you walk into the interview.

Training for behavioral interviews is worth it if you’re struggling to come up with stories. Especially if you’re in an industry like management consulting where the fit interview can make or break your chances.

Technical questions are different for each industry and require some deep industry knowledge. Here are some examples:

  • Consulting – case interviews
  • Investment banking – accounting, valuation, and financial modeling questions
  • Software engineers – coding questions
  • Industry (i.e. Product Management) – case interviews

Coaching for a technical interview is different than going through one – this is why not all consultants make great case interview coaches. As a result, in this case, paying for interview skills training sessions with vetted and professional coaches may well be worth it.

Concluding Thoughts

Interview training can well be worth it depending on your needs and situation. Most well accredited companies continue to thrive and exist for good reason, as poor services are outshined by the best interview training companies.

What’s important to remember if you are on the fence about paying for one: the small investment could pay massive dividends for your future career. Best of luck!

Bonus Info

The above info is straightforward and non-biased. And you should know that we here at Management Consulted practice what we preach!

  • Our interview coaches are ex-MBB. They have been thoroughly vetted by our team, know their stuff, and are excellent coaches!
  • We do have a money back guarantee for those who really feel like it was a poor experience. Not that anybody really uses it, but it’s there.
  • Ask anybody in the industry and you’ll hear that Management Consulted is the premier, or at least one of the very top trainers around! That’s why we’re trusted by 60+ top university partners, and why 60% of our Black Belts get at least 1 offer from a top firm. That’s compared to the typical 3% acceptance rate. That speaks for itself!

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